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2 Guys Rubbing Their Balls Together to Get off

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2 Guys Rubbing Their Balls Together to Get off on Bisexual Playground2 Guys Rubbing Their Balls Together to Get off on Bisexual Playground
I'm a 41 year old happily married man who loves to enjoy making love with men. I like to look after myself by staying fit. I enjoy bodybuilding and staying lean. I would only want to meet people who look after themselves and are genuine. There is never any pressure to do something that is not comfortable nor wanted. I like to relax and take things slow with lots of foreplay, rubbing and touching m. Nipples before they're sucked! Then having by balls nibbled while being fingered. I am an honest genuine married guy who loves life and sex!! I am shaven smooth all over my chest cock balls and ass. I want to meet a guy single or married who has the same ideas as me. My wife is totally understanding, and loves the fact I love sex with men. I have no secrets to hide from her so am at total ease within myself regarding my bisexual hunger for men. Any married guys that only think they know who they are and what they want? Please do not contact me. I am genuine and do not appreciate time wasters. However, I could be that guy who helps other married men or single guys decide who they are or what they want.
I'm cool sexual activity and I'm 9 x6 inches thick big mushroom head big balls and i love my cock rubbing down every day and sucked on as well I'm a 3 time's a day squirter
Single men is not the full truth, I seek a beautiful shemale to have fun with. That we would meet at her place and we hit it off and have sex for hours, both cum together as we have our clocks pressed together rubbing up and down, we can feel our balls bouncing together.
Hi, I'm a 48 y.o. bisexual top MWM, 6'1", 245#, br hair, hairy chest, thick6.6" w/ big low hanging balls and a heavy cummer. I like jacking, sucking,, rubbing cocks together, 69, fucking, etc.,
I am a single white 61 year old man living in Reno, NV with my male cat Prince! I am virgin to bisexual or gay sex but, whenever I do meth I get very bi-curious & submissive! I want 3 or more young guys to invite me to a party! I enter the residence & one of the guys lays a big line of meth for saying "snort it" Then asnother guy hands me a loaded meth pipe & says "smoke it"! After they feel that I am very high they walk me to the bedrtoom & then they strip me naked, tell me to lay down on my back on the bed & then tied my hands above me to each bedpost! Then they tell me to just relax & not to resist! Then one of the guys places my legs up over his shoulders & begins to take my anal virginity - slowly & deeply all the way in! While one or more guys suck my cock & balls forcing me to cum multiple times! While one or more guys take my oral virginity forcing me to suck their musky balls, suck their cocks & swallow their cum repeatedly!
well i don't like guys and i will only have sex with them if they r with another female(that means guys only the girls can have u join me u can begin a girl with u and join that don't walk with me) all guys just stay away or i will rip ur balls off if u talk with me.
my balls are shaved smooth and tight ready to explode. my cock is really stiff. i need someone to service it for a while . and make me shoot it out. while they are rubbing my balls.
Luv rubbing shaved balls against shaved balls gets me sooo HARD just thinking about it
This may sound odd everyone but I like my marriage and am only willing to masturbate with another married man. Helping each other in a bi experience while maintaining boundaries. It is better than masturbating alone. I would love showering, get in bed, touching, rubbing, frotting and sucking each others balls while jerking each other. Just not share fluids......... been here three years and can not believe not many married guys feel the same way.. We all want to play with another cock but we should draw a line somewhere..........
Shaved pussy, makes it easier to slurp out my cum after a creampie. Shaved for guys too. I love rubbing cum loads all over the cock and balls, so I like it when it’s nice and slippery directly on the skin like lotion. Same with pussy. My girl likes to rub my cum all over her pussy and easier when it’s not getting stuck in hair
Are there any other guys out there, straight and masculine guys; guys who are solely attracted to women, who are really into sucking cock? Guys who are totally comfortable (and eager) with swallowing cum, but could not imagine anything “relationship-like” with another male? Guys that like the cock and balls and cum, but for whom the rest of the guy does nothing for you?
What I love the most is sucking a guys balls I can mouth balls forever...


Horny Men
Yep Im always horny Id say at least 75% of the 24 hours in a day, And I have been really wanting to try getting a Bi Curious and Bi sexual Guys Mutual Masturbation Group together so we could not only Get off by watching each other rubbing our own cocks but then we could rub our cocks really together and then all our big fucking hard throbbing cocks (Mines about 9 1/2 Inches) would explode with hot Cum all over everyones cocks and balls and faces
Sex In Adult Theaters
I've been going to adult theaters for years...first got introduced to the bi side of my being through a GF who liked to to to adult theaters, get naked and fuck me there in public...then as the other guys surrounded us, they would play with her tits; she would blow everyone, some guys were playing with my balls and ass until I used to getting cum all over me and eventually tried giving head, an idea that the GF suggested..found out that I like it all...went to Adult theater today in East Houston...wore my nylon running shorts with nothing else, Tshirt...went in, sat down next to an old was quiet in there, then after my eyes adjusted I saw that he had his cock out...we were on a bench, so I edged closer and started going down on his cock, he pulled my shorts completely off and started fingering my ass...he couldn't get too hard, however, there was plenty of precum...a few minutes later another old guy came in, dropped his pants and pulled my ass over in front of him, rubbing his cock on my back, then he stuck his thumb in my ass and played with my balls with his fingers, all the same time I'm sucking the other cock, which was flooding with precum at this point...I couldn't stand it..blew my was FANTASTIC! Would love to go back tomorrow and do it all over again....
frottage is hot, its just 2 guys rubbing there dicks on each others dicks. whether its standing and kissing and bobbing your dick off his dick or putting your and and holding each otehrs dicks together and rubbing them together.
M-M-F Threesome
I've had some hot bi 3somes with a couple. My favorite is when he sits on a sofa and she and I get between his legs. We lick his balls while he slowly strokes his cock and then we lick his shaft and take turns sucking him. After he's rock hard and wet she climbs up and I hold his cock and guide it into her pussy. Then I go back to licking his balls with my nose rubbing between her ass cheeks. As she slowly starts to ride his cock I lick his balls and shaft and kiss her ass. Then he spreads her cheeks for me and I lick her asshole . . . MMMMMMM
The thing I love about sucking balls is I can stick my nose up a guys ass, and pull his balls back in my mouth a suck them for as long as he wants me to.:-PHug
Double Penetration
There is nothing like feeling two cocks stuffed into one tight pussy...all the hot juice and hard meat;our balls rubbing together while we drive her crazy!


Hey you guys rock! This is awesome. I am so glad to have found this great site thanks for helping us explorers... well explore! I am learning tons. Looking forward to the first time. Besides that, you guys are down right good looking too! Thanks again! Mike