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Being Watched Having Sex

Being Watched Having Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundBeing Watched Having Sex on Bisexual Playground
I have had one experience before with another couple , but just was with the wife ,while husband watched ,and vise versa , he was a litle nervous about being with a guy . so i never got to experience that , the funnest part was when he came in after i had just filled her up and he ate her out and then i watched as he filled her and then i went down on her while he watched
Willing to be the third wheel. Love to Be Watched And watched Make her feel special an gimme a holler.
i like to be all such things are watched and be watched... all fun all safe and all sane... no extreme pain
we have been with another couple and enjoyed it very much. we went to ta swing club and watched and were watched. we love to fuck.
Bi-curious - Latest news...I licked my first pussy, rubbed it and used a vibe on her as her b/f watched. Then I sucked him and watched him fuck her...
fun-loving libertarian couple. Love naked outdoor anytime we can. Like to be watched & watched at the beach n the dunes.
We had been dating for two months and opened about being bi. My childhood friend was in town and he was also my first guy and we had sex whenever we met up. He came over and when he came in we hugged and instinctively began kissing in front of her. I told her I wanted her to watch. As we stripped to our thongs his 11” cock was hard as was his body. I told her I wanted her to feel my favorite cock.

I sat on the couch and watched and she wanted in her ass. As he pumped her she made moans of a different kinda and then squirted and she started screaming as she got off. He pulled out and then she watched me with him. Being watched made both our orgasms so insane.

I watched them plenty more and I’ve watched her with other men and women. I love it. When we watch each other the feeling and orgasms are that much better
I answered and ad that a couple posted on a site I was on. All that was said was looking for bi male for fun. When we got together she said it was mostly for her husband which as ok by me. So me and him went to the bedroom as I was going down on him she walked into the room an set down and watched me suck his dick then I let him fuck me I was so horny with her watching I couldn't believe it. She played with herself the hotter I got. From then on I loved to be watch while I got fucked or giving someone a blowjob.
Question is there anyone else that likes to be watched if so tell me the first time you was watched
My first MMF the wife watched before she participated, likely to make sure I was bi since I listed as straight until after that weekend. The more she watched me sucking her man’s cock the hotter she got and the more I got into what I was doing. That is when cock sucking went from just another activity to me loving to do it. I also love to watch and be watched masturbating no matter the gender.
Been watched jerking off lots of times since I go to the local ABS theater. I have also been watched and recorded fucking my ex when we were together.
My wife caught me last night! I did not see her and she just watched me to completions. Then she watched me eat my cum and freaked! She loves to let me know how I am not man enough! I actually love it!!!
I enjoy watching but really into being watched, I've had many instances on Playalinda beach where others watched me play wiyh myself.


Internet Masturbation
What can I say here but I love to be watched and I don't care if it's a woman, man or couple, if by the end we are all "CUMMING"! :) I know there more people out there who loved to be watched which they masturbate and this is one way to do it! I have masturbated for people all over the world on camera as well as watched them at the same time! It can be a truly great turn on!Laughing
Couples Searching For Bi Males
man wanting to be watched on webcam love being watched turns me on
Women Watching Husband Get Fucked
Five years ago my wife and a dom bull forced me bi during what was supposed to be a standard threesome. Needless to say over the course of the last 5 years she's watched most of her bulls make me suck their alpha cocks and has watched them own my ass in front of her.
Women Watching Men Suck Dick
i would love to suck a cock and be watched by his wife i am oraley bi curious and would love to have a cock down my throught and be watched aney takers
Adult Theaters
I once dressed in a minidress, fishnets and high heels. I had make-up on and a wig and I went to an adult bookstore and had fun watching people look at me. They knew I was a guy, but most just stared at my butt and legs. A few younger women were there and they watched me as they whispered and giggled. I took my time looking at magazines and even went back to a booth, one with a gloryhole in it. The feeling was intense and I carefully, enjoyed myself. When I left the store, several people watched and smiled at me.
Men Eating Other Mens Cum From Their Wifes Pussy
my girlfriend and i had a foursome with 2 black studs at a sex party. i watched the black studs one was 10" and the other was slightly bigger @thicker at11".i watched as they d.p.d her long @hard after finishing and cumming deeply inside both her holes i laid on the bed and she lowers her self onto my open mouth as both loads drip out and i eat all of there cum out of her


Thank you for letting me become a member of your site. We are a little curious about watching & being watched and some inclination to having a woman of a couple join us. Thank you once again for the power to learn about people and there way of life.