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Adult Peep Shows Booths Spartanburg Sc

Adult Peep Shows Booths Spartanburg Sc on Bisexual PlaygroundAdult Peep Shows Booths Spartanburg Sc on Bisexual Playground
Straight guy who loves jacking off to porn. I like to go to the video booths at adult bookstores where they have a window between the booths. I love to jack off while a guy watches me.
single bi male 5'9, 260lbs, bald, own home can party day or night loves to have fun with bi couples and singles, love open swinging, glory-holes, peep shows, adult theaters and book stores. very open
I'm an attractive male who is predominantly straight. I have had a few experiences...some in grade school age....later in peep show booths....and still later with a transvestite. I particularly like larger women...not 350 pounders, but nicely round or pleasingly plump. I should be honest and say I am attracted to almost any woman in some way. I have a good imagination and can think of a good scenario with just about any type. TRY ME YOU'LL LIKE ME
Very open gent love outdoors helping other ex swingers club owner club x store peep shows
I Am bi curios but concerned.about crossing that line I have had some experiences in adult.theaters booths but it lacks.intimacy
I am a Bi-cuirous male who is usually an oral bottom and loves the adult arcades with Glory holes and private booths. Love to swallow cum..
Pleasureland Museum-sex shop. Here is what I found out.
Lingerie YES

Adult Toys YES

Adult DVDs YES

Peep Shows NO

Adult Books YES

Adult Video Arcade NO

Theaters NO

Glory Hole YES

Buddy Booth Available NO
call ahead and ask the staff things are always changing it seems (574) 674-6260
we aren't looking for any peep shows or preview booths with glory holes. just a store we can walk in to and buy dvd's, magazines and toys of various shapes and sizes.
I'm sure if it has glory holes, but Gastonia NC has a couple adult bookstores that have peep shows.
What you are describing here sounds like Victorian adult bookstore. Didn't really have a theater, but the arcade had many gloryhole booths and the owner liked to play too?

Liked this arcade, only had to pay an entrance fee, didn't have to feed the machines to keep the movies going.

Big Sky Bookstore had an arcade, a movie theater and three voyeur booths with women who would do dildo shows, etc. They would also stop the movie in the theater 4 times a night and one of the women, would come into the theater. Do a strip tease in the front, then nude, go through the rows dancing for tips.

Lots of touching of the dancers 😈😎
Mr sexy couples expierenses with theaters is awesome I have met some great guys at theaters esp gloryholes mmmmm my story started back when I moved to Bremerton I don't know about this theater because I didn't know it was a adult theater at the time I saw my old property owner going into it a few times so after he quite going in their I decided to check it out for myself at the time it was a adult cinema it had 12 rooms in which 6 of the rooms had glory holes I decided to try one day so I did my goodness the first time I had 3 dicks in which one guy was straight and wasn't getting any from his wife he enjoyed the blowjob after that so I kept going and going I loved it all the dicks I sucked and being fucked it was a great experience well the owner had passed away and a few months passed the cinema got new owners so they turned it into a theater and glory holes I went in their a few times and missed it the way it was cause hardly any one came into the remodeled cinema- theater I got to suck one cock and saw a couple naked so I moved to Vancouver WA and I started dating my now wife and we went into a adult store with a number of booths which had glory holes and voyer rooms and a theater with a sex swing I prob enjoy the peep hole better then the adult cinema-theater where I moved from
Yes. At Adult World, they had private booths with doors for watching selected videos, however, at Cinema 1, the booths had no curtains or doors.


Adult Bookstores/Theaters
- I moved with my ex-wife to Albuquerque for the first time during the summer of 1999, and was introduced to the adult bookstores around Albuquerque and Santa Fe. We used to visit them regular for lube and movies when my exwife used to be a free spirit and have enjoyed them with other girlfriends and my male lovers. I still enjoy them presently, and I love going inside the private booths and strip nude to masturbate, have sex with my exwife, or the more liberal women I have dated! I have also enjoyed sucking cock and to bottom for booty calls inside the booths too! I have been naked watching the peep shows as well! There are a few adult bookstores around Albuquerque who have gone under, or shut down, and they had buddy booths with a few things I miss about them, in the current porn stores don't have! - I am still trying to warm up to suck cock through the glory holes as well, but have recently began but with guys I know and meeting them at the booths with gloryholes! Since my unexpected divorce, and after the shock, I finally became more comfortable with my bisexuality and to seize the day in enjoying both genders more freely in my porn and in real life! -I have also recently developed a fetish, after much time in girding myself up, in enjoying undressing completely nude in public inside the porn theaters. The nervous excitement of being naked around strangers is a new turn on for me. I have only done it twice since the last year, and I finally mustered the courage because I was so aroused from the porn being broadcasted at the 98th Street Adult Bookstore in Albuquerque's westside this past weekend! I was naked and I bottomed for the first time inside a theater, with two other guys being fucked and a petite latina being gangbanged at the same time! It is a story I shall share soon! ;-)
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
I go to the adult book store in canton oh go into a booth there's no glory holes there but the booth don't have doors so you walk by and peep in on somebody I go to a booth turn gay porn turn the sound up so the guys can your watching gay movies and slowly they will peep in with there cocks hanging out if I like what I see I will invite them in and suck there cocks and if I really like what I see I will talk them into going with me to my place where we can get naked and can suck there balls and nipples and if they like they can fuck me and I'm going there today to meet a man of sixty go to his place and fuck and suck each other :-;);)HugKiss
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
My husband and I used to fuck in an adult theater. I loved every minute of it especially because there were peep holes and men used to look in on us!Flower
Glory Holes Florida
Tampa has several adult bookstores with gloryholes...most have locking doors...some of the video booths are large enough for 3-4 people...I have shared the larger booths with couples several is awesome...
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
Tampa has some great adult bookstores with glory holes...most have doors that lock and some are big enough for 3-4 in one of the booths...I have shared the larger booths with married couples several's awesome
Glory Holes Florida
Tampa has several adult bookstores with gloryholes...most have locking doors...some of the video booths are large enough for 3-4 people...I have shared the larger booths with couples several is awesome...


HI Bill & Pattie: you 2 have a killer site. The work you put into it shows. Thanks for letting me in and thanks for such a great place. Lon