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I love to turn men into transvestgites and make them suck me off.
CANDI ROCHELLE'S DREAM DATE AT THE DANCE As I pull my car into the hotel parking lot, I give a quick furtive glance in the mirror for a last second look to check my hair, earrings and lipstick. A last touchup from the lipstick case and back into my clutch, I open the door and step out into the parking lot. The air is crisp and cool and helps relieve my nervousness as I walk to the side entrance of the hotel where the alternative lifestyle dance is being held. I walk up to the ticket table and there are two transgender gals that compliment me on my outfit and tell me that they would enjoy my talking to them later if at all possible to exchange makeup and hair ideas. I reply that I would enjoy that and this serves to settle me down and calm my nerves. It's a gutsy move that I would go to a dance like this stag without any of my girlfriends. They admit that they go stag themselves sometimes and it is better because of the transportation issues if someone wants to meet up after the dance. Brandy as she introduces herself admits, "the worst thing to happen is have a third wheel dragging along, unless that wheel is up for some of the action" as wild laughter breaks out. I tell Brandy and her girlfriend that we will definitely hook up after the dance or the next day and we exchange phone numbers and emails that go right into my cell phone. I walk into the dance hall and some 70's disco music is blaring as the lights are flashing and people are dancing. The lights are dim and it is hard to make out anyone that I might recognize so I start to work my way to the far corner of the dance floor to try to blend in like a wall flower. I scope out the room for possible escorts and my eyes flit about the room. As our eyes meet across the room, a tingling sensation twitches in my crotch and I know that it is not just my hosiery chafing or my gaff binding against my Precious Darling. I hope that my erect clitoris is not showing through the front of my skirt and that my desires are not embarrassing me into unladylike shame. My Darling is beginning to ooze with pre cum excited wetness and I am on the prowl. I am in a pretty pink skirt, with a lacy white blouse and pretty pink thigh highs with a pink garter belt underneath with matching pink espadrille sandals that are tied up high on my calves. I am here for some enjoyable action so I figure that I should take matters somewhat into my own hands and I hope that I do not go home disappointed. My stomach is weak from nervousness as I decide to make a move and start to walk very slowly towards you. As I strut, I search for what to say. I lick my lips and try to keep them moist and wet, even though my nerves are starting to stress me out as I flip my long, flowing auburn hair about by tossing my head. My pink high heel sandals click clack against the wooden floor as I approach you. My eyes play "shy" as I give you a small smile, hoping that you are up to some small talk that is not demeaning or derogatory to me. The butterflies in my stomach belie the phony confidence I display outside. I give you a long, appreciative look up and down and our eyes meet again. You make the first move by introducing yourself to me as "Sterling". I tell you that my name is Candy Rochelle, and present my begloved hand to you as I blush madly. You take my hand very gently and guide me to a seat in the corner where we can talk more intimately. You are disarming and kind, and soon our discussion comes freely and it is as though we are old friends catching up on old times. You ask where I get my name from, and I explain that they were two former lovers of mine from a past life that I never fully got over, thus their first names. You compliment me on my name and tell me that it fits my personality perfectly, adding that I got a terrific set of legs. I give a giggle and start to nudge my pretty high heeled foot under your pants leg. I know that I am safe with you and you are winning me over slowly with your gentle persuasions and tender kindness that you show towards my interest in you. Eventually you take me by the hand and we find an intimate corner of the dance floor where we slow dance closely, our bodies pressed together at places that our desires cannot be hidden from one another. You take my face with your hand and slowly begin to kiss me on the lips on the dance floor as I get lost in the rapture of your sweet caress. I whisper into your ear that I want to go somewhere more private where I can really express my desires to you. We finish the dance and then discreetly you guide me to the elevator where your room awaits us, your hand never leaves the small of my back. On the way up the elevator and down the hall to your room, all I can think about is the moment that I get your beautiful male pride in front of me and face the business end of your needful and growing