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I love to model for pictures, if you would like a special girl with more to model please contact me through my email. I am very resonable and special. I can and will do videos as well. You will not be disappointed. Maryilyn HugKiss
I love posing for pictures and especially naughty ones that can't be posted on this site... Anyone who we have really entrusted our friendship to can confirm this... Wink Hugs Kisses Billy
I have been a photographer for over 40 years, and I have been known to participate in some of my own photos ;) you may have seen some of my work in various forum posts, and for sure if you have looked at my profile photos :-D Billy: we need to talkLaughing
Well I would love to pose and have pics taken of me .. I believe that would be awesome, would get very turned on then have to have fun... havent had pic taken in approx 10 yrs. Think it would be coolto get some decent ones taken to puton this site....KissHug Kim
say if you are in philly pa and will like for me - Dennis to posing in some photo's for you ? just ask for me to do so - OK ? HugFlowerKiss
Have been a studio, newsaper, freelance, war, weddings, funerals, sporting and special events as a photographer and graphic artist since i was 9 years old. I have also done official police and military crime scene and accident/mass casualty scenes around the world, advertising layouts; calendars, cheescake, nude, and straight photography; and have been published in several major international magazines/forum and on tv!! I do Love to do artisitc layouts and lighting special effects with backdrops in addition to digital video work; together with orchestrated digital sound tracks a can provide. Yes, i really love some of the aritistic work found here on BP!! Some real talent out there!! Hugs&Congrats to those who show artistry, taste and panache' and have found the light! CourtFlowerFlowerFlower
I would love to pose for any photographer in any position requested. I get a kick out of knowing other people are enjoying my naughty pictures.
it is SO MUCH FUN to pose for pics......great way to enjoy foreplay ending in a massive ....MESSY .....CUM SHOT that you just let stay messy and wear with pride to savor the outCUM
I am always ready to pose for the camera doing pretty much anything
Yeah! ! I've had both COVID shots so starting April 21 I want to start playing with other fully vaccinated bi guys and gals. After a year of lock down I miss cock and pussy and need to make other sexy NSA guys and gals cum........I need cock and pussy!
Posing For Pics on Bisexual PlaygroundPosing For Pics on Bisexual PlaygroundPosing For Pics on Bisexual PlaygroundPosing For Pics on Bisexual Playground

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