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I love sex in adult theaters or bookstores
does anyone know any bookstores in the DC area?
Hey any one living in ohio close 2 eastliverpool wana meat up id enjoy a good day in a book store,,,I need anal noW!!
Check out the book store off of Interstae 95 in Dillon, South Carolina exit 190. pretty cool. lots of action in the summer.
Does any one know of any stores in Greenville, NC. Greensboro has some, one is on Bessemer Ave, a few blocks east of Summit. One is on High Point Rd.
4 GLORY HOLES IN GARY iNDIANA CT's theater 4620 Industrial hwy Gary indiana across from Gary Airport will be 3 women there 9-22-06, 9pm till 2am
any in pittsburgh
Does anyone know of bookstores with glory holes in the Texas Panhandle Area or Oklahoma City Area?
does any one know of a detroit gloryholes westside!:-P
we want couples to go with us in MD any out there?
I like going to Bookstores, especially with glory holes. I like the fact that i can suck a cock anonamously, though if it's a nice cock i like having them come into my booth and bend me over, as long as i get the facial. Also like it in open booths when i'm getting fucked and having others watching while stroking. Most of the time though they are nervous about taking their turn after, which i wish they would'nt be, because i would like to have a train pulled on me. Fuck my mouth, my ass, dump their cum on me and move aside for the next.
I love the adult bookstores, especially the ones that are a little lax in controlling what goes on....... the holes in the walls are the best invention yet ! BTW, anyone know of any good places in the Houston area ?
how about a theater in the berlin new jerse area...was there once but did not do anything...forgot where. Any hot spots for theaters or gloryholes? Especially where women sometimes go watch or have some fun too...
the bookstore on rt130 is the best they have a theater where u can fuck and suck till your hearts content.would love to go with u cowboy
Boy, Robby4you, said it all. Oh how much fun that would be. Wish he were closer
guys in carrollton tx looking to suck a nice bisexual cock. bookstore or a park.
does any one know of any bookstores or theaters close to huntsville alabama????
good bookstore between Waetherford and Ft Worth Tx.O I-30 gloryholes and loads of dick.
My husband and I used to fuck in an adult theater. I loved every minute of it especially because there were peep holes and men used to look in on us!Flower
does anyone know of any good adult bookstore with gloryholes and more in the seattle tacoma area of washington one with a theater is a plus what to fuck and suck with a couple while everyone watches :-P ;)
are glory holes legal
where are some near long beach ca??:|
they recently remolded a adult video store in Hermosa Beach CA (Tinderbox) new screen good selection and always at least 2 guys cruising looking to play
i was upset with my bf so i went to gastonia nc. before long i was fuced and sucked a great cock while being watched through a big glory hole.
any glory hole places in MI,would love to find one for sucking a cock
any glory holes in south florida ? I really like to suck a cock and get a big load of cum in my mouth
hi Everyone, novice CD slut/whore looking for adult stores, bars, clubs in Central New jersey where a CD can be dressed and have some fun. Would like to find places I could give hand or blow jobs. Especially with others watching. Any places whrere woman or couples hang... Thanks Judy, slut/whore in training
i love going to this bookstore in fort bragg nc there is a theater upstairs they have to buss u in once u pay i suck a few in there the gloryis separate down stairs i go to the one in gastonia nc as well sometime good depending on the day or night of the week u go i wish i could find a different theater in north carolina possible south carolina or virginia let me know email me at im scott by the way later guys
We are searching for an adult bookstore / theater in the Myrtle Beach S.C. Area. If anyone has any information we would be great full.
gastonia nc, theres two that we've been to, and the one has a couples area with couches you can go to as couple and take in a single guy if theres no other couples there, good glory holes too Hug:-P
any good ones in vegas or just mostly trash???
anyone know the location of the adult bookstore in gastonia n.c.