desire. We trade playful gropes on the way there. After we are in your room, all the lights are on and there is a sensual porn flick playing on the television mixed with some light from a few candles and soft music in the background. I give you a sweet smile and walk up to you and kiss you full on the lips as I push you to the end of the bed. You sit down and start unbuttoning your shirt as I kneel down before you perched on my heels. I unbuckle your belt and slowly pull your trouser zipper down as I gaze into your eyes with a sinister sly grin on my face. You are wearing a cute little thong and the smell of your cock is fresh, like newly mowed grass. Your genitals are shaved and clean and have a light scent of musk powder and cologne. My senses are going crazy!!! My eyes glaze over as I take all of you in at once. This is what I came to the dance for-right in front of my face. The pre orgasmic juices are running out of your slit as I smother your member with a zillion kisses. Your groans confirm the pleasure that I am ministering to you. I want the tension to build before I completely rock your world. You beg me not to stop doing what I am doing. I start licking the length of you with long, lingering strokes and then I pounce playfully. I want to taste everything about this beautiful male pride that is just throbbing for my attention. I take your head into my mouth and very softly start caressing your balls as my tongue slithers down your shaft. As my auburn head bobs up and down on your hardened male pride and the groans emanating from deep within you intensify and it eggs me on. I pull off and ask you if you like being fellated soft or hard, and you reply that you like a little bit of both. I return to your Darling and again start my ministrations on your throbbing senses. I gaze into your eyes as my face is full of you and my hand reaches up to feel your chest hair. My eyes flutter shut and I feel contented as I continue my journey towards your completion. I have been self restraining myself from physical release for over a month now and the stimuli from all the action is taking its toll on my panties. They are now soaking wet as I continue pleasuring the male animal in front of me and I reach down with my other hand and my clitoris is hard and throbbing and wet, ready for release. I return my hand back to holding the base of your shaft and switch my attention to your balls. They are as big as hens' eggs as I gently flop them back and forth. I bend my head down and take one in my mouth and begin to suck on it, and I begin to struggle with my own dizziness from the sexual tension as your moans get even more intense. I go back to your shaft and really begin a campaign to bring you home to completion, telling you that I want that load of snot and that your cock is absolutely gorgeous. As I rock my head side to side and up and down and slither my tongue all over your spit slick glans, your balls tighten up and ready themselves for emptying. My hand is still playing with your sack and as I gently press down on them, your cry of pleasure is incredible as your goo sprays 5 inches out of your slit. I have successfully talked you home. I want some of your snot on my thighs so I can remember this evening whenever I touch myself there, so I lay down next to you on the bed and cradle my legs between yours and gently rub your Precious Darling against my thighs as we passionately kiss. You tell me that you want to return the favor as you would feel guilty sending me off without having had any enjoyment from you. I insist that it is alright but your arms pull me to you as you gently raise my skirt as I stand before you. You seem amazed at how feminine I keep my clitoris as you gently pull my girdle and panties aside, when my desire springs forth into your face. My panties have the scent of pre cum desire stained on them. With the incredible skill and talent that only a male knows how to deliver, my now aching and throbbing clitoris is in your mouth and being caressed and played with until very, very shortly, my orgasm comes in earth shattering waves as I rock and gyrate my hips back and forth while I am precariously perched on my 4 inch heels. My mind is reeling from the incredible pleasure of the moment and my moans of release seem to delight you as you use a towel taken from the bathroom to keep my snot from staining my pretty clothes. I express my gratitude for your concern about my wardrobe and the gentle concern you show towards my sanitary needs. Your reply is that it is only common decency to be considerate towards a lady's needs and to be a complete gentleman. I glance down at your crotch and realize that you are again throbbing hard, still not completely sated from my previous attention and ministrations. You approach me and pull me to you, holding me tight as you press Your Darling up against my thighs and tell me that you want me every way a man can take a lady, presenting me with some Astroglide