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While in Utah skiing with my girlfriend, I fell and broke my hand. It pretty much ended my days on the slopes. My girlfriend however decided to ski without me. So during the first couple days I was bored to death. On the third day I placed an ad for some male company. I got a good number of responses and of course some were the usual posers. You know after many emails really couldn't make it until the second Tuesday of next week LOL. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. So anyway I drop my girlfriend off at the mountain and hurried back to my room. I finally put together a meet with a guy that said he was in his 40'ds and sent me a picture of his dick. Begger can't be choosy I thought. When he got to my room, he was gorgus
Utah on Bisexual PlaygroundUtah on Bisexual PlaygroundUtah on Bisexual PlaygroundUtah on Bisexual Playground

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