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I love to eat cum and I love to rim, so 'cleaning up' cum from a freshly-fucked ass combines these pleasures (I am SUCH a slut lol):-D
Calling all BI COUPLES:
Please take a peek ....and... read of Our profile.
SIN-cerely Ann & Steve Evans
I also love these! :-P
The only thing that I think feels better than a big thick cock filling my ass, spreading my legs, pulsing as it pumps load after load of hot semen inside me is the feeling of a hot tongue licking it back out!
Oh this all sound so good. I would love to see if it tastes as good as well.;)
Yummy, I Love to eat a fresh hot anal cream pie. :-P
Agreed! and I love it from either a female or a male ass :)
Id love to have a woman eat the hot cum out of my ass that her man just dumped there
i love having a man or woman sit on my face and push out every drop of cum in to my mouth
i love it from m/f
Eating cum from her ass while she brings herself to an orgasm is a great experience.:-PFlower
i would love to have a women lick the cum out of my ass that her man put in me or even me and her lick the cum from his ass that i put in there
the hotest time i ever had was in a bookstore with a couple and he was fucking her from behind while standing in the ass and i was below them licking and sucking i said it would be hot as hell if he came in her ass and all the suden gallons and gallons of come came spilling out all over my face it was so hot i couldnt move and we where in a publice place and nothing to clean up with
I would love my Ass cream filled and :-P clean Hugs n Kisss on that subject!
With a lot of encouragement, and a few trial runs, my then-girlfriend agreed to allow me inside her ass without a condom. We'd tried anal a few times with a condom, and we'd both enjoyed the experience very much, but she was self-conscious about cleanliness, and the thought of me going bareback both excited and disturbed her.

We showered together, and worked up a real lather cleaning my cock and her ass, and I began rimming her as the hot water streamed down her body. She leaned over, back curved so that her butt stuck out, and splayed her arms on the wall under the showerhead. I spread her cheeks for best access, and slid my tongue around and around and as far into her as I could. She began to thrust her ass at my tongue, moaning loudly.

Then I slowly added a finger to my work, gently probing while I licked, but running water wasn't a very good lubricant. She straightened up, turned around, and grabbed my hard cock, then said that she was ready, and she really, really wanted me inside her ass...NOW!

We towelled off quickly, and jumped together onto the bed, with me on top. She started to push her hips up so that my cock slid between her cheeks, and she pushed back against it as I ground up against her ass. Reluctantly, I slid down and off her, and reached for the lube, and she was almost shivering with anticipation as I ran my fingers lightly up the backs of her legs to her delicious ass. She arched her back, and jutted out her butt as I massaged her cheeks, gradually working the kneading until I was running my thumbs up her ass crack, and spreading her cheeks. Gawd! I loooooove the look of a woman's ass, jutting up and out, spread and inviting, exposing her anus and the glory of her pussy. Yum!

I flipped the cap on the lube, and poured a more than generous portion into my other hand, then warmed it, and ran the slick palms of my hands several times down her crack to lube up the area, then went back to massaging and worshipping her scrumptious ass (she loved that), then concentrated more on her anus with my thumbs, until I was running them in small circles along the rim and dipping slightly inside. Again, she started to moan, and grabbed a pillow (mine, of course), and jammed it under her lube-soaked hips. I uncapped the lube again, and this time allowed a small stream to run from the top of her ass, down between her cheeks and across the one thumb still gliding around her anus.

I'd managed to work her ass enough by now that my thumb slid in pretty easily with the extra lube, and before long, I was fucking her with my thumb, then my index and middle finger, and finally added a third after a bit more lube and a few minutes of slow-but-steady work.

She was gasping and sighing and moaning and groaning with pleasure now, and I slid both thumbs inside her asshole and swirled them around while spreading her cheeks with my fingers before removing them and admiring the sight of her open hole, which slowly closed.

"Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass NOW! Shove that cock up my ass!" she screamed, and I didn't waste any time lubing my cock, then slowly sliding the head inside. Wow! What a different feeling when there isn't any latex between you and your loved one's ass! She grunted and gasped, but kept up a hoarse dribble of "fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME!" as I thrust slowly ever deeper.