anyone know of any glory holes in superior wisconsin or duluth Minnesota? please let me know im dying to go to one
hey does anyone know where an adult bookstore is around the birnimghan al area...plz email me the adres here... Ben
theres a great place in Melrose Park for Any IL ppl out there. Its the 15th St Adult book store, has glory holes and an adult theatreFlower
anybody know of any in nashville tennessee
There is a adult bookstore in clarksville,in..Theatre X,,,full of glory holes..Me and my wife go there on a regular basis..All the hard cock that a man or a couple could want..They have a couple of full screen theatres there,,we love to go in one of those and fuck and suck cock all night longHug
Tampa has some great adult bookstores with glory holes...most have doors that lock and some are big enough for 3-4 in one of the booths...I have shared the larger booths with married couples several's awesome
how about sacramento, ca. area?...any gloryholes in the neighborhood?
anybody know of any near Marion, Ohio?
def looking to be a cumdump on the side for a neg married or bi dude in the philly area ... theatre or bookstore is cool ... disease free here so a regular hookup would be awesome ... or whatever else you got in mind ...
lookin for a bookstore or good adult theatre around tn that has private rooms and viewing
There is a bookstore in bristol tn with glory holes. I had my cock sucked there once. There is also a huge one up on the tn ky border it has. Booths and a theatre
. . Used to be a great place on Rt. 40 in Ellicott City. Unfortunately, the police set up an undercover sting and busted several guys right at the gloryholes!, In Maryland, police have done this several times at most of the adult bookstores. But, if you don't mind being arrested and having your name plastered in the local newspapers with explicit details of exactly what you were doing (the fate of all those arrested), then ....
Any gloryholes on Long Island that are not part of an adult bookstore or theatre? Please let me know.:)
Love hanging out at the bookstores. Love the cum!!Kiss
Hey all --- would really appreciate it if someone can tell me where in or close to Atlanta or Chatt., I can find some good Glory holes.,,, I think that is one of the most erotic sexual experiences you can have,, looking thru a hole, seeing some guy playing with himself or his wife, then watch as he moves the head to the hole and it is all your's to do with as you want,, lick, suck JO or fuck,, and noone is able to see,,, damn hot,, on the other side is the next big rush,, letting your dick hang out and waiting until that first touch of unseen lips or tongue and feeling the head get sucked in is almost getting me off right now...ha anyway,, please let me know ( I'm somewhat new to the Atl. area) if there are any good places to ttry... tks and will look fo ryour response or send me an email at ...
There are two great ones in youngstown ohio I hit them up on thursdays!
Stoystown Pa has a great ABS lots of glory holes.. Couples go there also. I can get sucked every time I go there.. Lots of nice cocks to choose from...
theres a few in haverdegrace,md on route 40,one has awesome glory holes the other has a theatre,any cpls wanna play there get back,ok
theres some awesome glory holes o n route 40 in haverdegrace,maryland,i meet cpls from here often locked doors,nice booths,great glory holes,who wants to play:-D
i want to meet up with a couple at the bookstore on 40,in haverdegrace,md,nice glory holesKiss
was at the two bookstores on 40 in md,great time whos interested:)
I had real real good sex at fosters! I sucked 4 cocks and had a train ran on me for the 1st time! This one guy had like a 12inch and a half cock and put it up my ass and made me scream ! It hurted but after words I loved it and I still want more?
hey looking for any video arcades in western mass area or in eastern ny off i90...i just moved from ct to mass and i havent found any yet....there is a great one in naugatuck ct....kinda small but theres always plenty to last time i was there i stroked my cock til it was nice and hard and slid on a condom and eased it through the gloryhole....there was a couple on the other side and they were more than generous with my stiff cock....the gentleman sucked it and his wife gently slid it in her tight pussy....she rode my cock so good and even let me put it in her ass....when i was ready to blow my load....i pulled the condom off and came in both their mouths....i want to go back asap!!!!
