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if ur interested in squirting females im one ..i do usually squirt..let me to get men wet...Hug
There is nothing like getting Squirted on...
I have never had a lady that could, but my best friend`s wife could and he told me some awsome stories. Now I want to explore this for myself!! I`ve always bee nvery good at eating the ladies and love doing it the most!!!mmmmmmmmmmm:-D
Texas cpl who can teach you how to squirt if you want to cum to Texas let us know . The female in this couple can squirt and will teach you as well it takes time to learn. It is the best feeling you can dream of . And if you can squirt it adds a whole new feeling to oral sex for you .
I love to learn to make a woman squirt. Is their anything the male can do on his end to make it happen, besides the obvious?
My husband taught me how to squirt. It is very, very, intense, and I can't do it every night, just once in a while. Overall my orgasms have become more frequent and intense once I learned this. It just about knocks you out with pleasure it is so hot. :)
I would love to know how to squirt, I have heard so much about it. Please can someone tell me how it is done. So I can do it for my b/f he would just love it if I could squirt. so if anyone can explain how it is done if it can be learned I would love to hear from you the sooner the better.
i have a girlfriend that can squirt it is absolutely the greatest feeling i have ever felt while having sex. We go through a lot of sheets and towels and even have to put a fan on the bed to dry it out sometimes she squirts that much but i will never ever complain it is more than worth it. i want her to squirt while i am eating her out but she has not been able to do that yet. She just recently learned how at the age of 28 so i believe all women can learn how to do it.
taught my wife how to squirt,, it does take time and we would love to show wanting females!!!!!:-D
oh fuckin-A ... i've had 4 squirters, it's an amazing feeling to know you made her cum so hard that she squirts! Laughing
All women can squirt...Women just have to know how to do it...Squirting makes for a totally intense organisms...I LOVE IT!!!!!...It takes good foreplay, being very aroused and wet...Massaging or probing the G-spot....You must be hydrated with empty bowls and bladder...When you are close to orgasming start pushing like you have to delicate and urinate...It is not urine you are expelling...It is a secretion from the gland in your vaginal area..,OH YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK TO SUBSTANDARD ORGASMS AGAIN....Good luck...let me know if you are successful or need pointers...Love to help women get the orgasms they deserve....hehehehe.... LIVE>>>>>>&g t;smooches & Hugs:-P
there is nothing like havin sumone play with ur clit & havin them tickle it or feel it littly with the fingernail.....just havin that lil tingle gets me goin n the more i feel it the more i get exited n that gets me squirtin like a mofo!!
My guy got me hot and went down on me. as he was sucking on my clit he inserted a middle finger and tickled my G spot. When I felt I was cumming I thought I had to pee as I felt so full. I straddled his face ad squirted in his mouth. He loves oral. I couldn't believe how much cum came out. It was clear and a little sticky. He loved it so much he now has me pee in his mouth. We sit around drinking beer until I'm bursting. Then I let go in his mouth. He loves it but it gets tiresome. Everytime I have to go he wants it in his mouth. We once did it in the back of a bus late one night. He now wants to piss in my mouth. I read that urine is totally sterile and that it doesn't harm you. I'm not quite ready yet and he is good. I know he wants it but doesn't press me.
I love it when a woman squirts in my face when I am eating her out. Then my lady and I exchange the juices with our mouths. Fun, fun, fun.
Our GF Ejaculates...pretty awesome. I strongly recommend it...a must witness even for all.
I've been:-P first in a squirt shower and it was one of the best sexual experiences I've ever had:)
squirting is an art!!! I love doing it, mostly when a nice, big cock is inside me, or when a woman is sucking me real hard, to cum inside her mouth is just devine.:-P
love squirting females. wish i had one with me now. mmmm
no f@!king way!
