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vibrators are so to find the right ones.. i like a vibrator in my ass while there is a cock in my pussy..or a cock in my ass and a vibrator in my to feel the vibration of it..anyone interested let me know:-D
I love that feeling also when I am fucking the wife, but I dont last long from the feeling. Just like having one in my ass.
MMmmm....what can I say. When no one is home, my vibrator comes out to play. it makes me cum over and over again. I love it!
Didlos the toy BOTH sexes can play with !!
Toys! Ahh, they can be so much fun! And not just things like dildos. Try out anal beads, not to mention anal plugs (also try an enema, the plug your partner and play with their cock/pussy - incredible orgasms happen!). But don't forget the more subtle toys. A feather touching just the right spot can bring a person to climax - but slowly, if the feather is moved correctly. (Can you tell I love prolonging the "torture"? It's one of my favorite things to do - Kathy is writing this one folks!) Ice cubes are marvelous - love to suck on a cube at the same time as I suck on a gorgeous nipple - yum! Toys aren't just the ones you buy on a website or a "novelty" store! Just look around your own home and have fun exploring! Hug
I Love the feeling of a Dildo massaging my prostate with low deep pulses and then high speed vibrations. Or having those sensations applied to just underneath the helmet of my shaft. It's almost euphoric to watch somebody orgasm when using a vibrator on them. Kiss
its the only thing that gets me thru the week :)
I love playing with my Hitachi Magic Wand, and I esp. love sharing it with lovers.
We love them!!
Hi there to all reading this

you probably will not be interested but i thought i would post anyway

my wife has had some bi experiences in the past but not for a while, she is not totally into all of this yet and i am seeking bi females to make friends with her and try and help her to open up and be more open minded relaxed and have fun, take her out to the movies or for a meal maybe hang out with me aswell or she would wonder why i never want to be there and then when the time is right make your move, flirt with her chat her up and maybe even go for a few drinks and help her relax more and then try it on with her flirt more and seduce her

the main thing is to becoem good friends with her and make a lasting friendship as she needs more friends and then over time slowly introduce her to your interest towards other women and her etc

remember she must not know of our little arangement and must think this is all unplanned and natural and it must be done slowly over time so she gradually takes to it and doesnt get scared off the idea

just to add i (the hubby) will never be involved this is not an attempt to get a threesome

if you would be interested please get in touch and we can start aranging something
i love vibrators!!! i've been in both gay and straight relationships, and toys were used all the time. lived with a guy for almost two years, always used toys with our great sex life. we would go on rides in the truck, and i would strip naked and fuck myself with a vib. or two or three:) sometimes we would stop at a veggie stand and buy some toys....i mean veggies and fruit;) cucumbers are a great sub. for toys. i can take two cocks in my ass, so we would go to home depot and we would fuck in the bathroom. he would drop his pants, i would strip naked, he would fuck my ass from behind, and then i would add my 7 inch vibrator in my ass with his 9 inch cock. talk about both of us have some of the best orgasms ever.dated this girl that loved to fuck me with a huge by fat strap on. we did this a bunch of times in front of her lesbian girlfriends.
oh my god vibrators are amazing! had the first orgasm ever with one it was soo incredible! gods greatest creation
yes i Love my beauty Dildo Vibrator green buddy lol.. It comes out late at night and plays with me
No bedroom is complete without a toybox! My all-time favorite is the Hitachi Magic Wand. Extremely powerful, discreet (looks like a sports vibe), and great for partner play. I've had as many as 20 orgasms in a session using just that. The only downside is that it has to be plugged in. :( Another great option is the rabbit-type vibes that have a clit stimulator mounted on a moving dildo. Coil vibrators like the Wahl, which also plug in, are great because of the many attachments that come with them. And, of course, you can always use them on sore muscles.
Toys can be a lot of fun and add an extra fuel to the fire...:)
gotta love the toys!! :)
anyone use the egg?
Vibrators on Bisexual PlaygroundVibrators on Bisexual PlaygroundVibrators on Bisexual PlaygroundVibrators on Bisexual Playground

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