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Alabama Bisexual Personals

Alabama Bisexual Personals on Bisexual PlaygroundAlabama Bisexual Personals on Bisexual Playground
I'm 5/5 I have 3 kids I live in alabama I work at subway. I like women mostly I just looking to be happy ready to leave alabama. So I'm single for right now I'm lookin for my mate
I'm a 51 year old married bi black man in Alabama looking for a white mature bottom or couple. Prefer in Huntsville Alabama. Need to be very discreet. You can text me at 256-698-4978. Text only if you're serious.
Bisexual guy in Alabama looking for fun
WE are bisexual, and bi-curious couple from Alabama
I am older guy who loves porn escepially bisexual, and kinky. Have long white hair mostly in pony tail. I get hot just reading the personals. At my age I don't get out much but was kinky before kink became of ok. Also like water sports
I am a creative, cool, laid back person. I know what i want out of life and i have a plan to get there. I am a 18 year old from new orleans but i go to school in montgomery alabama at alabama state university. I am majoring in communications and I want to pursue the careers of being a dancer, film maker, and actor. I have so many talents in both professional and sexual departments so if you like what you here holla at me.
Hey, Primetime. Try posting in the Maine personals forum, unless you’re looking to travel.

T. (cis-male-bisexual/biromantic he/him/his)
Coastal Alabama, USA - Looking for FWB
You might want to try the Personals - Georgia board.

T. of IonSawmill (cis-male-bi, he/him)
Coastal Alabama, USA
Try posting in the state or provincial forums. this category is more for general questions, not for personals.

Good luck!T.H. (He's Bi) & D.E. (She's Str8)
IonSawmill - Coastal Alabama, USA
It takes a lot of patience. Just 15 years ago, if you let a group of swingers know you were a bisexual male, you would have been told to keep it to yourself, as I was when we went to our first off-premises club. Bisexual men aren’t the dirty-little-secret of the swinging lifestyle like they used to be. The internet has changed that. But there are still a lot of married couples who see bisexual men as more of a risk. Bisexual men swinging single are more likely to be cheating on a partner than bi men who are swinging as part of a couple.

Your profile mentions your wife, but you’re set up as a single, and you only have pictures of your penis. There are lots of penis pics on this site. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a throbbing penis pic. (And by the time I finish typing this, there will be a new category in the Interests section of the site: “Men who want a dead cat swung at their penis.”)

If your wife is on board, consider changing your account to a couple’s profile, and adding a picture, even a blurry, unrecognizable one, of the two of you together.

Try posting in your state’s Personals board. Send out some niceness and try to get onto the Featured page. Chat, or interact here on the Forums.

I’m sure there are more experienced people here who can give you even more advice to help you along.

T. of IonSawmill (cis-male-bi, he/him)
Coastal Alabama, USA
My Fiancee will be in Town August 1st. So probably the 2md week she is here We will be looking for a single bisexual male or bisexual couple on Huntsville Alabama for fun. Fuancee is a BBW. Looking for someone who doesn't look on the outward appearance.
We are looking for a bisexual female... In NE Alabama


Bisexual Swing Clubs
Are there any bisexual swing clubs in Alabama?
Bisexual Couples
Looking for a bisexual couple in North Alabama for fun times together.
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Are there any bisexual clubs or parties in alabama,florida or georgia?
Both Bi Couples Only
I would like to find a bisexual couple in Alabama and the surrounding southeastern states and become friends in and out of the bedroom
Bisexual Women For Couples
We live in NW Alabama. We are looking for a clean female friend to have fun with us in and out of the bedroom. We have had prior experience but we are looking for one girl to have multiple experiences with. No guys or couples! Only single Bisexual/curious women!
Bisexual Black Men With Big Dicks
Looking for bisexual bbc that loves to suck white dick and fuck white wife. Looking for tonight in Gadsden,Alabama area


Thank you Bill & Pattie, the Bisexual Playground makes finding bisexual playmates easy.