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was checking my eMails, and came across a few local ladies that sounded interesting. I emailed them to show my interest, and one lady eMailed me back... with her number... We got along real well on the phone and talked a couple of times over the next couple of weeks. We'd decided to go ahead and meet and I was really looking forward to meeting her. The next time we chatted, and during the course of the conversation, we decided to take a trip to the Texas coast. A big storm was coming in, and it just sounded like it would be cool to see some serious thunder and lightening!!. We meet about half way there, and we hit it off right off the bat...we spent the whole trip talking and laughing. I was even as so bold as to tap her on the butt in public. It was great! We got a hotel room that was simply fabulous...great spa...really romantic. More than convenient! We spent some more time talking, then she asked me if I'd Ike a massage. Of course, I said yes and got ready. I took off all my clothes and laid on the bed. She came over with some oil she had warmed up and proceed to give me an absolutely wonderful back massage. She then did my legs and worked her way up to my butt. I started to get really turned on and she started getting closer and closer to my most private spots... "Damn", just what I needed to complete a wonderful day with her! Her hands caressed the soft inside of my thigh as she approaches my pussy.The wetness from my pussy coated her thumb, while I bucked slowly up and down against her hands with my soft, shaved pussy. She started lightly touching my clit and brought me almost instantly to orgasm. I ran my fingers across my lips, then slowly, I extended my tongue to taste my pussy on her fingers. Her eyes begin to glow with desire. Her fingers slid into me,slapping, grabbing at my ass, and telling me that she wants to lick on my hard clit. I leaned over close to her and whispered "Baby, I need you now".I slid my hand across her shoulders as I leaned back and said "Lick me please, baby." What I didn't know and didn't expect, is that was exactly what she had planned. Lowering her head, I felt her tongue slide across the very tip of my clit.Wrapping her sweet lips around the edges of my pussy, I pushed her head further down Not sure how her mouth sucked and licked my pussy like that at, the same time, bitting my clit and fucking me with her tongue and fingers but, the motions had quickly ignited a fire deep in side of me! Shoving my hand against her breast, searching and finding exactly what I expected. Her nipples were hard and erect! I rolled them between my finger and thumb before applying more and more pressure. The harder I pinched and pulled, the harder she sucked and bit on my clit. Sliding her tongue around my clit and stuffing it in my hole , created sensations in my groin that that electrocuted my body. She felt my body stiffen as my clit throbbed in her mouth.With the next circling lick and scraping of her teeth, I came into her mouth! Like a fountain on a hot summer's day! I grabbed the back of her head and bruised her lips with my kiss. Sucking hard on her lower lip,taking them into my mouth, biting just hard enough that I heard you wince . Shoving my tongue deep into her mouth I, could taste me still on her tongue. Her tongue sparring with mine. Her hands caressing the back of my head. My hands framed her face as I slid my thumbs across her ears. Slowly our lips separated staring into her beautiful eyes. I stood before her. Pushing her hard back against the wall, as I fall to my knees before her.Burying my mouth against her body. Biting, pulling desperately needing her. I push my hands between her legs spreading them, she places her hands onto the back of my head as I am burying my face into her pussy. Iwarp my lips around the hardening bud and suck hard and deep into my mouth. Forcing the tender covering flesh back I rake my teeth across her growing hardness. Rubbing my chin into her slit, I nuzzle deeply against her clit. Capturing the hardness between gins to moan loudly. Sliding my hands up between her legs spreading wider I grab her ass in my hands squeezing tightly. Pinching her sensitive nerves in my hands. Shoving my tongue inside her pussy! I slap her ass hard . She bucks forward only stopped by the pressure of my face pushing back against her hips, driving the wetness all over my face. I slide my tongue up inside her and then shove two fingers inside her twisting and turning as I continue my tonguing assault on her womanhood, giving her such pleasures, that I know she will return and more. We ended up spending approximately the next day massaging, touching, hot tubing, talking, laughing. She spent hours bringing me to orgasm after orgasm...after orgasm...It was the most erotic and sexually stimulating experience of my life! Flower I would just love to do that again..:-D
Im ready in Florida
I like to lick and suck clits and pussy lips
I love licking sweet shaved pussy~~!! I know how to make a woman scream with pleasure. I can do it for a very long time and I love it. Love to please.
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