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Traveling with Sue, Jason and Sara can be a lot of fun, but esecially when we pull into a rest stop on a long trip. Nothing better than getting a quick snack Blowjob :P to pep you right up. Wink Billy & Sue
Once when I was in college and travelling with my parents we pulled into a reststop. While i was taking a piss, this guy who was a truck driver stepped up to the urinal a couple down from me. He was watching me piss and gave me a good view of his cock. He kept getting harder. I'm not sure what came over me, I had never sucked a cock before but I walked over to the stall and he followed. I knew exactly what I wanted. He came into the stall with his semi-hard cock hanging out and shut the door. I went to work on it fast cuz my folks were waiting in the car. I licked and sucked that cock like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes, I worked it deep into the back of my throat and he was grabbing the back of my head. I was a hot, young preppy guy getting face fucked by this handsoime rugged trucker with an 7" tool. I started fondling his balls and then he shot his thick load into my mouth. I think most of it went straight down my throat cuz he was just fucking my mouth for all it was worth. I made sure I tasted his salty load cuz I was curious what my first load tasted like. I was sitting on the toilet and jacking my cock furiously, afraid we were taking too long. Then he bent down and sucked me off in return. I came so much! Loved walking back to my parent's car with the smell and taste of his cock in my mouth!!
I remember the first time I learned about picking up guys at rest stops. I was coming back from New Hampshire traveling on Rte 91 in CT, got tired so pulled into one to take a nap. I always like to ear sexy girlie clothes when I am by myself, I pulled in and parked. after dozing off for awhile I could hear a car running close to mine. I peeked up and there wwas a guy sitting in there. I laid back down but every couple minutes the guy kept pulling next to me. Eventually I sat up and I guess the guy notice my blouse opened a bit and my bra was showing. I watched him for awhile and I could see that he was jerking off. It made me very horny to see that and I wanted to help him with his cock. So I made sure he could tell that I was wearing girl clothes by letting my blouse open more fully. He rolled his window down and we talked abit. It didn't take long before I was in his car sucking his cock like a cum starved slut. He told me that he had walked by my car and saw I was wearing a skirt and he wanted me to be his slut. And I was exactly what he wanted. I sucked every ounce of cum from his sweet cock. MMMMMm like a good whore.I stop at all rest stops now just looking to make some guy feel good.
ctcrossdresser the next time you are in NH let me know....the rest stop isn't very far from here :-P
would love to fine a truck drive who wanted his cock suck and meet him at a highway rest area and suck his cock in his truck""";):)
no matter where its at if there is a glory hole Im feeding
EArlier this summer on a trip returning from KY to AR, i stopped at a rest area to take a good piss and stretch alittle. upon entering the rr, all the urinals were occupied so i took a stall and sat .. within a minute or so, a very well built man took the stall next to me. as i looked thru tiny hole i saw him jacking his enormously huge (soft uncut) cock! He took notice of this and stuck his tounge thru the hole and liked my balls. then he passed poppers to me and said keep the bottle. COOL. by this time i was rdy to bust a load. he asked if i wanted to go to his truck 4 a while and i quickly followed like a good submissive bottom slut.As we approached the cab, he kepT on, said he had something 4 me to see. After seeing what i think was the LARGEST COCK I EVER SEEN AND THAT WAS SOFT. ( AND IVE SEEN MANY 10 11 AND 12 INCH COCKS IN MY DAY CUZ OF MY REPUTATION AS A COCK SUCKER AND VERY DEEPTHROATING SKILLS. ALL GUYS W BIG ONE TELL THEIR BUDDY TO CUM TO ME FOR COCK SERVICE)
CONTINUING, he opened doors of his trailer and i saw a dungeon on wheels. I jumped in. i layed on back on a leather mattress w my mouth wide open andhe started fucking my face as he put alligator clamps w a chain on my nips. as he rammed deep down my throat, he pulled on the chain like reighns.. the more he pullled the deeper he rammed.finally shooting a massive load down my throat. he then asked if i into being tied up. he tied my wrists above my head and leather restraint on each ankle then thru steel hooks bout 5 ft apart on ceiling of trailer. I hit my POPPERS and he puulled till my feet were all way up andmy body at 45 degree angle. got his elbow grease out and loaded my tight pussy hole. and fingerd my as good 10 minutes. then forced a 12 x 7 latex butt plug all way in. came around to my head and finger fucked my mouth to point of choking. god was i turned on....he then climed on table andtooka piss all over me finishing with me drinking most.then he squated over my face and told me to eat his ass damn good or hed leave me in this position while drove on down the road. I did andhe orgasmed anc came on me .then we drank some cold beer. (so he could fill his bladder again. he removed BUTT PLUG and FIST FUCKED me like a mad man while flogging my ass and balls and cock. He thought it was time now to hit the road. HOWEVER he said he lived 20 miles and i could cum to his place 4 more. I ran to my car and followed. continue next