Looking for gloryholes in se and sw michigan. Anyone know of any>
Going to the Rockledge/Titusville/Melbore area of Fla. for first two weeks in Jan 2012 Would Love to know about bookstores/Theaters.. Or Folks that would like to get together for fun...Will have a Hotel. Better half will not be able to make trip so I'll be BI myself....
Any good places to suck cocks or get fucked around the Kalamazoo, Mi area?
going to the one in wavely va. saturday. hope to get my fill. or be filled:-P:-P
any gloryholes available in Jacksonville, NC
Looking for a woman to take me to a glory hole in Chicago. Any dominant ladies interested
Looking for glory holes in San Antonio area . Please be kind and help me find. Need cocks
need glory hole near Orlando Fl... any suggestions?
Any hot action places in reading, harrisburg, areas?;)
Any good theaters/bookstores in the southern PA area (york, lancaster, millersville) ?
Some of my favorite young experiences were visiting Adult Theater, N. Va.!
Just found out that there are glory holes in my new town of Bend,OR. Supposed to be at a place called "IT's"- gonna go check and see if i can get blown or suck a big cock. Anyone else heard of this place let me know-
The wife and I love book stores with theaters and spank booths with gh's... It's our favorite pastime... We have hit all of them all over the country... The ones that have truck parking that is...soon we will be somewhere near you... If you ever see us in a store spank room feel free to slide your cock through the hole... Or slip your hot pussy up against the hole... All cumbersome will be serviced with a smile...:)
Miss the theatre in Dallas greaters cocksucker tn the worldKiss
great glory-holes in south Philly.Great theaters as well.
I just love glory holes, first time I actually sucked a cock was in a book store. Been hooked ever since. Been sucked a lot too. I like the one off of Hallandale Beach Blvd. just west of I95. I think its called expressions. But alas its to far east from where I live now. Wish there was one in western broward county. Hungry for a hard cock down my throat.
Any good gloryholes in Birmingham, AL?
glory holes in ohio cleveland area
there is an adult theater in flint
Love to meet in adult bookstore or theater
I would like to find one near me in Dallas:-D
in San Francisco, Ca there is an adult theater called the tearoom in the tenderloin district. the rent lockers for ten dollars so you can get naked (returned when you turn in the key) i have spent hours ther sucking dicks and it was terrific fun they have a website so if you will be in the gay bay area it's a great place to find men who want their dick sucked and queer men who go there to suck dicks like me, I recommend it for guys who like sleazy porn theaters good gay porn running in the main auditorium and 2 smaller rooms with big vid screens |8B you can purchase poppers at the desk Laughing |8B
I love taking my woman to an ABS or adult theater and getting her fucked and filled with cum by new strange cocks
There use to be good book stores with viewing booths around the vally in Los Angeles but can't find any more, anybody know of any?i really enjoyed getting and giving blow jobs there,like a box of chocolate you never what you'll Get its great, please let me knowHug
any adult book stores in New Jersey the south jersey camden county area?
Any good adult bi theatres in toronto?
Adding a follow up. I had the chance to visit Expressions again and with the same turn out. I went to a booth and started to watch some porn and got a hard cock, so I pulled it out and started to play with it. I heard someone open and close the door in the booth to the right of mine. after a short while a finger came thru the hole and of course I stuck my cock thru the hole and received the best BJ I had in a while. This guy really drained my balls. After he finished I stuck my finger thru the hole and he put his hard cut cock thru the hole. I couldn't help myself from sucking and draining his cock. I have to go there more often.
Any adult bookstores in Birmingham and Alabama?
