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Arizona Bi Curious

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Arizona Bi Curious on Bisexual PlaygroundArizona Bi Curious on Bisexual Playground
Im a 34 male live in arizona curious.
i am a bi curious male from arizona looking for a discreet relationship
Curious male 34 from Arizona love panties looking for nice guy into the same
I am a bi curious male in Arizona. Traveling to Vegas this weekend and am looking for some fun late night when the wife goes to bed...
Bi curious, in Arizona. Looking to exchange thoughts ideas with men and or women with like interests. Seeking 1st experience with right person!
Arizona is 581 180 pounds brown hair brown eyes and has the tattooed. He might look like a bad boy but underneath the Pussycat loves to lick pussy. Hey I'm carry I'm 5'7. 145 pounds 36 C breasts. Blue brown hair blue eyes and I love to eat pussy also. Arizona has and ate half inch thick cock
Any truckers traveling on I-10 in Arizona needing sucked stop at the Texas canyon rest area by dragoon arizona holler at me, available anytime
I'll jump aboard with this one. More in my Paid photos section. I struggled with the camera, Arizona sun, and electric lighting for this. It's so hard to photograph the white T-Shirts and get good color and texture details. I learned a little something today.

Peace & Comfort

Ivan / Sweetieplug ®
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Glad to hear you are home and resting... and probably giving Blu a run for her money ! You two have my number. Call me anytime 24x7 when you get bored watching TV and playing with the computer. We can talk about sports, stock market, WOMEN.. etc..

Will go out to the Arizona desert with the coyotes tonight and make a Wish for YOU.

Good Luck

Ivan / Sweetieplug ®
Phoenix, Arizona USA :-D
Bi-curious is rather a strange word. I've always thought that it's like being pregnant. Either you are or you are not, not in between. Is there such of a thing called hetero-curious, or gay-curious, or lesbian-curious, or trans-curious? Bi curious was predominatly used by men/women who hasn't accepted their homosexual tendacy and uses that term just to be on the safe side. Then there are those that already claimed to be bisexual even though they haven't experienced it. They already know, not curious about it.
Travel that route a lot for work on my way out to Arizona Southern California in Las Vegas. There are a lot of neat places along the way shops museums the Cadillac ranch and Amarillo twin arrows travel center in Arizona if you get off the main roads there's an you got Grand Canyon, Roswell Klein's corner outside of Albuquerque and Lotta neat little museums if you're into the Route 66 type stuff.
Curiosity is human nature. Everyone is curious. Whether they express it outloud or act upon it may be another story but everyone wonders what if....And I imagine there are people out there who are trans curious and gay curious. They just act upon it differently. Hell Im curious about everything so i guess that makes me everything-curious. Doesnt mean I will act on it.
Just my 2 cents


Big Cocks
Im interested in bi couples and bi curious males but only under the.condition the man has a large juicy.cock im mean since its my first time and im very curious i might as well do it right if interested ill be waiting to hear from you hopefully theres other bi couples and other bi curious males with juicy fat cocks that would love assist me in my first sexual bi curious or bi couple experience ?
Blowjobs While Driving
i,m a retired senior who lives in prescott valley arizona. last summer while driving down to phoenex arizona about 95 miles south, i picked up a young hichhiker. he to was going to phoenix. i was wearing short pants. after about 5 minutes he ask me if i,d mind if he could put his hand on my leg. i said no i didnt mind. he put his hand on my bare nee and then moved his hand up to and into my shorts. it felt very good.the speed limited out here is 75 miles per. hour, i slowed down to 50 miles per. hour. he then unzipped my shourts and gave me a long slow blow job. we exghange phone numbers, but to this day he hasent called back. i wich he would.
Transsexual Personals
Are there any Transwoman in Arizona
Shemales With Big Cocks
Live in Arizona
Jack Off Buddy
Looking for j/o buddy in Arizona. Look me up!!!
Single Women For Married Men
Hello ladies. Looking in Arizona.


Thank you for letting me become a member of your site. We are a little curious about watching & being watched and some inclination to having a woman of a couple join us. Thank you once again for the power to learn about people and there way of life.