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Bi Female Post Pics

Bi Female Post Pics on Bisexual PlaygroundBi Female Post Pics on Bisexual Playground
Professional SBM 39yo, 5'11", 265lbs, 7" tool, bi-curious/str8 masculine. Mostly top but could be versatile with right person. Also into strapon. Not into pain maybe a little kink. Respectful of limits. Also into pics and video but must be discreet. Not ready to post pics available yet but will post later.
We are a couple that is looking for a bisexual female to join us for some "fun". With the right person a long term relationship would be considered. We can't post pics on here, but would be more than willing to share pics after talking with some ladies.
Feel free for add us as a friend. 😎 HE LOVES USING MY PANTIES AND TAKE PICS, for me and all of you! For now, only he(bicurious sub husband) is posting pics. Who knows, in the future, she(Wife chubby/bbw femdom) join us? A new exhibitionist couple, in a monogamous relationship, who wants to share our sexy pics for all of you, we LOVE compliments, ALL genders are welcome! We DON'T want other partners, just sharing our bodys and sex activity. Respect and love! If using any of our pics for inspiration to masturbate, we would love it if you would post a pic or comment!!!! WE LOVE TRIBUTE PICS!😈
Man, I am as freaky as I can be. I love uninhibited, hot ass sex! I prefer average to medium to large women (and dudes that are cut - circumcised), and know how to put out that pussy/ass! Hey, don't 'hit me up' without pics! They don't have to be 'face' pics, but give me something! I actually prefer dick/ass pics; people who post their face pics are usually 'too cute' to be freaky. Keep your beauty—I want that booty! Be considerate. That's all for now.
We are a married couple with a strong relationship. My wife has never been with another woman and is very curious about it. We would like to stay as discreet as possible but are very serious. We haven't taken any x-rated pics as of yet so we don't have pics that we can post. If you are a single woman and would be interested in experiencing our first threesome with us then please feel free to message us. Once we start talking and we get comfortable with you then we will send pics.
We are a couple and we do have pics but will not post them on a site..if you are REALLY interested and close to us and FEMALE only then email us at other questions we will gladly answer..feel free to ask anything and everything..looking for a good time and a possible move in ;)
Ok Iknow everyonew has a right to post pics, but some people should only post g-rated pics and if they want to post more put them in private. I have seen some pretty bad pics and think the people that post them might have a better chance of finding someone if they showed off G-raterd pics before anything else get to know the person first. Then show yourself off. I think this should pertain to everyone really. Why have someone want you for just your body, when theycan want you for so much more.

As far as pics..
We love pics! Love taking them and having them taken of us
We do use considerationand respect, and we ask folks if we can take pics, when we do..and when we post pics to the site like this,as in our profile, we always get the folks permission, and even then.. the only full face pics we have posted are of folks that have even asked us to post their pics. Other than that if there are people other than Goldragon and I in the shot ..we make sure their faces can not be recognized.
For the willing, HOT pics are great ad enhancers.
'Nessa, you hit the nail on the head with your first response. MisterRea, I may be wrong, but your original post is coming across a little judgmental of those who choose not to post facial pics for all to see. However, I notice that you do not have a face pic up either, which makes your post just a tad bit hypocritical. No one knows what members have in their Private Pics collection. I myself have several face pics there. I just choose not to post my face for all to see. However, if someone I had been chatting with were to ask for a pic I would be more than happy to share one provided they did the same. My point being that just because a person does not have a face pic up for everyone to see does not mean that they do not have one. Pictures are optional on this site and just as you exercise your option to keep ANY AND ALL pics of yours private, other members exercise that same right to post a close up shot of their genitalia or their breasts. Besides, it's been my experience (and I speak only from what I've noticed, I am not speaking for anyone else) that profiles with pics, whether they be a face shot or a body shot get more attention then those with no pics at all. ;)
I don't understand it either. If I give a rating it's always a 10. always. if I see a pic that's 1/10 and I would not normally rate that pic I give it a 10/10 just because.

i know I don't have any pics posted. and I won't post any. I *WILL* share them 1 on 1. It even says so in my profile. Does this limit people to contact or respond to me. Sure does and that's okay. I'm very private about what I post online.

To those that do post pics you're all 10s to me! Cheers!
i personally don't care whether it is a face pic or a nude pic so long as there are pics in a profile. i know some people do not want to show their faces because of their jobs or family & that's fine by me. and the same goes for people who are not comfortable showing their nude pics. that's why it's so nice to have the private pics section in your profile so you can put those pics in there & pick & choose who you want to see them. some of my more "racier" pics are in my private pics section as well as some pics that are very special to me & only the people who i have become comfortable with are given my pin # so they can view them. even if you don't post a pic for everyone to see or for paid members to see....the option to post a pic in the private pics section is there. most people like to see at least one pic & get an idea of the what the person looks like behind the e-mails, im's or chat. pics definitely do help in finding someone & hooking up.
Hug & Kisses
Are you aware that if you do a google search on a computer of your screen name on here your forum post plus your public pics will show up? Maybe thats why some prefer not to post any pics.


Bristol was awesome!! I uploaded a few pics from there and as soon as I transfer my pics from Richmond I will post a few of those also. Richmond was also a blast!! Anyone headed to Dover? Drop me an email here if you like. Tricia
M-F-M Threesome
I have had a few MFM and am about to have another one with in the next week or so. Should be lots of fun. Hope to have some pics to post once it happens.
Would love to find someone in the western mass area who would like to get together for pics to post with their profile
Has anyone seen any pictures on this site of female on female that are ebony and ivory? If you have any of those photos please post and let me know, I'd love to view!
American Indian
Being not only part Mohawk Indian and Hawaiian I believe that I can call myself a Native American by heritage, blood, and birth. I hope to see others add post and pics here...Hug
Nude Camping
Out camping right now ... naked weekend starts tomorrow ... will take some pics and post over the weekend!


Great site. I am a new member and I must say I love it. No fees!!! These are the sites that I love at first and don't mind paying later on down the line for the exxxtra benefits!! I am bi female looking to hook up with another bi female in NYC. I let you guys know the outcome.