we went inside and showerd, he washed me from head to toe. he asked if i thought i can handle bigger than 12x7, i said sure, let me hit my POPPERS. He pulls out an orange traffic cone puts it on table.. lifts me up and he sits down and tells me if i can sit on it and take the entire orange cone to where my ass is onthe table( ive got 2 1/2 feet of cone n me) he gonna give me 1000 dollars! 2000 dollars if i do it in 5 minutes or less. well i hit the poppers and went to town riding up and down andgot 2000. He got so turned on by the fact i did it. He then fucked me with his ROCK HARD 13 1/2 x 7 veiny bulging DICK cumming three times. we rested and ate dinner. and asked me to stay nite. Of course i accepted, getting the best fantasy i had.
to my surprise, few hours later, nother rig pulls in. OH my gosh, he has an identical twin w another 13 1/2 x 7... needless to say i got filled from both ends w rock hard cock. taking turns cumming in me then switching places 7 times, i got fucked down my throat and barebacked my hole for a total of three hours taking 14 loads of cum. i was in total extacy. Later i fell asleep only to be awakened by the both of them fucking my ass at same time. what an experince. Now i drop in severaltimes a yr for hot kinky sweaty pussy hole strechin, cock and ball torcher, cum filled , ws, ff, orange cone riding and on and on. wild incredible sex. glad i took the chance that 1st time.
I am her in Phoenix and would love to hear if anyone has information on truck areas and/or rest areas to just hook up for sex. How do you let someone know if your in a restroom or parking lot that you want to play? I'm a bottom, i suck, love facials and rough sex, and i swallow if made too.
When I was a truck driver I use to see all kinds of stuff like this go on. One time I was driving my rig to Phx from LA. It was late at night and I was tired and the traffic was unusually light, so I got on the radio to find someone to talk to. A sexy voice came back on the radio and we started to talk, we went on for an hour or so until I told her I had to stop at the up coming rest area for a break and thanked her for the conversation. She said that she also needed a break and that she would meet me there in about 10 minutes. Just the sound of her voice had made me hard before but when she walked up I was speechless. She was only 5'1" and about 100 lb and extremely beautiful. She was wearing short shorts and a t-shirt top without a bra! WOW, we talked a short time and I noticed she was getting chilly so I suggested we get in my truck to get warm, she quickly accepted as she had never been inside one before. Once inside I gave her a tour of my double sleeper. I could feel and see her excitement as her nipple became very hard as we went into the back to look around. She sat on the bed to admire the room and said maybe we should make use of this large bed as she removed her top. What great tits she had, I pulled off her shorts and panties and dove between her legs and into her extremely wet pussy. I licked her and sucked her clit until she erupted into a huge organism and she squirted cum all over my face. After she calmed down a little she told she told me she needed my cock badly, I stood and she removed my pants as started sucking my cock with extreme lust. Of course I was already very hard and wanting her pussy, after a few minutes of great head I had to stop her before I came. I pushed her back and buried myself deep into her, as she screamed and came again. I pumped her as long as I possibly could before blowing my load deep inside her. We both panted and struggled for breath and laughed out loud. What a great time it was, we cuddled and fell asleep. I awoke about an hour later with her sucking my now hard cock, as I moaned she mounted me and started to ride. I grabbed her tits and played with her hard and very sensitive nipples, she began to cum and pound my cock even harder. What a treat!!!! I rolled her over onto the bed and told her to get to her knees as I wanted her from behind, OMG what a glorious ass she had on her. I inserted my cock and pounded her hard and fast, she moaned loudly and cum almost continuously until I blew my load into her. I just stood there still inside her for a while catching my breath and she asked where was I headed and could she come along!!! Of course I said sure!!!!!!!!! We dropped her car off at the truck stop down the road and spent the next three weeks fucking our way back and forth across the southern states.