- I moved with my ex-wife to Albuquerque for the first time during the summer of 1999, and was introduced to the adult bookstores around Albuquerque and Santa Fe. We used to visit them regular for lube and movies when my exwife used to be a free spirit and have enjoyed them with other girlfriends and my male lovers. I still enjoy them presently, and I love going inside the private booths and strip nude to masturbate, have sex with my exwife, or the more liberal women I have dated! I have also enjoyed sucking cock and to bottom for booty calls inside the booths too! I have been naked watching the peep shows as well! There are a few adult bookstores around Albuquerque who have gone under, or shut down, and they had buddy booths with a few things I miss about them, in the current porn stores don't have! - I am still trying to warm up to suck cock through the glory holes as well, but have recently began but with guys I know and meeting them at the booths with gloryholes! Since my unexpected divorce, and after the shock, I finally became more comfortable with my bisexuality and to seize the day in enjoying both genders more freely in my porn and in real life! -I have also recently developed a fetish, after much time in girding myself up, in enjoying undressing completely nude in public inside the porn theaters. The nervous excitement of being naked around strangers is a new turn on for me. I have only done it twice since the last year, and I finally mustered the courage because I was so aroused from the porn being broadcasted at the 98th Street Adult Bookstore in Albuquerque's westside this past weekend! I was naked and I bottomed for the first time inside a theater, with two other guys being fucked and a petite latina being gangbanged at the same time! It is a story I shall share soon! ;-)
Looking for glory hole and or sex in a abs booth in South Jersey, Philadelphia where r the best places to go thanks
Any glory holes in the inland empire or the San Gabriel valley area ? Southern California
Bummer they have closed all our book stores in anchorage that I know of ;(
I go to the adult book store in canton oh go into a booth there's no glory holes there but the booth don't have doors so you walk by and peep in on somebody I go to a booth turn gay porn turn the sound up so the guys can your watching gay movies and slowly they will peep in with there cocks hanging out if I like what I see I will invite them in and suck there cocks and if I really like what I see I will talk them into going with me to my place where we can get naked and can suck there balls and nipples and if they like they can fuck me and I'm going there today to meet a man of sixty go to his place and fuck and suck each other :-;);)HugKiss
Went to a ABS in Elliott City MD. Slipped into a booth and two guys followed me. One was asking to watch. I had them pull out their cocks. One said show me yours and I proceeded to undress. I sucked both buys and got one to pop. The other guy wanted to take me to his home. I was in a mood to be fucked but he was not into it. He fingered my asshole which was delicious. I worked his cock but he did not want to pop so I left him wanting more.
Cindy and I love the ABS - Theaters . She always draws a crowd and i enjoy seeing and hearing her moan and beg . Never forget our first times ! That was a hot story .
I liked it
anyone know if a good Adult Bookstore/Theater in Wichita Ks?
Hi: anyone in Beaver County ?
I live in Las Vegas and would like to know about Boookstores, where do I go for bisexual sex? Where in the stores do I go. THanks
I will be going to the adult bookstore Friday evening at 10:30 pm looking to rent a booth i they have them. I will expose my ass and hopefully a black 10 inch cock will penetrate me and another in my mouth. The store is on industrial
where can I find theater/private viewing room to either jerk off, suck some cocks, and be fucked, cincinnati, oh
Any book stores in Gainesville or ocola FL please let me Kno
Any good adult stores or glory holes near Mansfield ohio?
New to Greenville and would like to know where to get anal glory hole.
Greenville where?
Anyone in bullhead City looking for sum gloryhole sucky sucky
I love going to the book store and getting lucky enough to get some cock to suck.
Northumberland pa. any nice cocks that need attention
Anyone near the adult bookstore in Frank Ewing massive black dick there
I would love to ride with trucker from Oklahoma City to Houston Texas and explore glory holes and adult theatres.
Where can I find a nice gloryhole in northern NJ.
I am looking for a gloryhole in southeast missouri.
Rt 59 in Spring Valley
Any gloryholes in Cleveland Ohio ??
Are their any xxx theaters in the Melbourne Fl area?
Are there any outside outdoor meeting areas around Williamsport, PA
a very nice arcade in Port Allen La.
Love sucking cock in the adult bookstores and swallowing that load of cum, have been fucked as well while others watched in the theater what a turn on
Vegas Video and Spa. off I-44 Carthage MO. Has glory holes-theaters with seating . You can do it all there.
