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Oh now this is something I like..sharing a shower with someone and lathering up my breasts and washing them with them alllll over...very very sexy and sensuous! ;)
I Love taking showers as a means of freshing up before climbing in bed for a round of Blowjob :-P Sex with my wife or a friend. It's also a lot of fun when my wife or a friend joins me in the shower for some good clean sexual fun...Wink
many years ago I attended one of the woodstock concerts... I vividly recall watching a woman in the men's showers sucking a couple of cocks - damn the water was sooo cold I just wish I'd been in the mix
I love being in the shower with friends having some fun either sucking or fucking I love to suck cock in the shower. Love being shaved
Shared showers are sensational. Like to feel my shower partner head to foot. Love washing them. Gets me so aroused. :)
I've fantasized along time about sharing a shower with another man. I often imagine a nice motel room. Low lights, two stripped down men, stepping into the warm mist of the shower stall. Getting all soapy, slippery hugs, hands washing areas where tongues will be exploring ...whew so hot
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