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Like to perform on cam for any women interested,,, write me and lets set something up...
turn on for my lady. she loves to watch me masturbate. we are looking for a voyager to watch us
Grin...this can be a lot of fun...
I love to jack off on cam and let women watch me as I describe all the nasty thoughts that cum to mind and I get hard and whack off.
Im ready in Florida
As much as I like to masterbate any of you ladies want let me know.
I would love to show your lady how to stroke a good cock
None of the photo's show the woman watching,,,,my wife frequently has me masturbate for her,,,, and then feeds me my own cum,,,,, I will see about getting photo's of this,,,, if anyone is interested ??
My ex-wife was the only women I've known that was into watching me masturbate. She'd had the fantasy since she was a teenager but was never brave enough to ask anyone until me. I was kind of nervous at first but once I saw how much it turned her on, I got into it. She liked being fully clothed or watching me from another room. A few times she would have me eat my cum which was a big turn-on for her as well. We both masturbated for each other once in a while, not all the time, just to spice things up and I enjoyed watching her as well.
I find watching some one masturbate a huge turn on!!!
I like it when my husband let me watch him jerking his cock but I love it when he wear my pantie to jerk off in, it makes his cock so hard and makes my pussy so wet to watch him till he fills my panties with his cum. I like to take pic of him playing in my panties and posting for all to see. I also love rubbing my pussy till I cum as he watches begging me to let him fuck me but no luck for him. It's my pussy to fuck and all he get from me is a pair of my panties to wear so he can fuck hisself as I watch. Ain't I just a mean bitch.
hi all I love to be watched by ladies or couples please message me and I will be happy to perform:)
I would love to see and watch someone masturbate. Never been with a guy or girl to see any of this. Looking forward to
I like watching men and women masturbate. I love being watched while I masturbate. Seeing someone masturbate and talk dirty and nasty is a total turn on.
I Really do Enjoy Getting Naked for My Friend's to see of me Getting my Cock Off if you are Interested and want to Watch me some time just do Stop By my Profile and if you like what you see of me do say Hello Back some time ... Kiss Hug Kiss Oh-Denizen...
Ladies, come and watch me on skype
Surely some ladies here would like to direct or encourage? I take so long to finish sometimes, it sure helps to have a dedicated caring gal work towards that ultimate "emission accomplished" goal!
Message Me to watch me cum. Would like to do it live for you. also have videos in my profile
Women Watching Men Masturbate on Bisexual PlaygroundWomen Watching Men Masturbate on Bisexual PlaygroundWomen Watching Men Masturbate on Bisexual PlaygroundWomen Watching Men Masturbate on Bisexual Playground

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