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I love a shaved pussy sooooo smoooooth I also shave around my cock and my balls ;)
I like very trimmed or shaved on males and females. Very attractive and very sexy.
I loved shaved on both men and women.
A shaved bald pussy has to be the prettiest thing in the world. When they are all smooth, soft, and bare I could spend hours running my tounge all over them. Just don't understand what guys see in a hairy pussy?:(
I've been shaving my cock/balls/asshole/pits since the early 1980's before it was fashionable. Love to see others completely shaved smooth also! I find it very sexy to see body parts, not bush!
i half to agree with that statement a bald pussy tastes better looks woundeful it is the sexiest thing there is hair just gets in the way could lick a bald pussy for hours yummmm
I Love the fact that Sue and I shave our ourselves and look forward to meeting other men and women that also shave themselves... Blowjob :-P
I love smoothe men and women! Seeking recommendation on how to main smoothness. thanks
There is nothing better than being able to go down on a girl with a shaved pussy :-P or a guy who keeps his pubic area shaved Blowjob Hug
I have to agree that the prettiest thing on a woman is a shaved smooth pussy! I love to lick :-P and suck on a smooth pussy! To add to the fun, try using a toy or fucking that sweet wet pussy as you shave it smooth! ;)
Been shaving for 24+ years! Prefer it smooth! Ben
I'm going to shave right now in preparation for a hot date with a new couple. I hope they like my newly slick pussy so much they can't take their eyes, hands, lips and other things away from it!Kiss
UUUMM shaved pussy or cock is such a big turn on. I have been shaving from the early 80s. Have converted many "friends" to the hairless look.
Was trimming and shaving my cock and balls Long before it was popular - just hated the entanglement, and it seemed kinky and appealed to me, my gf of the time loved it and she started too. And eating a shaved pussy, mmmm no more hair to contend with, and ALL the juices are there on show for consuming... just enhances the whole thing
I love the shaved look. I too shave, or at the very least try to keep it trimmed. Hubby has allowed to me "trim" him once, but I completely shaved him because he fell asleep, and he won't let me do it again. He hated the itching when it was growing back. I told him that is why you keep it shaved or trimmed.Laughing
I have been shaving for 7 years. I love a shaved cock/balls on a man. VERY much a turn-on
I love shaved balls. I don't like to fully shave myself, I love very trimmed on me.
I shave my cock and balls now and it makes masturbation SOOOOOOO much more sensual. And if the person sucking my cock will tease my balls?........ I will cum like a volcano.
Looking for someone (male or female) to shave me. Right now I'm trimmed but would really like to have nicely shaved balls.
i have a total body shave. nothing more sexy and erotic than the feeling of two bodies oild up making sliding body contact and the feel of sucking every smooth body part.
I've been shaving my cock and balls for over 20 years now. I wouldn't have it any other way!
You know that my exwiife thought that I wanted her to shave her pussy so I thought that I was fucking a younger gal.LOL.I think that sucking a shaved cock or eating a shaved pussy is more easy than parting the the forest and shows that the person enjoys oral!
I am already shaved but I want help getting ALL the hair. ALL OF IT!!!
I want to help a married woman take control or punish a cheating husband by shaving all of his hair while she watches. I promise that he will do whatever you tell to do in the future!!!
Shaving on Bisexual PlaygroundShaving on Bisexual PlaygroundShaving on Bisexual PlaygroundShaving on Bisexual Playground

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