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Bi Anal Cream Eating

Bisexual male who's into hooking up with couples. Love eating pussy, sucking dick, eating ass and cleaning up cream pie messes.
I am professional man with College education. I love to eat pussy and if I had to chose I would rather eat a lady than penetrate her. Don't get me wrong I love intercourse very much but I am crazy about cunilingus and I just want to please ladies. I like eating cream pie and my ex-wife thought that meant I was either bi, or gay. I had to beg her to let me eat her cream pie. I have had a panty fetish since I was 11 and my ex will still come bye to let me eat her (her new man is not good at it she claims. She leaves me a sopping wet thong or will put it in my mouth and tell me to jerk off which always makes me orgasm quickly. I want to be dominated by a lady. Being made to dress a girl excites me very much. I would like to be pegged, but so far my ass is virgin as my wife thought that meant I was gay when I suggested she try to find my prostate and milk me. She decided I was just to kinky. I have never admitted it but I masturbate to cuckold porn, and sometimes even the idea of watching my lady get fucked in front of me while I wait beside her. when her bull gets ready to blow, instead of me eating her cream pie he pulls out and cums in my mouth and she makes me swallow it. I live in Western Massachusetts and anxious to be a slave.
love anal sex eating pussy just dont like sucking anal juice or anal dick in my pusdy
Black male enjoy sex like eating ice cream or bananas. Extremely sexaual. Enjoy fuck and eating back and front. Love double fucking with sex safe. 6'4" 170 lbs. 10 inch penis. Very sexual, erotic sex is the key to great sex with men and women.
Love eating older pussy sucking clits and eating woman ass holes ( love BBW) I am also bi and will happily suck a dick with you eat your cream pie after you get fucked I want a woman who is cool with a bisexual man
Really love to try new things. Interested in eating a cream pie for first time along with licking pussy with dick in it then it slips out and into my mouth forcing me to suck . I am somewhat submissive and love to please. Eating pussy is a must for me but also open to strap ons and willing to try more.
Must be sexually-adventurous & uninhibited, must love anal sex, into anal cream pies, pussy cream pies, cum swallowing, must love pussy2mouth, can do without any kind of ass2mouth, as I do not actually prefer it, bi sexual is a plus however, being hot-enough for viewers to want to watch you getting fucked is considerably-more important.
Looking for couple to let me eat a cream pie out of a pussy or ass. Love all kinds of sex but want to try eating fresh cream pie for sure. :D
Mmmm more cream pie pictures please i love eating a cream pie yum yum 😋
I have had the pleasure of eating a cream pie but i still have a cream pie eating fantasy involving something I did in an MMF. The gal was riding her man reverse cowgirl style and I was nibbling her clit and his shaft while she rode unately neither had an orgasm. Fantasy is to be doing that and have them explode in mutual orgasm with so much juices that it drools down his cock to his balls. I start cleaning him before he pulls out and finish cleaning him when he does pullout then go for all that wonderful love juice cocktail stored inside her.
Having just fucked my gal and ate my cum out of her, I would have enjoyed eating sucking a guys cock after he came in her and then eating her cream pie. Don’t know if that answered your question.
Mmmm, I ate a good cream pie out of my wife after I fucked her last night. My biggest fantasy is eating her cream pie after another guy cums inside her….mmmm can’t wait for that to happen.


Men Eating Other Mens Cum From Their Wifes Pussy
ah yes eating cum from a wife a powerful and persistent fantasy of mine.the term is cream pie eating or interracial ir cream pie eating .i am not myself married but i would love to experience this with a select man and girl of my choosing.all it needs is passion there is also anal cream pie porn on the internet but that is a off topic for this offering.the clean odor free body is worth exploring i love to see the porn vids where big black cocks blast white vagina full and a woman or man then eats them or is underneath the couple tounging the woman and takes the load Hugely exciting
Older Sluts
Would love to meat up with older women for sex - eating and rimming her, sucking and fucking her and vise versa. And really enjoy eating her CUM (or cream pies) - before, during, or after sex with another guy. :-P
Couples Searching For Bi Males
If you want a handsome, in shape bi black male to add some fun to your play contact me. I Love eating pussy, sucking a long thick cock, and eating you both as you fuck. I swallow cream pies and suck to completion. I am in Lancaster CA look me up.. There has to be a few couples out there interested.:-P
Anal Cream Pies
Yummy, I Love to eat a fresh hot anal cream pie. :-P
Lick My Cum Filled Asshole
I personally love a nice juicy anal cream pie...:-P Wink
Anal Cream Pies
I would love an anal cream pie from two to three men or a couple where I could give and receive. Let me know if anyone is interested.


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