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Alaska Single Men

Alaska Single Men on Bisexual PlaygroundAlaska Single Men on Bisexual Playground
im a single man from alaska nd i would like to find someone in anchorage to see.
I'm a man who has been a Bisexual from the very early child hood. I'm now 74 and still looking for some new excitment. I have been Married twice both times to Bisexials. The first wife and I were married for twenty five years and have 4 children, 2 Boys, and 2 Girls. ( Well what did you expect from a Bi couple,,) she passed away with cancer.. I was wroking in Alaska then.. My other wife and I met in Alaska at a Bi-Sexual dinner party. both of us Biseual, hit it off very well, she was tewenty years younger then I, but we were able to satify each other very well with the help of other men and women there, (all either Gay, Bisexual, or Lisbenon, both married and single were there.) I have been told I am very easy to get to know, and know how to please both sexas in the bedroom., have a even temperment, and seem very relaxed in any company.. I do try to keep that kind of a reputation with others, all the time. very interlectuial, well read and easy being a laybacked person... Please find out more about me, and invite me to one of your get together's, I will attent... was,
5'11 120lbs super skinny. I'm 100% submissive and will let anyone fuck me. My name is Jesse"jessah"Nelson, I'm a cock loving sissy faggot who craves humiliation and abuse. I live in ketchikan Alaska. My phone number is 907 617 9691. My address is 323 upland way ketchikan Alaska 99901. I want to be exposed as the sissy slut I am. Blackmailed, owned. Drag me out of the closet by my pig tails and gangbang me for everyone to see.
I am an open minded single man and I live in Alaska. I enjoy fishing, dancing, smooth jazz, swinging (couples & singles), and I have a web cam. I am interested in meeting with couples, women, or both. :) I am open for opportunities.
Im looking for a Bi sexual female to be my soulmate and share in my life and times, She must be willing to relocate to Ketchikan in South East Alaska... Im a male murse and fishing Capt and own my own business..I am a single father of a seven year old girl and have a very nice Apt. that over looks the Ocean.. I love women of color Asian, Black however am open to other women. Must be very sexually Intence with no STD's
im looking for two girls in alaska
I live in Texas now (with the rest of my extended family), but for a while I lived in Alaska. They had a joke up there:
Q: What's the fastest way to piss off a Texan?
A: Cut Alaska in half and make Texas the THIRD largest state :-)
I go through the same thing. In my profile, I have single men only. SINGLE MEN ONLY!!! Not Single men and maybe couples, or single men and perhaps cheating husbands....single men means....just that SINGLE!!!! Where is my trout?
Here is a definetion of the term single men: Men who are not attached in a relationship with commitment. For those who I had blocked recently this is the correct spelling"
S - I - N - G - L - E and then there is a space because it's a two word...D'OH... M - E - N
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
we r in alaska where r u:)
When are you going to be in ALaska?
I think Nebraska and Alaska.
everything's frozen in alaska silly


Bisexual Swing Clubs
Any swingers clubs in Alaska?
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im a fishing guide in alaska summers
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Thanks guys for you nice message. Your site seems better then the ones I have tried. It is hard for a single guy to meet couples because they either want females or another couple. Well anyway thanks again for being nice and will be talking again soon. Jim