and latex condoms. As you work your way behind me, kissing me on the neck as I tilt my head aside to give you access, I inform you that I am indeed an anal virgin and that I am terrified of having such a large member inside of me. Your hands are against my hips as you tell me in gentle and reassuring words that you understand and tell me that you won't hurt me and that I can't remain an anal virgin forever. Your sweet persuasions prove to be too much for me to deny. I let the tension build as I play coy with you and just finger your beautiful prick, occasionally brushing over "THAT" spot which comprises the male G spot. You convince me to hike up my skirt and I present myself to you doggy style with my hands wrapped around the heels of my pretty shoes. I beg you to be gentle on me as I watch the porn scene on the television and realize that the same action going on there is about to occur in our room, wondering how in the hell he got me to agree to this. You slather up your Darling and very slowly begin to penetrate me from behind, your massaging hands never leaving me as you tell me to relax and enjoy what you are going to do to me. You tell me that my horizons are about to expand and that once I do it, I will want it some more and more and probably wear Darling out. My laughter serves to ease my mood and the enjoyment is intense. The actual feeling is that I got a bowel stuck in my rectum and that it is actually rocking in and out. As it rocks in and out it is rubbing against my prostate and the feeling is indescribable. After awhile I feel your Darling tense up and realize that you are about to arrive. When your explosion happens inside of me, I feel the throbbing that is typical of males. I ask you to put your snot on designated locations from the spent condom and you politely oblige me by smearing it all over my buttocks and thighs above the lace of my thigh highs and under my garter belt. I stay with you until you come down from your orgasm, cuddling and watching the rest of the porn flick that is playing on the hotel television. My freshly aroused clit is soon in your mouth again and I am on my way to a second release, moments before I climax, my balls are in your mouth and I let out an incredible cry of absolute ecstasy. I admit to Sterling that this was some of the best action that I have had in a long time and there might be a time that a repeat session would be in order. After we exchange phone numbers and emails, I do some touchup work on my lipstick and hair as I straighten my skirt and girdle. Having rinsed out my pink panties in the sink to get rid of any odor of my previous snot leaking from my desire, I slide them on while sitting on the bed. Sterling tells me that he expects all of his lady friends to be in thigh highs, panties, garter, bra and heels, or they get a spanking for being a naughty little girl. I check out his face to see how serious he is about this and then he tells me that is why I got his undivided attention on the dance floor, because I dressed the way a lady should. I look at Sterling endearingly and give Darling a goodbye kiss and then I kiss him on the cheek. He tells me to be careful as it is 3:00 a.m. and the bars are letting the drunks out. I inform him that I don't have far to go and I strut down the hall towards the elevator. After I get to the elevator I go to my car and drive to the super 8 motel half a mile down the street after I stop at the convenience store and pick up some cereal and milk for tomorrow's breakfast. As I walk out to my car, a crack whore is soliciting a pair of drunks in the corner of the parking lot. The hooker calls me a slut and warns me to shove off. I smile sheepishly as her two Johns whistle catcalls and yell their admiration to me, then I quickly get in my car and drive off. I laugh my ass off and wonder if she only knew. It certainly has been a night to remember I muse to myself. My two new girlfriends at the dance will be hearing from me soon, and so will Sterling.
Florida: Central - South Central. Hug No single men.
I want to meet a nice masculine man that I can please orally and kiss with such passion. I love hairy thick men and if your chunky that is really sexy also. I am a big curvy girl and want to be treated like your sex kitten and friend also. I am will to do what ever it takes to please my man and I would even like a realy butch female as long as she was masculine and took control of me in bed... I would be her orall slave also.:-PKissLaughingHugFlower
I really really wanna meet a shemale.Im aCD(female) who would appreciate knowing a TS.Hug
OMG Candibar, who could ever top that? Whoooo! Wouldn't anyone want to play dress up (or undress-up) with you, honey? XXOOXX
Transvestite Cocksuckers on Bisexual PlaygroundTransvestite Cocksuckers on Bisexual PlaygroundTransvestite Cocksuckers on Bisexual PlaygroundTransvestite Cocksuckers on Bisexual Playground

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