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I have what might seem like a unbelievable story, but it is true. My wife and her girl friend were coming back from our local club swimming pool the other day, and out side of town they had a flat tire on her truck. The only place she could pull over was on a narrow edge, that dropped off like a steep slope. Get the picture now. She is only wearing a mi-co g-string bikini swim suit, and her friend only has on a mesh shirt, she had already taken off her wet bikini. The friend gets on the cell phone to call for help, my wife gets out the jack to try to see if she could change the tire. Along comes a car, it stops, and a black guy gets out to help. There`s not much room on this narrow ledge , my wife helps by pushing up on the tire, while he takes off the lug nuts. During this the jack began to slip. The back guy reaches over quickly to hold it and in the process brushes against her breasts which makes one fall out of her suit. this event smeared some grease on her top so she decides to just take it off so not to get it any more dirty. What black guy wouldn't`t be enjoying this. As work continues on it gets even better. My wife steeps back some only to step in a hole, and she falls backward and starts to slide down the ledge. He and her friend notices it about the same time so they reach out to grab her. The guy has one hand on her leg and the other about her waist. As she slipped downward on her back the made her kinda slip out of her bikini bottom some. As he pulled her his hand slipped across her waist right where her bikini was tied, and yes it came completely untied. So by the time she was back up on her feet, laughing away she stood there totally naked. My I add that they had be drinking and I suppose that made this event that much better. He had his eye full, she got turned on and horny, the tire got changed, and why can`t some thing like that happen to me. How do I no all this, two ways, first I saw a picture that her friend took of my wife standing naked with this guy along side the truck, and second her friend couldn't`t wait to tell me the story herself.
Las Vegas Women where are you at
wife would liketo have a black man if in ohio and intrested let us know. she is a hot early forties professional woman 5'4" 125 nice tits and ass
I love the black men,men of color,men of length.And by all means,men that can fuck?I'd love to share a cocksucking experience with my lady waiting on a BLACK to knock my rears off.I'm sry if I come off as being bias,But the man of color is real,he enjoys having sex
is it me, or is this entire topic really fucking racist and retarded. I mean, theres not a Black women 4 White men section. Theres not a White top for Black bottom section. What is with all this black dominance on white stuff? Its ruining the free spirit flavor. Unless it really is about racial dominance, in which case ya'll have issues.
Theres are no black women for white men section because most black women stay with the black men and most white women too. Even if they don't admit it. who can blame them. Look at thier asses, thier balls and those amazing cocks!!! Yes I desire they :-P
Hello to everybody,
I'm Andy, 33 years old Black Male from Florida. I'm looking for new friends all over USA (and the world - lol ) ... I love to travel and can host.
Feel free to contact me
Hug Kisses Hug
Married White BBW in the Philadelphia area looking for her first BBC.
Mixed couple (black & white) F35 M47
No children . Were the average Americans , work hard & enjoy the simple things life has to offer.

Were looking for a Friend with benefits sorta deal. someone we can spend time with & enjoy life (not just intimacy). we're not really looking for the random hookup we'd like to establish a connection with 1 female .
not really looking for a commitment but we don't want diseases either , so we would have to establish some boundaries. We're social drinkers & 420 friendly ONLY . Bisexuality is a MUST . We prefer white BBW's . Discreet & std free ! Ideally we would like to connect online at first maybe fb or email. Must have pics to exchange. We hope to chat soon.
Mmm would love my first big black cock baby. Cincy area
Single white guy here who would like to hook up with a white woman into black men for double dating and swapping with black couples. Maybe double team a black guy.
Iam years old from Raleigh, nc I'd love to find a white woman that can appreciate a good but bisexual black man.
White Women For Black Men on Bisexual PlaygroundWhite Women For Black Men on Bisexual PlaygroundWhite Women For Black Men on Bisexual PlaygroundWhite Women For Black Men on Bisexual Playground

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