It seemed like ages, but was likely no more than a minute or two, but soon I was jerking and groaning and filling her ass with spurt after spurt of hot cum, and I rested for awhile with my cock still buried in her ass while she murmured sweet nothings close to my ear about how good my cum felt in her ass, and how great my hard cock felt inside her, and how glad she was that we had done this.

After catching my breath, though still hard as a rock and turned on like crazy, I slowly pulled out of her and slid back to admire the view of her open asshole and her gorgeous ass. As it slowly closed, she must have tried to force out the cum for my added enjoyment, because there were a a glistening ooze of my cum slid slowly out and down across her pussy. I was in heaven! My cum went between her pussy lips, and dripped down onto the (my!) pillow, and all I could do was exclaim at the sight and thank her profusely.

Then we hopped back in the shower to clean up...and start on a long night of wild and passionate sex!

Yup, Anal Cream Pies...a favourite memory of mine!
never had my ass cum filled before or sucked as well.Think we could
find someone that would fill my ass with cum for your sucking pleasure
That sounds kinky. Jim in Orlando Want to try?
I am a ass licker I would love to try licking one full of cum
Hot cum from an asshole ...the ultimat taste trat
I have yet to do this, but it sounds so erotic!
Nothing tastes as good as a freshly fucked, cum filled ass. Gender doesn't matter. I also love to suck on the cock that put it there.
HI I am a bsiexual TV. I love to meet sexy couples and love creampies.

I travel a lot to California and Denver.

I would love to meet some sexy friends there to play with.