I have sucked so many cocks at rest areas on rt 80 in jersey for years ive been watched, done groups and stayed to do as many nen as possible. seeing men go into the woods drives me crazy. I always follow and watch as they take out their cocks to tease me into getting on my knees to lick and suck their balls and their delicous assholes.Sometimes they piss in my mouth and I swallow every drop,then sucking them off while I look into their eyes as they cum.I dont have any transportation to rest areas now so I have to find horny men in the dover/denville area I have a cell phone and would love to hook up with all horny dominant males. blacks and latinos,groups a definite plus
:-P:):-D:|:(|8B;)LaughingKissH ugFlower
When I was traveling alot, I would pull into a rest area to close my eyes for a bit. I noticed that some cars would pull in and flash their brake lights and a truck would flash theirs back. Then the guy would get out and go to the truck. I tried it myself the next time I was on the road. I pulled in and flashed my brakes, a truck flashed his and I went to the truck. His window was down and he asked me in. He had his cock out when I got in so I sucked him off. It was great. After he was done he said thanks and I said thanks and got out. I loved it. I did it many times since.
Working with 4 1/2 inches hard. Embarrassing. Is it true that there are women who like to dominate, & humiliate guys with small dicks?
Going to be in the rockford, illinois area all next week and would love to suck some cock at a truckstop....let me know if you want me to meet up with you.
there was a rest stop in Maine that you could go there anytime.for a threesome. i sucked many cocks there.everytime i got close to the rest stop i got a hard on right away.then i would walk in the woods there was men evrywheres wanting to get suck off or they would go down on you.the summer time this place was awsome for great sex.i was sucking a man thru a glory hole i was bent over and i had a guy taken my pants down.he was sucking me then he wet my nice bun hole and stuck his big cock in my ass.boy that felt good mmm i was getting fuck and i was getting fuck in the mouth.there was lots of horny men was like paradise. i gone to this rest stop maybe thousands of times.but the damn state of Maine shut it down.they close it.all the nice places where i use to go are close down. Bert a friend ps i will write other stories soon.
i was on my way home from a long trip from texas and stopped at about 2 in the morning at a rest area in arkansas I believe. I was so out of it I walked in to the man's restroom and sat down.. It took me a minute to realize I was in the wrong bathroom so I quickly stood up and went to exit when I saw a man sucking another man in the corner..another man was in the stall jacking off watching them. The guy in the stall asked me to come in there and I dropped to my knees and started sucking him. He was about 7" and was so close to cumming anyways and of course it turned me on. While I was sucking him he started moaning so of course the other men finished and came to see why. He saw them watching and came almost instantly. When I finished and got up to walk out the other men informed me I was definitely not finished. I sucked and fucked them all and it was my best experience in a rest area.. Would love to have more!!!:)
We stopped at a state RR park, went to the bathroom, the womens was locked, i took his picture, after taking it, a guy came in and grabbed him and sukked on him until i joined in he fuked me and my man came in my mouth!!! Then the trucker cam in me and sukd it outta my mound, was so hot i came about 4 times!!!! it was in the fall!HugFlowerKissKissKissKiss KissKissKiss
there is a rest area near my house and i often go there when i feel the need. am never dissapointed. its adjacent to some woods and there is someone there to suck or get sucked usually two or three guys at once usually there is aguy that wants to be fucked i take turns fucking and being fucked its great
I have enjoyed sucking cock and getting fucked in a lot of rest areas around the country but the best was in miss. where i sucked one hot cock off while i was being fucked by another. so hot.