Women squirting in my mouth as I eat them to strong cums is just GREAT! Love it when they squirt on my cock as we plaly with each other too - A bed pad is a must if you have a partner who squirts - sheets and pads are always washable as are playing partners who take bubble baths afterwards - always leads to clean sheets and more sex....mmmmmmm.
just in case that made no sense... The "Braun Method" is all in the finger action. It begins with the woman lying back, legs spread open, her partner (let's call him the "G-Man") at her right side, if he is right-handed. After some sort of foreplay (kissing, oral sex, nipple play, rubbing the clitoris and labia, whatever gets her wet), the G-Man inserts two fingers into her vagina. Axel uses his middle and ring fingers for this, though you might prefer to use your middle and forefingers. Slowly, the G-Man moves his two fingers around inside of her, continuing the foreplay--rubbing her clit, playing with her nipples, lightly spanking her butt, etc. With probing fingers, he locates her G-Spot, a slightly raised, spongy bump on the "roof" of the vaginal cave (in most women, it is just behind the clitoris). He then finds the center of this spot, pressing it gently but firmly. This pressure releases a warm flow of vaginal liquid, whereupon the G-Man begins vigorously "fingering" her, in and out of her vaginal opening, causing the rapid, orgasmic expulsion of fluid. That is, squirting.:-D
nothing better than a woman squirting and recieve a shower with it drinking eating pussy.. ufff the best if u squirt dont be worry, PLEASE CONTACT ME AN I DRINK U
I've experienced this only a few times in my whole sexual life. The first time (and the best) was 20 years ago with a beautiful lady who was 20 years my senior. We were in a hotel room with two beds and she came so hard she flooded the bed. We had to sleep in the other one that night. I would love to repeat that experience, and if I would have known what to expect I would have licked and sucked her to that wet orgasm. Kiss If there are any squirting females out there who want to fufill my fantasy, please let me know....Hug
I've experienced this only a few times in my whole sexual life. The first time (and the best) was 20 years ago with a beautiful lady who was 20 years my senior. We were in a hotel room with two beds and she came so hard she flooded the bed. We had to sleep in the other one that night. I would love to repeat that experience, and if I would have known what to expect I would have licked and sucked her to that wet orgasm. Kiss If there are any squirting females out there who want to fufill my fantasy, please let me know....Hug
once i was crusing by a bar in snohomish wa on my way home from work i allways drove by becuse it had a picture front windo you could allways see if there where females in bar this night 4years ago i saw a young woman walking on street tward bar i parked went to bar ordered drink watched her for a while 5min she was denied a drink because some thing from the outher night i could see what was happing so i swiged my drink i followed her becouse she was not; only the woman i stoped for; but the only woman in club when we where both out side i said what happened bl bl bl i said ill take you to buzz inn air port she said sOudns good you gotta see me here i am just picking up 21 1/2 year old im in heaven fed her a couple drinks gess what were going to my house it wasent 2miles she was touging my pants down she sucked greedely all the way home 7miles we walked throug door she droped her pants a ate her like it was my last meal; ive in all my experinces was and was not quite ready for the shower she gave me she was siting on my couch when she exploded when she first started to squirt it whent in my hair eyes face but i just closed my eyes and continued to suck and suck hard it lasted 8- 10 sec i still sniff my couch every once in a while scince she did soak me and my couch then we went to bed gess what i did t0O her true story she was 5'9 105 lbs would love to do it again
One of my gf's, the one not listed on our profile has recently started squirting a little (it's happend 2 times now). The first time we were both masterbating on our couch side by side so I didn't see it happen but she told me she thought she had peed on the couch when she came. Well I checked it out, didn't smell or look like it so I said she might have just squirted. I had heard of it before, but never knew anyone who had. The second time was a week later while I was eating her pussy. I was sucking on her clit while she came, next thing I knew I felt something warm gushing into my mouth. Now it wasn't gallons but it surprised me a little bit, I quickly swallowed it all (yum). I noticed the after taste was vaguely like the after taste when she snowballs me. My other gf decided she'd like to squirt as well, but since we're not sure how the one started we're kinda looking around to find out how to help one do it more often and the other to start.
