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I love the feeling of a dildo or any toy that revolves in a circular motion. That and vibrators inserted into the anus feels so-o-o good, or any one using a dildo with plenty of lube feels about as good as the real thing. I love to use a rotating and vibrating rabbit with the rabbit ears that tickle the area between my honey hole and my testicles. This just about drives me crazy.
Hi there to all reading this

you probably will not be interested but i thought i would post anyway

my wife has had some bi experiences in the past but not for a while, she is not totally into all of this yet and i am seeking bi females to make friends with her and try and help her to open up and be more open minded relaxed and have fun, take her out to the movies or for a meal maybe hang out with me aswell or she would wonder why i never want to be there and then when the time is right make your move, flirt with her chat her up and maybe even go for a few drinks and help her relax more and then try it on with her flirt more and seduce her

the main thing is to becoem good friends with her and make a lasting friendship as she needs more friends and then over time slowly introduce her to your interest towards other women and her etc

remember she must not know of our little arangement and must think this is all unplanned and natural and it must be done slowly over time so she gradually takes to it and doesnt get scared off the idea

just to add i (the hubby) will never be involved this is not an attempt to get a threesome

if you would be interested please get in touch and we can start aranging something
I only started using toys January 2005 after purchasing my first one at an at home party. after using some of the products and realizing I just kept purchasing more and more products I decided to sell them and do the parties myself. Let me tell you I have tried almost everyone that is in my catalog and have a small chest with all my favorites stored inside.
Toys are the best ever!!!
Toys are the best along with a rock hard cock, in any hole of mine. A toy in my wet pussy and a cock in my ass will make me cum in two min.! Love it the other way too
Toys can be a lot of fun and add an extra fuel to the fire...:)
Toy are great ... I love my bag full of them ... use them all the time ...
I was having a party at my house with me and four other women. It really hadn't started yet. Anyway, my friend with benefits went and got my toy bag out. The others didn't know what was in it. She dumped it onto the middle of the floor...out falls a 12' bright orange rubber cock, a couple of vibrators of different sizes, and some anal beads.

The girls all reach down and start passing this stuff around. I'm thinking holy hell, other people are going to show up any time. But before that happened one of the girls got a funny luck, set down the dildo and went straight into the kitchen. Apparently, it just occurred to her that these were USED toys. She did end up in my bed that night...but only her.
I loved it when my ex gf used to strapon and fuck my brains out. Seeing her standing there with this monster black rubber cock there made me feel like a helpless little bitch... and i loved every minute of it.
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