Got my first rest stop trucker last week!!!! In central Indiana on my way to Chicago, pulled over to rest, had been a long afternoon. I was stretching my legs walking around the big rigs when he stepped out and asked how i was doing... Big bear of a guy making small talk I asked about the trucks, what it was like out on the road long hours etc, then I asked what the sleeping compartment was like.... he asked me if I'd like to see it. No pretense or hesitation he came on very strong.... soon I was sucking a really nice big cock. We traded oral back and forth for a bit and he started eating my ass after which he said he wanted to fuck me... :) He did. God that was fun.
live in chicago...any1 know where the glory holes r?dyin 2 suck my 1st cock.
i love sucking lots of cock in my nylons at rest areas in ct.
I have sucked hundreds of cocks at rest areas.
Is it really that easy? I live in Meridian and travel a lot on I-20 and I-59 can someone tell me where I can have some truck stop fun? I travel to AL a lot.
truck driver who loves giving and receiving in a rest area let me know
Were to meet in the Orlando area
I've frequently though of giving and getting at a rest stop. Climbing into a big rig seeing all the gauges and switches and a twitching thick dick to play with, to man handle, and yesss to suck on it trading BJs. I'd love to meet oralm4all, if you'll meet me around Jacksonville tomorrow late morning we will play at a rest stop and have great oral maybe a MMM
Years ago I lived near interstate 5 and I used to play at the rest stops, truck stops and at several Vista point area's. Between Fresno and Paterson, this was always fun and I hocked up with lot's of horny guys. Truckers, travelers, cal trans workers all horny guys looking for a roadside Cock Sucker. Anytime of the day but late night and early morning was the best. On somedays I would  spend hours cruising all the stops. Sucking off many horny guys at the rest stops that had glory holes , that's where I started sucking off horny truckers. But the nastiest and the best was the off ramps and on ramps and where all the horny truckers would park . That where looking to get there cocks sucked. So I would park behind the trucks , and walk up the off ramp until I would find a trucker . Standing between his truck and trailer with his hard cock in his hand stroking it until I would stop and drop to my knees . And get a big hard cock fucking my throat Until I had a mouthful of cum. While the whole time car's and trucks were about thirty feet away,racing down the interstate. While I was getting my hungry mouth fucked so hard that sometimes it would make me cum!! Laughing
Hey all you horny truckers, keep your eyes out when traveling on I-10 East or West, I always pull my shorts off to play with my cock slowing down for the trucks hoping to get a hit and a cock to suck. Have to say night driving is the best !!! Hey horny truckers can you let me know where the best Truck Stops or Rest Areas on I-10 between Louisiana-Florida? You know why KissHugFlower
I always fantasize about hitch hiking and a trucker would stop and pick me up and I would jump in and he chatter on for awhile then start yawning and say he's going in the sleeper cab and catch some zzz! for awhile and if wanted to join him I could so he went in took all his clothes off and was talking to me threw the curtain and I look he had a big hard cock and me if I wanted some I didn't say a word I went back there and suck it suck it and suck till he cum in my mouth and he went to sleep and when he woke up he took my pants off and fuck me and came in my ass hope it will cum true someday'
This thread is somewhat dated, but it has me drooling so much I want a truck driver here in Western CO. On I-70 heading to Green River we have a Truck stop as well as one right here where I live, and another one more east of my location; I'll have to give these spots a shot.... Pent up driving can get a guy hard and horny... yummy!
Any trucker around I - 24? Interested?
Question: I travel on business and I have stopped at many of rest area's and there has been many times I have been horny and want a dick to suck or even a pussy to lick, there are times when I have hung around to see if there was anyone I can hook up with for a quickie but I never have any luck, I have kinda hung around outside near the restrooms but no luck. Now for the question, How can someone recognize who might be interested in a BJ or wants to fuck whether be a female or male? How do you approach the right person or get them to approach me?
Any truckers who luv gettin sucked or sucking stop at the rest area on i24 on the ill. at night
Any horny truckers going through Reedsport OR, and need a mouth or an ass to deposit your hot sweet load give a shout out and let me fix that for ya.
Anyone near college station?
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas on Bisexual PlaygroundSucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas on Bisexual PlaygroundSucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas on Bisexual PlaygroundSucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas on Bisexual Playground

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