Gonna get some naughty stuff at the porn store and get some
Glory Holes are fun!!!
Love glory holes, think straight men go there to get a blow job
Wichita Kansas has 4 adult book stores with Theaters in them. Two that are very nice inside.
Excitement video Wichita Kansas
looking for gloryhole in palm beach county area
great bookstores in suburb of Chicago, gloryholes in some, good cocks always
Any good gloryholes in south bend, indiana?
they pretty much did away with them in canton oh, I miss them I could always go there and suck a cock in a booth are get sucked, usually would suck a cock and if I like it I would meet him outside and talk, give him my address bring him to my home and get naked and really suck him real do things you can't do at the book store sure miss them
California, Oxnard off of Wooley rd. Romantex. A hot place to go big viewing rooms nice love seats to sit and watch videos, plenty of room for 2,3,4, what ever you can just go in shut the door leave it unlocked and soon you will be sucking cock or what ever. check google for address, you'll love it.
Is 5he one on rate 17 close to Elmira, closed? Do to the corona virus? The one in Binghamton by is closed no glory holes but I have been assed fucked there and gave a lot of bus, email me if it is open, thanks
Pussycat theatre in Huntington Park, older man would go from place to place in 2 rows in front of me and to my left watched him suck a cock and get take out a handkerchief and wipe and leave....i would go there 2 x a month for a with an islander girl and after we left drove and parked in dark local park. locked doors and she gave me one of the best titfuck and blowjobs all over tits and memories...
Very first time I went to an ABS it had a gloryhole and I sucked cock after cock after cock. One of the men asked if he could come into my booth. I said yes and he came in, ripped off my shorts and fucked me. He was very strong and even though I didn’t want it at first I knew I could not stop him. It was the first time I had ever had anal sex. I kind of felt like I was being raped but then it started to feel good and I came harder than ever before. We hooked up many more times over the next couple years.
Fuck yeah I wanna do that. Would you pound me doggy and cum inside me? Bare dick me good
OMG I'd sucl sooo much cock I'd be there always I love cock to suck. I wanna go suck some good cock mmmm that's hot
Any gloryholes in south Jersey or in the Philadelphia area??
Love to get in the booth and get totally naked and show off for the guys then let them feel me all over to start
Many Many great times in ABS over the years all over the country, hope they reopen soon I really miss them
Many Many great times in ABS over the years all over the country, hope they reopen soon I really miss them
Looking for a gloryhole in California Central Valley area!!
Have been to a few ABS, still looking to suck a sweet cock there.
Going to Colorado Springs. Is the ambassador any good?
18th street video on Highway 19 in Hudson. Gloryholes and large open theater with lots of couches and guys playing.
Any glory holes near st Augustine fl
love them. plenty here in tampa love to meet you there
I’ve had a lot of fun in bookstores. The only time I’ve ever had two cocks in front of me at the same time was in a buddy booth at Berlin News Agency in Berlin NJ.
Where in Reno can you give or get Oral Pleasure?
Any good Adult theaters in the Columbia, SC area? Love to suck multiple cocks
Sucked a stranger off today at the gloryhole.
All i know is the adult stores need to open a glory hole so a woman can her her pussy ate
Any places in central Texas?
Love, love adult video stores especially with gloryholes
Any suggestions for Chicago area ?
I love to suck cocks and swallow in the Adult Bookstore gloryhole. Yummy!!!!
I like my holes filled with cum in gloryhole. I we can play around Lafayette Tennessee or meet at the horse cave theater and you have your way with my holes
I’ll be in a booth at horsecave blindfolded and you come in and just use my holes and leave my holes dripping wet with cum
Looking for adult book store in Pittsburgh I can suck and bottom cum dump for you if you would like or suggestions appreciated
i wish there were a map of all the gloryhole shops in the usa. I travel alot and often times find it hard to find a cock to sock or someone to fuck my ass. i love sucking cock thru gloryholes but only those cocks that will cum in my mouth. i don't normally suck a big cock. prefer sucking small than 6".
any in the maine and new hampshire area??