Over the last two years my wife has perfected her skills in squirting. It originally happened only during sex (soaking the bed). P.S. Must have absorbent, disposable pads on the bed or wherever ;). She can now squirt almost on demand when she is excited and once she has started, sky's the limit.
nothing hotter than a women that squirts while I tongue her. Hearing her moaning and letting loose in my mouth and over my face is a huge turn on. cant stop tonging her till she stops which can be a long time.:-P
Hubby seems the think that FE is BS. He keeps saying that it is just somebody pissing. I keep telling him it is possible, just not all females know how, or can do it. Any suggestions as to how to experiment to see if I can do it?
I squirt from time to time and love to have it sucked up and be licked clean. Shiver..Kiss
Flower Well I just discovered this page and it is very interesting. I have wanted to learn to squirt for some time now. Now that I have read about it on here I know that I was almost there at one point,,,but I was scared that I just needed to pee. My man would have loved it as he has always wanted to experience a woman squirt. I truly hope to have that feeling again, this time I wont hold back.Flower
My wife squirts but only while she is or I am fingering her .....once you take out your fingers she stops....we need help to make her Ms Alisha Klass.....anyone out there know how to extend her squirting P.S. we cant make her squirt while I am fucking her. LADIES PLZ HELP
I would definatley love to learn this.. my husband is really into it and wants me to do it for him.. If you could teach me i would love to learn. Flower
lol you can't ''learn'' how to squirt. It just happens with the right ammount of stimulation ;)
I just love chicks who can squirt back in the day I picked up this girl and we started talking about sex and I told her that eating pussy was the best so we get to her house and we get in the back of my truck and she cums out of her pants and I started eating it and she came so hard that for about 3 days I could still smell her in my beard I did get to eat it one more time it was just geart:-P:-PKissHug
I had a gf that would squirt gallons once you got her going. It was kinda strange the first time it happened as we had never heard of it. It was GREAT fun and very erotic. After a short time and a little experence on my part she would squirt even more during anal sex! Once I made her squirt with my hand while sitting on a rock out on a public pier, when we got up to leave there was a huge wet spot.
I never really knew how to squirt till I met Steve. I know squirt when I'm on top or doggie style and also when he is eating me and fingering me. It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love when my pussy is licked or fucked so good that I squirt all over my partner. It turns me on more when my partner begs me to squirt in his mouth. My ultimate favorite is when its a female making me squirt all over her then I lick her face and body clean of my sweet cum.Kiss
The one woman I've been with so far was a squirter. I can squirt occasionally, but she squirted more than thirty times during EACH sex session!! Amazing! Nothing like the feeling of a woman squirting on my clit!! -kel
Hey, strawberrykel, you sure were lucky to get a squirter on the first try! :) When I finally found one of them, I was amazed! The first time I felt that hot stuff soaking my cock, then by balls, then running into my ass crack ( she was on top), I REALLY unloaded into her, it was so thrilling! But, funny, she was so embarrassed by it. She said that had never happened to her before. It took a couple months, but she finally started to realize it's OK to feel that good - and make it easy for someone else to KNOW it feels so good! She could do it over and over again, too, just like your first one did. Man I wish I could cum half as often and half as much as she did! It's awesome!
Oh gees, I just went and looked at the photo gallery related to squirting and I am throbbing. I would totally love to have a woman squirt on my pussy, just pouring down on it! I have always fantasized about my pussy being held open while another woman came in my pussy....yum!
It is definately possible to squirt I do it all the time and it isn't pee. I have actually pushed my man's dick out of me from the force of it coming out. It is definately coming from the inside. I think the best way to learn how to do this is by masterbating. After I started to be able to do it I do it all the time. Guys really like it.
Ladies and Gentlemen - As a man with a squirting wife, I must tell you several facts: 1) It is NOT pee. I have watched it squirt from two little holes just below and on either side of her clit. Sometimes alot, sometimes a little. Looked it up and apparently these are the Skene's glands. 2) It is DELICIOUS! Some days I will eat my wife for an hour or so as she squirts load after load of warm female jism down my throat. Sometimes, after a good three hours of sex, we have to wash the sheets from all the male and female cum we've splattered all over the place!