Please let me know if you would be interested.
never done this before,but if my man just fucked your ass,and cums like he cums in mine, i think i would love to eat that cum!
Hey everyone, I would love to fill someones ass and eat it out for them, if your interested contact me.
I was with 2 other guys who were gang-banging a woman and after the other 2 men had cum in her ass & pussy, I was the lucky guy who was asked to lick up all the cum from her oozing holes. It was deliciaous, and I licked her ass and pussy after each guy came in her all night. Yummy!!!:-P :-D been doing it ever since (men & women alike)
I was with 2 other guys who were gang-banging a woman and after the other 2 men had cum in her ass & pussy, I was the lucky guy who was asked to lick up all the cum from her oozing holes. It was deliciaous, and I licked her ass and pussy after each guy came in her all night. Yummy!!!:-P :-D been doing it ever since (men & women alike)
I'd love to watch a couple fuck and then eat the creampie and lick his cock clean...:-P
Creaming a tight ass is a very rewarding feeling I must say. Receiving a large load from a heavy cummer I found the feeling of thick cum dripping from my ass a very slutty experience.
I love cleaning cum from my wife's ass MMMMMM !!! As a pethetic femenized sissy fag cuckold it is who I am and where I belong... always under my brautiful wife sucking every last sweet drop of her lovers load from her delicious ass and pussy....
Anyone with an ass that needs filling, let us know!
As I Love to :-P a load of thick sticky cum out of freshly-fucked asshole and have the favor returned. I fully agree with with everyone who has previous made a post that the only thing better than feeling a big hard throbbing cock filling my ass with a load of cum is the feeling of my lovers hot moist tongue :-P it back out! :-D
My husband loves to watch me get fucked. I love being a good little whore and taking cock in all my holes. Usually I get them all to cum on my face. My fantasy right now is to find a group of guys to fuck me silly, then take all their loads in my ass... I'd force my hubby to lay down while I squat over him and dispense all the hot cum into his mouth. Smothering him under my ass til he shoots all over.
I never would have believed I would suck cum from an ass. My g/f gradually got me used to it by having me tongue her asshole. From there it was easy to move up to sucking cum from her ass, something I do regularly now.
I believe that creampies are made to be eaten as well as enjoyed visually. I love the feel and taste of cum. I love to lick up cum (both mine and other men's) as it runs out of a pussy or asshole, and I will happily share it with others before I swallow.
Yes nothing SWEETER than a Cream Pie,,,looking for Tops in Tampa Bay Fl. area.Hug:-P
My hubby hasn't felt this pleasure yet, but I am hoping someone will ablige him at least once. I think he'd enjoy being the one filled then cleaned up/out by a very willing mouth/tongue.:)
my wife doesnt like receiving the only time i get to eat anal pies is out of mens asses or when we're with a couple where the lady likes anal.
and i love to be filled with cum and have it tongued and sucked from my hole
i would def get into getting used as a total cumhole for a dude and having his wife get his cum out of my ass, the more the dude can cum and the more times the better ....
i love having guy fuck my ass and filling it full just near the opening.....especially those guys that have huge ,massive cumshots....i really love the silky, smooth, wet sensation of his sperm coating me inside and ozzing out of me lubeing my butt cheeks and even having it run dowm between my legs......i am such a slut sometimes.....amber
Can I eat your creampie?
I can never remember which I enjoy more...making or eating creampies..or having one made in me? Anyone want to help me out on this...?
Male cum in the anus is HIGHLY HIGHLY EROTIC to taste and smell! Dennis J
I wanna set a record for the most guys to cum in my ass. Male gangbang in Delray Beach FL. anyone?
Im willing to try it out both ways ! I love to cum,love to suck cum ,and I want my tight ass filled
I want to watch a mans big dick fucking his wife's ass and cumming in it, then I want to fuck her ass and fill it with my cum, and while she is sitting on my mouth feeding everything from her ass I want him to fuck my ass and fill it too.then after I finnish sucking out her ass completely clean I want to suck his cock clean. I think that would be so awesome to do. Any couple interested? Any girl interested? I have never been fisted by a girl so this is some thing I want to.
feeling Really slutty and horny i walked to a "spot " i used to go to in Culver City!!1 i met another black man there black like me mscular and loved the fact that i had on flip flops a pair of OUTRAGEOus slutty daisy dukes w a long coat collar under a trench {summer} w a Bag full of dildos!! he took a look at my nipples and sais" u got bitch tities, i bet u got some good pussy!!!" i ran w escitement into the mens bathroom strpped off the coat and got on my knees mouth open legs apart offering this athletic clean mandingo his first taste of submissive "nigga pussy" he said after raping my throat he pulled out and said he was gonna get 4 white blonde twinks to use me so that when he dipped his "14" inch dick in my pussy he could ploe it for days and plow the grip out of dat pussy!!! omg 4 days later i was worse off casue now when i think about is open mind and my hole dripping wet w cum i want to do MORE for him!!!,,
i am in need of having my ass filled with hot gooey cum. Any guys near wilkes-barre pa. drop me a note. Lets meet and you can fill my ass with your loads. bring your friends to add their cum and bring your gf's or wives to open me up with their strapons. Hurry I need my ass, cum filled NOW.
i both enjoy male and female cream pies sucking cum out of an asshole delights me to know end special when there still spasming still gaped .
Any girls want a anal creampie by a nine inch cock
To fucking hot love it
Something i always wanted to do looking for the right chick that gets off from recieve anal pies im kinda interested in a sexy bi couple but the male has to meet a certain criteria for me if this is possible i would like for the male to be no older than 35 and has to be healthy and with a nice body and he has to have a fat juicy cock thats somewhat around the size of 8 to 12 inchs with a clean shave no shorter than 5'10 and no taller than 6'5 and has to be willing to let me do to him what he desires to do to me for the female it doesnt matter what shape size height or race i love all pussy as long as shes takes somewhat care of her self and is all about being hygienic in these sexual experiences im hoping to find a single female or bi curious couple in The Easley, SC area!!!!!
hello , I live in North Georgia and I`m looking for dominate couple , dominate male or dominate females that I could be a feminized sissy slut for
I would love an anal cream pie from two to three men or a couple where I could give and receive. Let me know if anyone is interested.
I want in on some of that
I like getting anal creampies by big black hard dick
cum in my hole is what i live for
Anal Cream Pies on Bisexual PlaygroundAnal Cream Pies on Bisexual PlaygroundAnal Cream Pies on Bisexual PlaygroundAnal Cream Pies on Bisexual Playground

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