Yes looki g in olympia
Ta oma wash
I don't exactly know why gloryholes are so fascinating to me? I guess the idea that a stranger is putting his cock through a hole and I am sucking on this unknown cock and enjoying it wanting to make that cock cum, same in theaters more cocks the merrier. And now I have started to get my ass broke in I can start using it. Just a shame the closest GH or theaters to me is about an hour and half away.
I love the size of this hole that way he can see that I am the slut sucking his dick!
Looking to get naked and suck bottom in pantyhose at Pittsburgh or close abs message me with time
Going to Annabelle's this weekend in Winston-Salem getting a room in the parking lot anybody want to go
Got anal double penetrated at cinem blur in Birmingham 3 times omg i fcucked everyone there 15 yrs ago
Can not wait for the two adult bookstores in Portland Maine to reopen. Have sucked many cocks for cum there and have had same done for me. Ass fucking is quite common and appreciated too.
I would love to be close to a adult book store I need a cock in middle to service on a regular basis descretly
Anybody in central PA wanna meet at the adult book stores along 11/15? Hit me up looking to suck get sucked fuck whatever.
Looking for a glory hole near Dayton tn
I'm always looking to feed a hungry cocksucker
How can i get into a glory hole. How do you get the cocks to pop out of the holes?
How can i get into a glory hole. How do you get the cocks to pop out of the holes?
In Lexington Kentucky there are 2 establishments with glory holes. I keep a pair of workmen’s knee pads in my car and strap them around my ankles so my pant legs can cover them as I’m walking in. I’m not brazen enough to wear them in. So when hanging out in the corridor I can check out the guys there. Once I noticed a guy I wanted to play with leaning near a booth connected by a glory hole to another. I put the knee pads on where he could see me, gave him a smile and went into one. He accepted my invitation and went into the other one. He was nicely hung and let me suck him for a few minutes. He probably didn’t want to cum just yet so he pulled back and left. At another place I sat in a large booth wearing my knee pads with the door open. A tall black man joined me. I accepted the challenge of sucking him, he was hung like a beer can. Glory holes give an element of excitement b/c of the anonymous nature of the encounter. I’ve noticed that if the guy has a big belly you get better access to his cock without having to head butt his gut.
Let me see
Adult theater/glory hole near gastonia nc??
I love the adult bookstore if I wasn't for the adult bookstore still only be getting f***** on my girlfriend's dad but the bookstore I can go get dressed up I can get f*** I can suck dick
loved taking my wife and watching her suck cock and take loads of cum, it made me want it. the exciting feeling of going in. Then feeling the pulsing cock shooting cum without warning. very hot. NC ,PA, FLA has some nice ones. i need to check them out again
I use to get my dick suck in Houston at a nice glory hole on the north side of Houston. I there. When I get a ride I'm going back. Would like to meet up with a friend to join in.
Any glory holes or places to get sucked and have fun in Canton Ohio
Any in OKC
never been to one of these, any in the cincinnati area and how does it work?
Any gloryholes in or around Orange County Ca.?
Like adult bookstore on Court street in Binghamton NY, anyone going there let me know, love to suck and be was fucked, let me know a few days ahead of time, love taste of cum
It’ is there any in killed texas?
Any in Virginia
Im in Raleigh this coming weekend
Any in Lowell, Massachusetts?
Back when I lived in Los Angeles, I would frequent the adult book stores and the gay movie theatre in West Hollywood and would usually suck off a few guys and swallow every drop of cum. Fun times.
I want to try that I just haven't pulled the trigger yet
hi, this sissy would like to know where to find black cocks to suck around st, louis mo
Any of those bookstores in Delaware
Any of those bookstores in Delaware
Are there gh in or around Polk county florida
Nice cock
Looking near Flint Michigan
Lookin Near Lorain Ohio
Anybody near Winchester va? Dominant CD looking to get a room for us.
