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A Black Man Truck Driver Fuck Some 1 Wife at a Truck Stop

A Black Man Truck Driver Fuck Some 1 Wife at a Truck Stop on Bisexual PlaygroundA Black Man Truck Driver Fuck Some 1 Wife at a Truck Stop on Bisexual Playground
Good looking truck driver, looks mid 30's, 5'10" 185 shved bald with three part goatee. I'm spontaneous with a huge sense of humor. I travel extensively and will be coming to a truck stop near you!!
I'm looking for a hookup waiting for a truck driver to fuck my throat and cum in my throat,love also getting fucked in the ass with his cock.i need a truck drivers Cum so bad.
Horny truck driver love sucking cock for in big truck.
I have salt and pepper hair, i'm five eight and weigh 165 I am a professional truck driver, and mostly live in my truck I have five grown children, whom I have a good relationship with.
I am a fairly shy, truck driver, I'm 6'4" , weigh 245#, have s&p hair and beard, blue eyes, with a typical truck drivers build.
I am the fun loving type. Very outgoing. Laugh a lot. I'm about twenty pounds over weight. A bit out of shape. I have a wonderful sexual relationship with my wife. She knows I'm bi.I am a over the road truck driver. PLEASE DON'T STOP READING. I DOT NOT, have anything to do with the hookers and such that frequent the parking lots. I would rather jerk off. I fact I do. I very much enjoy oral sex with a man. My wife can't help me with that. I travel east of the Rockies. Not to New England.
Lady's and gentlemen as a truck driver just to let you know if you flash a driver and show them you want to play most of us will join either at the next rest area or truck stop
Any truck driver going North on 75 from Macon to Chattanooga.
I am a closet cross dresser with pantyhose and a dress under my jeans.
I want someone to pull over and let me suck your cock and you fuck me and cum in me .
I wish I could go to a rest stop or truck stop and have a bunch run a train on me.
I have super sexy legs
BBC to the head of the pack
I only have 2 hours
salt shaker notices in his rear view mirror a JB Hunt big truck following him about 50 yards back. after a couple hours the driver of the salt shaker gets out and walks back to the JB Hunt truck... Driver, ive noticed you behind me for awhile now, what gives?

Oh nothing much, replies the jb hunt driver, im a new truck driver and my dispatcher told me if i ever got stuck in the snow to just follow a salt truck till the roads got better.

well okay there driver, the salt shaker operator says... thats fine you follow me but just to let you know ill be done with this shopping mall in a few minutes and then ill be headed to that old kmart.


(the truckers will really get this one)

One night not too long ago, I stopped at a truck stop for something to eat. After eating, I decided to walk amongst the parked trucks and see if there might be anything going on. This was my very first time "looking" at a truck stop. After a while, a truck began flashing his parking lights. I walked up to the truck. To make a long story short, the driver "was" looking for some action. I climbed up into the cab of the truck. The trucker practically "ripped" my clothes off and "used" me and my talents. He had me suck him off! He took me from behind. We had sex for hours. When it all finally came to an end, he told me that he had half a mind to hide my clothes and just take me out on the road with him. He could use me when ever, how ever he liked. He said he might even "rent me out". He said truckers trust other truckers more than some horny guy walking around a parking lot. Do you believe this is true? That truckers are more willing to use a body passed around by other truckers than use someone just outside "looking"? Just curious
So question is thier a secret signal or way to let a truck driver at a truck stop that you down to blow them without actually saying it lol?
Want to hook up with truck driver coming through KY wether it in Mt sterling exit 113 at pilot or Winchester off 75 at the love truck stop hollow at me if want company got to be gay


Would like to know if there is any truck stop in Baltime Maryland that I can stop at. I like to meet people there. I am a truck driver and keep coming there would like to have some fun. Kiss Hug :-P
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
im a truck driver and I run Va to ME if anyone would like to meat up with me mikencarol (Im Mike LOL) and myCo driver Braden35 let us know .! We love sex. and need it been in the truck all week. :-D:-PHug
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
This thread is somewhat dated, but it has me drooling so much I want a truck driver here in Western CO. On I-70 heading to Green River we have a Truck stop as well as one right here where I live, and another one more east of my location; I'll have to give these spots a shot.... Pent up driving can get a guy hard and horny... yummy!
1 Man On 1 Man
Want to suck a cock this morning at 96 truck stop and possibly let you come deep inside my ass I'm sitting in the back row in a black Bonneville all you have to do is walk up to the car and say I'm here come to your truck and I'll get you off so good I need a little clearer to help me if you got it it gets me out of nude to take all that dick in my ass
I have this hot fantasy of losing my anal virginity in the sleeper of a truck in a rest stop or truck stop parking lot. If you are a trucker who will be traveling I-5 in So. Oregon, drop me a line...
Truck Stops
I'm at 96 truck stop in Winchester Kentucky if you want to suck or f*** on my very handsome white male don't take all that dick right now all you have to do is walk up to my car it's a black Bonneville sitting in the back row to walk up and just say I'm here and I'll come to your truck really hope that you have a little clear to smoke that really gets me in the mood


Hey you two, I just wanted to say hello, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart... I never thought it would happen, but I took your advice and followed my instincts. I met a guy 2 days ago on this awesome website that you have created. Thank you thank you thank you! His name is Michael and he lives in Florida. I know, it's a bit far, But I'm going to meet him very soon... I can't wait!! We have been e-mailing each other for the past 2 days, non-stop... well, when we're not working. He's very cool and down to earth... I'm a pretty good judge of character, and from what I can tell, he's being brutally honest and very up-front about everything I have a habit of throwing feelers out there to everyone... Kinda like a test, if you will... he passed with flying colors. I owe you both so much for giving me this chance for a happier life. Thank you again. I hope someday to be able to meet you both. Who knows? Michael and I may hit it off and ask you both to come to a bi-play party that we host. Whoa! I think I may be getting ahead of myself, so I'm going to stop this here. I just wanted to thank you for being the best webmasters around. Thanks again. Much love and respect, Chip aka: mrchipper