I have had one girl that squirted what was at least a glass or two every time. How amazing! I have never paid for sex but would pay for a woman to squirt on my face and in my mouth.
;)i am looking to experence this for myself any women in indy area to let me see this for myself look me up id like to try to help you :-P:-P
well i live in Indiana and i would love to make a woman squirt
I love to see a lady squirt, I have a lover and she gets above me and finger fucks herself while I'm strokin my cock and we squirt together I get so hott I shoot all over her and she squirts all over me then we clean each other up. Give me a shout if you would like to squirt with me sometime. IT'S HOTTT:-P
[color:Blue]I've read up on women squirting and found that alot of women hold back because it's a similar feeling of peeing. I've told Kim about this, and she's tried it, after peeing before hand, and she has squirted a little. I can't wait til I come home to get her all hot, go down on her, and let her squirt all over my face.[/color]:-P
ok, here's a question... I can squirt, and do in fact squirt, everytime I masterbate with my vibrator. But only when it is on my clit, never penetration. And I have never squirted when with a man. My question is this... is the actual squirting the orgasm? Or will something else happen? Because I am so worked up by the time I squirt that I feel like I just can't keep going! Can anyone help me figure this out?
I mostly squirt when being fingered or eaten, but sometimes when my sweetie is fucking me too. I usually get some distance, have hit my ankle on occasion! It's kind of messy and inconvenient at times but oh well, most playmates seem to find it a huge turn on and it's not that hard to put a towel down first! The interesting thing is this didn't happen to me until around age 40, & even then wasn't consistent till I hooked up w/Josh. I guess it's better than hot flashes!
I just love it when a female squirts all over my face, in my mouth and all over me. i can't get my fill
squirting is one of the coolest things ever...I just learned how a little while I can soak everything with my massive loads!!;)
Its sweet eating and tasting a woman while she is squirting
I am a man that has experienced this on a numerous amount of occasions.I had 4 different GF's that could squirt.I've learned that when you are eating a woman and her clit gets hard,You put that hard clit between your thumb and first finger an hold it firm but not to tight and pull back the hood that covers the clit and stimulate.If you can do all of this and slide a finger in and rub back and forth on the soft pad right on the inside at the top of the Virgina.Get ready for a bath of warm cum spitting like a water spigot.Now to make that pussy spit cum while you are fucking her you have to be very well hung and long winded.Not to brag but you should learn your partner.Your partner has alot to do with it to.You must communicate and tell your partner what you like and what turns you on.Men listen to your woman or women!They will tell you what they like if you pay attention.That ohhhhh you hear when you do it a certain way.That burst of excitement you get from her when you say certain things to her.Men listen,look and observe.You to will experience that lovely warm burst of love juice.
i am incredibly turned on by this. too all the lovely squirting ladies out there, you have my attention (and my mouth if you want :-P ) nyc
I have made a few girls squirt just using my fingers. There is no better satisfaction for me than to know that she is that comfortable and into what I'm doing for her. I love it when it hits me in the face:-P TASTES GREAT!!!
I love licking up after a chick that squirts. its one of my biggest sexual fantasies. Jay
I love my girlfriend squirting. First time when i was going down on her she squirted first time for me took me by surprise second later i buried my face in her pussy i couldnt get enough. I am bald and i run my head up and down her pussy she squirts all over it is amazing how many times she will get my head, face and shooting into my mouth needless to say i feel i struck gold. Still working on her to try water sports>:)
I love squirting!!! It's so amazing and feels so damned good!!!!Kiss;)
I am so turned on by squirting ... I so want to find a girl near me that can do that .... it's very HOT.
I am a squirter and it is the most amazing feeling ever!!! I can't even explain the sensation of squirting! It isn't even an orgasm....for me at least, it is a totally different feeling and if I squirt alot I can't even feel my feet after!! Mmmm it is fucking awesome!!