Looking near Kalamazoo Michigan
Romanex in Oxnard, Big rooms with lock on door nice love seats, have had lots of fun there sucking and being sucked.
I saw that there is a Glory hole location at the Pa/Ohio Stateline named Parkland. Can I get a confirmation on that?
I've fantasized about doing that for a long time. If I was in your area I would love to join you.
Love to leave the door open for others to watch me sucking cock or join in.
There are many Adult Theater/Arcade/Bookstores around Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater/Largo/Tarpon Springs.I frequent The Love Shack ,Fantasyland ,and Tres Equis in Tampa ,Entertainment Center in Tarpon Springs ,Love Toys in Clearwater Adult factory Outlet of Largo and XTC Adult Supercenter ( the one at 4800 34th ST S ) St Pete. I always get to suck at least one cock and swallow one load . But, it usually is more than one .
A PS to my post. I set up meet with guys at Adult places .
Anyone in Schenectady, ny sucking in the book stores
I’m a straight guy but getting super turned on by the thought of a cock In my mouth and I think I’d love to taste a hot load of cum, how good does it feel the first time it hits the back of your throat??? Please tell
I’m new but I can’t stop thinking about sucking on a nice hard cock and get cum In my mouth. Can you tell me some more please? I fantasy about it a lot and sometimes jerk off and when I’m about to shoot my huge load of cum i put my legs up the wall so I’m kind of upside down and I shoot my own cum directly on my face and in my mouth, it’s really hot to feel big streams of my cum inside my mouth and all over my face mmmmmmmmm Wow I’m so horny right now I must have cum In my mouth! I’m going to suck down my cum right now mmmm Can somebody please chat with me now so I can build up a massive amount of my own cum to spray into my own face and mouth???
Any GH in Denver Co
Are there any gay or bi guys in Denver Colorado want to suck a horny cock that needs a headmaster to pleasure it correctly
Any adult theatres or gloryholes in the Indianapolis area
This is for Newmouth. If you haven`t sucked a cock before you will be surprised that when you do you will kick yourself in the ass for not trying it sooner. I had my first cock in my mouth at age 12. then I stopped until I hit age 32. I went to a bookstore and went to the back where they had video booths. I opened a door and then was this guy stroking his cock and I said excuse me and closed the door. As I was walking away I could not stop thinking how hot his cock looked. I stopped and turned around and went back to his booth. I opened the door and stepped inside and locked the door. I went to my knees as fast as I could and began to suck his cock. I was in heaven and his cock felt so good in my mouth. Too bad he told me he couldn`t cum. I wanted to taste his cum and swallow it all. After that day I was hooked on gloryholes.
Any Glory holes in Joliet area
Totally hot to have some fun at the adult store! I've left the video booth door open for others to watch me jerking and shooting my cum
Looking in Alabama ????
Is there any Adult movte or Glory Holes in Minnesota
I'm looking for an adult book store in Frederick Md. I have been told of one but don't know where it is.
