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i Love full figured Woman considering I am myself. Full figured woman are beautiful and warm and gentle and sexy..:)
i'm from buffalo ny,,and i love bbw,,i don't care what any one says,,Big women are sexy ass hell..more of everything,,i love meat on my plate...soft meaty skin,big thighs,bellies,tits,[omg]i'm getting hard just from thinking about it..i only watch bbw porn,,it's not just about sex,,it's the beauty,warmth and confidence
I and we are most definatly interested in the BBW and SSBBW on here. holler at us beautiful!
We love big womenKiss
Hey !!!!!!! we love a bit over wight So like 150 -200 pds at 5"4 something like that ......... s/w/f in to 3 some ............ im bi hubby is st8 .......... So please look us up for some clean HONEST fun. FIRST COMES FRIENDS THAN COMES HONESTY OH THAN HOT HOT HOT SEX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU IN??????????????? KissHug
would love to find a big girl in kcmo.
I love smoking hot bbws Hug
I just love a woman with a nice big belly
I love big women with there big pussys on my face
Love big women to sit on my face and pee
Sexy Fat Women on Bisexual PlaygroundSexy Fat Women on Bisexual PlaygroundSexy Fat Women on Bisexual PlaygroundSexy Fat Women on Bisexual Playground

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