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We are both Bi and love to get together with couples where both male and female are truly Bi or at least Bi-curious. We meet a lot of couples where just one of them is Bi. We hope to meet couples that will do a criss-cross swing as well as a straight swap. It seems that especially our area in S.E. Texas and Chicagoland area has a chronic shortage. Love to get a response. Casey and Georgia
Hug Same shortage in and around Ohio, but we just started out a little over a year ago. Met plenty that state thay are but they only recieve. Be true to who you are and you will recieve your due............. we hope ;) Kiss Candy n Dean
We stumbled into or onto the bi-bi "involving the males"and loved it! We're looking for a couple that is bi or bi curious. h/w/p to ours within reason. Our 1st bi couple experience was fucking outstanding!!!:-P And the best part was the he's were the both 5'7". And they were really having a gooooood time too:-D At least until his wife got freaked!! lol But the experience was fantastic and we're really looking "HARD" to find a couple willing to go and stay the distance. Sooooooooooooo, if you think that ya'll might like to try this--- with us--- let us know!Flower Bi Hug
Are there any bi couples in the SF BAy Area or Sacramento area? We would love to meet and do what comes natural. Hello My Friends: Linda hopes that you two can see beyond the numbers (age) and look at the person, or in this case the people - us, you won't be disappointed. We are a deeply in love committed couple, who like to include nice people in our circle of love. I am an American Indian/Latino museum professional and academic. Although mainly straight, I have been bi open since I was in the boy scouts and another boy scout taught me how to do genitalia CPR. American Indian culture has a healthier attitude toward sex and sexual orientation. I do enjoy intellectual intercourse as much as sexual intercourse. My lady is a message therapist and spiritual healer. She is charming, warm, soulful and a delight to be with. It would be our honor to help you explore and realize your sensual side. Drop us a line a see what happens.
Hello We are a real bi couple looking for same in georgia...drop us a line
Hello we are looking for the same thing and having a hard time all so . But i think with us it's not only the bi thing we both smoke cigs
Wow--is this ever the best site and most direct way of narrowing down what you like and what, well, you just not sure about. :) My guy and I have had the absolute best time looking over the 'interests' section and seeing what descriptions we like or perhaps are not has helped us so much sort out and break through some barriers neither one of us realized needing breaking...:-D I find myself looking for others with similar 'interests' on their profiles...the thought that we could find a nice couple to play together with us is, just, well, exciting! Check us out--those little profiles can tell so much. Maybe we can be a great match. Kiss:):)LaughingHug
We are a bi couple living at the beach here in Ocean Shores,Washington and agree with it being difficult in finding other bi couples that want to "CUM" to the beach and play. We would like to hear from bi couples in and around the Pacific Northwest anytime if you are also experiencing this problem.:(::(
were both very bi curious and would like to explore
Wow!!! I would love to have a husband and wife to go down on me... I can think of so many sexual variations that I would love to share with an attractive Bi sexual couple.... If any couple is near Traverse City , Mi (100 miles) we would love to hear from you. Char and Rowdy.
We are both bi, and the idea that there may be others out there like us has seemed almost mythical. This is one case in which we would not like to be unique. One would think in a major metropolitan area like Chicago there would be others... If the observation is wrong, we'd like to know. And also would sincerely like to meet. J & B
We are looking for our first bi experience so bi couples in St. loius area lets hear from you
were are a bi couple in south mississippi and were looking for other bi cpl's to get to know in an out of the bed. a bi cpl seems real hard to find,so if your out there hit us up an we'll take it from thereKiss
Attractive, bisexual male looking for m/f couples or individuals. Flexible and compatible with most situations/fantasies.... I'm in central TX so get at me!
iso bi couples in o h i o
I only wish I could meet a BI female as a GF become a solid couple and then meet up with other BI couples for great sex. Ive done the MMF a few times, Who ever said threes a crowd never had a threesome!!! OMG the best!! Id like to be sucking off the man while looking over at my girl with her face buried between another woman's legs!! xoxo
I would like to find a bisexual couple in Alabama and the surrounding southeastern states and become friends in and out of the bedroom
We're both bi and love the near endless possibilities when playing with a both bi couple or two or more!
I am so ready to enjoy a sexual intercourse with a couple thats bi or not I can get into it for sure I am in Waynesboro Virginia
Both Bi Couples Only on Bisexual PlaygroundBoth Bi Couples Only on Bisexual PlaygroundBoth Bi Couples Only on Bisexual PlaygroundBoth Bi Couples Only on Bisexual Playground

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