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Arizona Dating

Arizona Dating on Bisexual PlaygroundArizona Dating on Bisexual Playground
Arizona is 581 180 pounds brown hair brown eyes and has the tattooed. He might look like a bad boy but underneath the Pussycat loves to lick pussy. Hey I'm carry I'm 5'7. 145 pounds 36 C breasts. Blue brown hair blue eyes and I love to eat pussy also. Arizona has and ate half inch thick cock
We are a couple who have been long distance dating for about a year. We have amazing sex together but lately R has become bi-curious and T fully supports his exploring this part of his sexuality. We are both in our 40's and very laid back. Because we are long distance dating and don't get to be together as often as we would like, we usually forgo the "dating" part and head right for the bedroom!
Bi Male looking for dating, friends and relationships. I am putting every effort to find a bi woman that lives near me that is interested in dating and getting with others also.
A kickass guy who loves to have fun as much as possible. I'm into music like no other. Have been dating girls for quite a while and have wondered if maybe dating someone of the same sex is right for me. Been wondering if maybe being Bi could broaden my views and maybe make me happy
Im 57, retired on physical disability, mainly thinking about starting dating again after many years of living alone. Yes, i am rather set in my ways. I have always been drawn to TG's and CD's and will limit my dating to those two categorys.
Hi - I'm straight, but for the past year I have been curious about sex with men. I'm not sure what this means for me yet, but I want to try it and see where it leads. I haven't done anything with a guy before, but, again, I'm super horny to try. If however I do meet a woman in here and she wants to be monogamous, I'm all for that. I have always been monogamous when dating. While I'm on here to explore my bicurious side, I would respect the wishes of the person I'm dating (if I end up dating someone from this site). ** Disregard all of the "Interests." I didn't realize there were so many to choose from. I didn't finish. I'll have to take some more time to go thru all of them and choose everything that interests me. :)
I'm seeking a couple who would be interested in dating with the intent of forming a triad. I would like it to eventually lead to a long term relationship without any outside dating. If that's what you'd like, please contact me. I know I'm in Durango CO, but Arizona is pretty close.
P.S., If you're a single man, I'm not interested in teaming up with you to find a woman. Thanks for the idea but it's not what I'm doing right now. I'll appreciate it if only couples answer. If you are a couple, please contact me and I'll answer as soon as I can.
Thank you.
Any truckers traveling on I-10 in Arizona needing sucked stop at the Texas canyon rest area by dragoon arizona holler at me, available anytime
HugsKisses Delilah, you have said it all, I agree with you totally. Dating has to lead to liking someone before sex. I guess dating should give us the oportunity to see what a person is like physically, and mentally. Do we have similar likes and dislikes, or is it just a sexual thing. I might kid and joke about sex, but Like dating, and like to see how the date is going to treat me. This is a important part of my acceptance to a sexual encounter. VeronnicaKissKiss
I'll jump aboard with this one. More in my Paid photos section. I struggled with the camera, Arizona sun, and electric lighting for this. It's so hard to photograph the white T-Shirts and get good color and texture details. I learned a little something today.

Peace & Comfort

Ivan / Sweetieplug ®
Phoenix, Arizona USA
I am curious if anyone ever just likes to date anymore. I see so many people who are totally preoccupied with just wanting too have sex, but what about dating. There are alot of advantages to dating, including possibly sex if it goes that far.
You learn something about the person you are interested in, and I am talking moreso than just your casual; Hi How are you let's fuck. You can learn a great deal about someone by going out spending time together and enjoying each others company.
There is also the benefit of stability. It is possible for dating too open other doors including forming a relationship which would lead too stability, at least in theory.
There is the added advantage of dating, where you learn about a persons sexual habits, appetites and desires before becoming sexual, thereby reducing your chances of inadvertantly catching an STD or some other type of disease or infection, which is why I don't like to be intimate with someone until I know enough about them, that I can reasonably feel safe, and even though that is my own personal feeling on it, it's actually not a bad way to protect yourself.
So I am curious, because I notice alot of offers and requests for sex, is there anyone around who is actually interested in dating, or is it a lost cause to think so?


Glad to hear you are home and resting... and probably giving Blu a run for her money ! You two have my number. Call me anytime 24x7 when you get bored watching TV and playing with the computer. We can talk about sports, stock market, WOMEN.. etc..

Will go out to the Arizona desert with the coyotes tonight and make a Wish for YOU.

Good Luck

Ivan / Sweetieplug ®
Phoenix, Arizona USA :-D


Bisexual Incest
Ive never had incest but I did have sex with my exboyfriends dad a few times while we were still dating
Blowjobs While Driving
i,m a retired senior who lives in prescott valley arizona. last summer while driving down to phoenex arizona about 95 miles south, i picked up a young hichhiker. he to was going to phoenix. i was wearing short pants. after about 5 minutes he ask me if i,d mind if he could put his hand on my leg. i said no i didnt mind. he put his hand on my bare nee and then moved his hand up to and into my shorts. it felt very good.the speed limited out here is 75 miles per. hour, i slowed down to 50 miles per. hour. he then unzipped my shourts and gave me a long slow blow job. we exghange phone numbers, but to this day he hasent called back. i wich he would.
Hi all bi guy, single in central Massachusetts here... looking for friends and dating.😉
1 Man 2 Women
My Boyfriend has had a fantasy for awhile about having a threesome with two women. Well he and his wife Separated 2.5 because she decided that after 23 years she was a lesbian. When he asked her for the 3se she said no. Well at thait time I was getting out of bad relationships plus my sons father that I had been With for 13 years passed. My life was in distant and I just about gave up until 3-25-2016 I met the most won kindest loving man on a dating site. He has been so good to both me and my children since he knows that I have had been in a relationship with my sons father that likes to have M-F-F threesomes and swing he and I talked about it well here it is 2 years after we started dating going stronger then ever and I KNOW THAT I CAN TRUST HIM iha e decided to try and full fill his fantasy so anyone in Texas who Is into pleasing both men and women (I have never pleased a woman furthest I've gone is kissing and masturbation) with no STRINGS ATTACHED HAVE A ONE NIGHT STAND or MAYBE A-WEEKEND OF FUN LOOK US UP. We are just going to do this one time or one weekend hope to hear from someone soon ;):) HugKiss
Bi Oral
I'm looking for a clean ddf top for dating and of course sex like to be treated with respect and plenty of kisses and foreplayKiss
Not monogamy but not full polyamory. Don’t want the dating or attached strings but want the fun and friendships


Dear Bill and Pattie, thank you for your kind and prompt response. Your site is by far among the best dating sites I belong to and will give it a shot for the next 30 days. Thanks again. J-p