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You're likely thinking of the incredibly sexy sight of two women, one on the bottom with eyes half closed in ecstacy, and one on top taking in every second and every inch of her lover's body, as she moves her body so that their nipples glance lightly against each other...

But I quite like it myself, and it's one of my favourite things to do with a woman. My nipples are very sensitive too, and the feeling of them running teeny circles across a woman's much larger and textured nipples is simply exquisite! With large enough breasts, I can sometimes twist my neck enough that I am sucking on one nipple, and rubbing nipple-to-nipple with the other -- wow! that's great!
nipples to nipples just get me wet and hot! than try rubbing a hard nipple on a big juicy hard cl-it, than have your girl suck her one juices off of your tit ties
Wow I love nipple to nipple but I have never tried nipple to clit. Definitely adding that to my list of things to do. Woman are one of God's greatest creations, but we are definitely the sexiest!
I love nipple to nipple and nipple to clit....soooo erotic. I agree with ggirl3. MMMMMMM
mmmm nipples rock! nipple to anything on my body feels f'in awesome!!
THAT IS AWESOME! I want it...I WANT IT ALL! Rub me...take me!Hug
That is something that I like very much! Hot hot hot!
I would love to do this with tigerlily_10! She has really beautiful Boobs that need some rubbing from an another lady!

Sweet Marti
im so wet write now i think i ,might cum just reading these things turn me on i want a man or woman to lick my pussy all night long
Hey =) we're a couple, early twenties in the UK (derby), looking for another lady to come and join us for some fun... A night out, or in.. just a lot of fun ;)
Read our profile and contact us if you're interested =D x
I would love nipple to nipple and clit to clit especially with a woman with a big clit..Kiss Hug Flower
I not only love rubbin nipple to nipple and nipple to clit, but my husband likes watching me do it also. It makes me even hotter knowing he's watching and getting off too!Hug:-D
the feeling of breast to breast and nipple and nipple I want to find someone to do this with me for my guy and can lead to more
I'm always horny but the messages are such a turn on. :-P. I so want another woman right now. Kiss
Wow I'm so wet reading everyone's journal,Love it all
Breast To Breast Rubbing on Bisexual PlaygroundBreast To Breast Rubbing on Bisexual PlaygroundBreast To Breast Rubbing on Bisexual PlaygroundBreast To Breast Rubbing on Bisexual Playground

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