Can't get enough! Love It! Love It! Love It! :):-P:):-P:)
Well i just want to let everyone know that squirting is the best. And the thing is when you are a squirter and are multi orgasmic. It has a way cooler feeling because it feels as though you can't or don't want to stop. We have to use a plastic shower curtain and a beach towel. And there are days i can really soak the towel! It also depends on the partner and how he or she feels about this. I have sprayed myself also it is amazing when you can get yourself in the face just from the spray. I can squirt by my husband eating me or fucking me. and when i am on top i can squirt down his cock as well. And being on top i have the control of where his cock is and how much i want to squirt. They say that only 10% of women can do this. So all the women should feel lucky or i should say the men should feel even luckier. That they either have been with a woman or women that can do this. Because there a lot of men don't have any clue what it feels like or if they have come to see it for them selves. They wonder what did i just do? My feeling is just enjoy the ride. And keep listening to the woman on how it feels and you to can feel it. OOOHHH that warm sensation flowing out is the best feeling ever.
mmmmm i squirting yummm. Any women needs assistance in squirting Drop a line on my page ill get bak at ya. We cud end squirting on eachother yummm:-P
any secrets on how to get a woman to squirt?
I have got a girl to do it 2xs. once fucking her pussy with cock and ass with beer bottle and the other she face down doggy. GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!! Hug
I LOVE screamers and squirters! Talk about HOT!!!! Haven't met enough of them here in Tulsa, OK.
I love squirters!! Had a longtime gf that I gave her first squirt to. She was on top. She was all embarrassed, but when I told her how great it felt to have that hot gush pouring out and soaking my balls, running down to my asshole, she felt better about it. No matter what position we were in after that, she would cum in a hot flood, all over me. And then, one time when I knew she was ready to squirt, I pulled out, slid down on the bed and put my lips right where my cock had been. :-P She tried to stop it, but my tongue on her pussy wouldn't let her. She unloaded all over my face, in my mouth, up my nose - it was awesome! :-D
I would love to learn. Any girls willing to cum to the el paso area to teach me?
Squirting females is so hot. Squirt me a handfull or better yet, cover my face and grind it in. So very very sexy.HugHug
Anyone in the Joliet-Lombard area?? I'm a squirter and im looking or another squirter to play with....
I use to date a squirter. Whenever I would eat her pussy my face would be soaking wet and when she would squirt it would just soak the bed!
i am bi female looking for some action never been with anouther women but i have wanted to like a womens hard nipples and softly kiss her lips and the go for the rael thing her wet hot pussy omg i want it so bad i am from manitowoc wis. so if any one reads this email me at an i hope we can have some exciting bedroom action Laughing:-P
I was told that I squirted a few times, but I do not know how to. Wish I knew how to squirt for real..
I am attracted to girls with arm hair (both upper arms between shoulder and elbow and lower arms (forearms) between elbow and wrists). I am mostly attracted to blonde arm hair but would consider darker hair and I like straight hair, not curly.
i would love to find a women that can do that . i love to eat pussy so alittle more juice would be great
I Love when my pussy squirrel across the room. It feels so amazing !!
trying to teach my qif how to squirt
Ohhh I love bring finger fucked until I squirt I literally soak the bed with my sweet pussy juices lately my shower head has been making me squirt since I'm single...anyone care to help?Kiss
Squirting , deep throat, eating pussy, hard cocks, wet pussy and wild sex
I first learned about squirting orgasms or "female ejaculation" when I was 13-14 y.o. and immediately I was addicted.....I started doing research and studying absolutely every single piece of information I could possibly find as well as putting what I studied into practice at each available opportunity.......And trust me it was definitely worth the time and effort because since the age of sixteen I have not met a woman I couldn't make squirt except for one.... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT WHEN THEY SQUIRT.....SOAK THE BED, THE FLOOR, COUCH, BLANKETS, AND ESPECIALLY MY FACE,..... BECAUSE WHILE ITS SQUIRTING IM GOING TO STUFF MY FACE RIGHT INTO IT AND DRINK HER ALL UP...YUM!!!!!:-D:-D
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