want to watch and possibly join
True story. I had just turned 18, and my buddy and I went out to the bars for some fun. We closed em down and headed home horny as most 18 year olds were. Brad kept rubbing his dick thru his jeans complaining about how horny he was. He gave me some directions to a place he said was a guaranteed blow job. Well, I was in. He took us across town on Northwest HWY. We went north on Harry Hines. The place isn't there anymore, its further north on Hines, we pulled into the Paris Adult Bookstore. Brad had obviously been here before, but I didn't know what to expect. He explained to go to the counter and get $5.00 worth of quarters and follow him to the back. We each got our quarters and went to the back behind some curtains. When I say it was dark, thats an understatement. Even though it was close to 3 in the morning, my eyes had to adjust. Once they did, I saw several people standing around and 2-3 rows of booths with lights on top showing if it was occupied. I found one with no light on, and entered. I found a little latch and hooked it closed. Next there was some fumbling about trying to see what I was supposed to do now. I figured it out and my first porn movie came to life. It was about a candy striper who fucked and sucked Drs. and other nurses alike. It took me no time to get hard and drop my pants to jack off. While i was stroking I heard someone say "let me suck it." I turned and noticed for the first time what a glory hole was and how it was used. This was late 78, long before aids was known about. I turned and shoved my little 6" cock thru the hole to "heaven". The guy on the other side went to work on my cock and had me standing on my tippy toes, my body glued to the wall between us and shaking like a leaf. I came too quick, but lights exploded, the earth shook with my first blow job and first time to cum without my own hand. I had to sit down for a moment to gain by senses back. I reached for the hole to help me get up. The door next to me opened as I attempted to rise. I quickly found out the signal for "I want to suck your dick" is the fingers in the hole. I and my new friend never had a chance to see each other before his 8" thick cock came thru the hole to my side. Never thought about another cock, but here it was hard as steel and a drop of precum on the tip. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I knew what had just happened to me. I reached out and tentatively touched the first cock other than mine. It was so soft, yet looking at it, it was hard, bulging, angry looking. I wrapped my hand around it and started to slide my hand up and down its length. The drop of precum became larger and started to drip off. I immediately stuck my tongue out and caught it, my tongue slicing thru the air and coming in contact with his hard cock. It flexed and jumped, a small moan coming from the other booth. I did it again and again, he said suck it. I opened my mouth and slid the head in. since I was new to this, i couldn't take it all in. I used my tongue and lips to apply pressure to the same spots i knew were sensitive on my own dick. My new neighbor started to buck against the wall and making noises. I really didn't know what was happening, I was to focused on what I was doing. Then it happened, he came without warning, filling my mouth with a huge load of cum. I swallowed out of instinct and the flavor was unique. I began to think this was the most awesome place in the world. My friend didn't say anything, but I could hear his pants and belt going up. I hurried to get mine up, I heard his door open to leave and I looked thru the hole and caught a glimpse of him leaving. The name on the belt said "Brad", I realized I had just sucked off my best friend and swallowed his cum. To this day, I don't think he knew it was me. Afterward, we often talked of going back, and he bragged how the last guy gave him a great blow job and how he swallowed it all. This was just the beginning of my life after this. I got married twice, had kids, then everything went south in the sex with my wife. I look forward to posting about my 40's and how I turned back to sucking and getting sucked.
Any in eastern ( coastal North Carolina)???
Looking in eastern North Carolina
Heading to Cleveland. Any advice
Looking for adult bookstore North of like Peabody ma or Gloucester ma?
Three in nh, jolly jays in laconia, forbidden fruit in Manchester, leather and lace in Seabrook. 😛😋
Looking in Delaware
Mature fantasy in carlisle p.a I sucked off 2 in 10 minutes. On a Tues at 1 pm. I get cock everytime I go.
Bush river adult bookstore in Abingdon MD so many cocks to fuck And suck
Rt 40 in MD lots of bookstore's bush river adult books is by far the best of any lifestyle Three theater rooms multiple Booth's tranny's CDs gay and bi have sucked multiple strangers and been fucked with guys lined up in theater rooms
Bush river? When is the best time for trans, CD?
Had my 18th surprise birthday day gang bangs at bush river adult bookstore in MD took 12 loads in my ass and countless I ate even ate a pussy great place and was farting out cum all night anything you want you can find there
I use to go to the bookstore booths and Jack off for guys. My wife knew about it and now I want to get bred while she watches.
Looking in Columbus, OH.
Unfortunately there are no adult theaters in Ohio.
Where are good stores in Florida
Been to 1 once while in college. Would enjoy going back to 1 again.
Looking for a bookstore partner in pa
Where in Minnesota is there theater fun????
Adult Bookstores/Theaters on Bisexual PlaygroundAdult Bookstores/Theaters on Bisexual PlaygroundAdult Bookstores/Theaters on Bisexual PlaygroundAdult Bookstores/Theaters on Bisexual Playground

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