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Our main interest is travel. We get away as much as we can, and prefer the less touristy areas over the more popular areas. When we go to countries, we like to see the real country, and not what the local tourist board wants to show you. We travel three to four times a year to all sorts of various destinations. Carol & Danny
I agree with Carol & Danny. I have been all over the world and hte best spots are those off the beaten trail. That is where yo learn about the ture culture and learn how tobe more accepting of ohers and their life styles. As an example, I am part Sioux, Oglala. But because Ihave white in me,Iam not accepted. But the Comanche adopted me and sawthe Spirit of the creator in me and accepted me as I am. Now I dance with them and am still learning the old ways and it is great. Don't ever stop learning guys AND HEY, LETS BE SAFE OUT THERE. Ahoo.
People if you like to travel off the beaten path come down to Panama and visit the island of bocas del toro. Go to tellme what you thinkKiss
Being retired both Sue and I love being able to pack up the car whenever we feel like it and taking a trip no matter if it is a cross country trip out west, a trip up north, or a trip down to south Florida... Hug Kiss Flower
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