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69 Sixty Nine Cross Dress Gown Bra Panties Slip Breast Forms Garter Nylon

69 Sixty Nine Cross Dress Gown Bra Panties Slip Breast Forms Garter Nylon on Bisexual Playground69 Sixty Nine Cross Dress Gown Bra Panties Slip Breast Forms Garter Nylon on Bisexual Playground
Absolutely love wearing slips, nylon panties and skirts. LOVE upskirt slip peaks, the feel of slip hems under a skirt, mine included. Enjoy the sight of cock in panties or pressed against a slip.
i'm a 62 year young man, i wear nylon panties exclusively 24/7, very bi curious looking forlike minded man to dress me in nylons and and garter belt with a nightie with him wearing the same as we run our hands over each others nylon clad bodies, resulting in oral sex, switching rolls
she does not play. me 53yo male I only wear panties any more sleep in night gowns when I can I slip into a dress and heels I like sucking cock and being fucked while wearing a dress or night gown I will ocassionly wear a pink chastity device not passable I do not wear a wig or makeup I do shave my armpits like a girl and my crotch
I am a cross dresser for many years. I like to try new things at least once and if I don't like it I won't do it again. I am what ever you want me to be top, bottom, what ever. I am in Corfu new York from may 5th to oct 3rd and then im back into Ft. Myers Fla from oct 7th to may1st. I am always looking for action from man, woman, couples, shemales, other cross dressers. Hit me up . Let's get it on. I love to wear it al from blonde wig to black high heel's. I love wearing lacy bra's and slips. nylon panties and pantyhose, I also wear garter belts an d stockings.
Cross dresser with breast forms, always wearing chastity and panties
68 keep in shape... shaved body... 6.5'' uncut long forskin... cross dress in silky panties, hose, garter belt, bra and wig...I am into most kinky sex
I like to cross dressing. I like to a female feminine me. And dress me up. Or meet transgender. I am trying to make my breast bigger so they look like women’s breast. I want to feel like a woman. Plus with my panties on and a bra. To suck cock. I love wearing a dress when I time to wear it plus I am queer and gay and bisexual. I like to suck different cocks. Dress like woman. I live in Bristol Connecticut. Keep hoping to hear from someone Love sucking cock
Is it weird that I enjoy the look of a guy in panties stocking garter belts. But not the full cd look of wigs makeup fake breast etc.a cock in a pair of lace panties or a nice ass framed by garter straps and stocking is very hot.
yes! I stole my sisters pantyhose, a silk slip and a bra! when i was a teenager! It was such a turn on! to this day I will go shopping for nylons and panties and garters and a silk slip. When I slip into a pair oh thigh high sheers and a garter, I actually feel more nude! makes my cock hard and dripping wet with pre cum!
I let this girl talk me into going out cross dressed with her and her friends. I told her ok but that she would have to do my make up so that I would pass. She came over and I let her pick out my clothes. She said let’s get you dressed in some lingerie then we will do your make up. She picked out pink satin panties with a matching bra. I wasn’t really into a bra but she said we need it for the appearance of boobs, so I agreed, next was a garter belt ( I love stockings ) she helped me into both. With all this she kept patting my ass here and there and grabbing my ever hard cock ( it was hard to keep my cock down at this point and told her if she kept it up I was going to make a mess in my panties. She helped me straighten my stockings. Next a pink satin half slip, then a white button down dress and belt. The way she unbuttoned the buttons I might as well have unbuttoned all of them, I think there were three left. Than some red heals. She stood back and said perfect I would fuck you if we had time, but we have to go meet the other girls. We all met at this dance bar and got a large table. We were all drinking pretty good and getting a buzz and any of my inhibitions had gone so when a guy asked me to dance I did. After a few dances he started grabbing my ass and pulling me close so he could suck on my neck. After a few songs he sat at our table and started getting touchy freely, and then it happened he touched my cock, shocker he just kept on rubbing my cock. He whispered in my ear, I want your cock so bad. We left and went to his apartment. Inside the door he grabbed me and started kissing and grabbing for my cock. I am not really into the kissing guys but I figured what the hell what’s it going to hurt so I threw myself into it. He took my dress off and next thing I know he is on his knees nuzzling my cock under my slip and through my panties. He pulled my panties aside and sprung my cock loose, he grabbed it and slammed it in his mouth and started sucking me. OMG it felt so good, I started undoing my garter straps so I could drop my panties ( usually I wear my panties on outside just for this reason ). I told him he was going to have to lose the clothes so off came his clothes and you could’ve knocked me down, he had on a black bra, satin panties, and a black satin slip. Very quickly we got into a 69 and started sucking, licking, and feeling each other in satin. Both of us reached the point of explosion really quick and came at the same time and we both swallowed the load. We did some after come sucking, then looked at each other and said what the hell was that. We got up we’re relaxing when a friend of his and his girl friend walked in. But that is another story in itself, I need to go now, drop my panties and have a good wank.
I have been into cross dressing for years and love to be in a dress. however society frowns on guys wearing dresses in public. But underneath my outer wear I have my bras,panties and slip, the downside is I am always horney
I am into cross dressing. I wear panties 24/7. And a bra sometimes. I wear pantyhose’s when it gets cold. I do have a few dresses i wear on the evening. I like to feel like a woman. I like to be feminine. I also have body suits. That feels nice. I am trying to increase my breast. So they look like women’s breast. I wish Ii could meet someone close to me here in Bristol Connecticut. I would like a few pointers. To become a cross dresser. I like to suck cock with my panties and bra on. Hoping someone calls me and give me a few pointers. I am queer and gay and bisexual. There’s nothing like being in woman’s clothes.


Forced Crossdresing
love to cross dress in blk stockings blk nylon panties & mini skirts if in the uk & are intrested email me
Men That Want Crossdressing Guys
I would like to play with another crossdresser while both wearing garterbelt, stockings, silky panties. Nylon nightgown or slip would be nice, too. Mutual fun.😜
Woman That Like Crossdressers
Bi, mwm who loves to cross dress is interested in talking with/chatting/meeting women who are comfortable with men who cross dress...if you're in FL or MI, please contact me...thanks.
I love to wear silky nylon thighs in multiple layers. I also like to wear thigh highs in layers on my arms as i give myself or someone else a nylon handjob. I love the silky slipperyness of the nylons as they lure the cum out of me or someone else. The only thing prettier than silky nylons are silky nylons with cum on them. I also love to wear silky pantyhose under my layered silky nylon granny panties and silky nylon slips and gowns. Anything nylon deserves to be worshipped with cum. :)
Men In Collars
I love wearing bras, especially with my breast forms.
Fake Tits
I love my silicone breast forms. They feel and look great.


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