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Bi Stroking

Bi Stroking on Bisexual PlaygroundBi Stroking on Bisexual Playground
I have been curious for the longest time of having a your cock in my mouth especially stroking it my hand. I also dream about it and waking up stroking my own self.
tall gl into pov str8 oral movies and stroking. curious about stroking and sucking a cut mushroom headed dick.
always horny looking for a reg cum buddy Love stroking stroking others and others strking me watching
Hello, I am a straight married male 66 years old, who is very sexual and looking for a like minded male in my age group, 50-67 years old. Who is a straight or bi-sexual male that is looking for a stroking buddy, to explore our sexuality and desire for mutual pleasures with another male. I have a long time panties wearing fetish and I love stroking myself in panties or naked and I love being watched stroking myself and watching others stroking themselves. And maybe exploring stroking each other’s cocks. I am not interested in sucking another male cock or any anal stuff or pain or bondage. I have very limited experience with mutual pleasure with another male. I am fully vaccinated and clean and I have a fully cut cock, it’s just around 6’ inches long and thick and fully cut. Looking for a like minded male in the Chicagoland area. Paul
Nice laid back Irish guy 5'9 brown hair 200 lbs. I really like sucking and stroking. Looking for Fun, Oral and stroking only. Bi male Bi male with female for fun is also fantasy.
Hi I’m Chris I’m interested in wearing your thong panties, bra, socks/nylons, heels, lingerie, & dresses, or skirts, & tops! I love sucking womens toes, licking her feet, stroking my cock, & stroking your cock as well! I’m looking for some kinky fun, & safe continueing sex!,
I too would love to find a like minded male in my age group and my area of Chicago, who enjoys wearing sexy lace panties and stroking ourselves together in panties, edging and teasing ourselves and each other. Maybe exploring stroking each other’s cocks and trying frottage with a fleshlight sleeve.
It really turns me on to watch solo males stroking themselves in panties or naked and being watched stroking myself.
I am a 67 year old straight married male who enjoys wearing sexy lace panties panties and stroking myself in panties.
Looking for a like minded male in my age group, 50-67 years old, who would like to watch me stroking myself in panties and being watched stroking yourself.
Both of us watching each other stroking ourselves in panties and maybe more.
Had my first about 6 years ago, started as just watching each other stroking it, then to stroking each other. He went down on me till I came, so figured what the heck and went down on him. Had a few more experiences since then.
Looking for a like minded male in Chicago, in my age group, 50-68 years old, who would like to help me explore my sexuality with another male. Exploring mutual pleasures together and exploring watching each other stroking ourselves in panties or naked. I have a long time panties wearing fetish.
Must be fully cut!
Looking to explore edging and stroking ourselves together and exploring stroking each other’s cocks.
I was 69 the first time. I met a guy on this site. Went to Tom Bennet Park in Bradenton FLORIDA. I opened my truck door and he walk up to me put his hand up my shorts and started stroking me. I returned the favor. His cock was about 9”. He asked if I’d suck it. Told him never have. Next thing I knew he was sitting in my truck, I had the whole thing in my mouth sucking and stroking, after 2 or 3 minutes he said Hold On. He shots a monster load in my mouth, I never stopped sucking and stroking, swallowed everything he had.
Rehoboth Beach when the men’s room was below street level. Standing at the urinal when a guy stood beside me and pulled out an obviously pumped cock and started stroking it while looking at me. I got hard in an instant! I reached over and started stroking that thick cock when he grabbed my 7 hard inches and started stroking fast, I didn’t last long before I shot a nice thick load in the urinal, while watching he came almost at the same time as me!


Love watching & being watched. On occasion I will spend time in the yard either naked or semi-naked (shirt only). And on quite a few occasions around town & on the interstate in various places I've enjoyed public nudity - whether just being seen semi hard, stroking myself, & have even stood naked alongside the interstate stroking & peeing. Just love being nude outside.
Glory Holes
The first time I got my cock sucked I was in an Porn Arcade in Sydney. I was in a booth watching some gay porn and there was this big glory hole in the booth. I had opened my pants, taken out my cock and was stroking it when I looked over and saw the guy on the other side standing in front of the hole on his side stroking his big cock. I turned and faced the hole and started stroking in front of him. I turned back and he reached through the hole and touched my thigh for me to turn back. I turned and pushed my cock through the hole. He dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock...he slid his mouth all the way down my shaft and back off again. He did this over and over while he fondled my balls. I told him I was getting ready to cum and he slid his mouth all the way down my cock to indicate he wanted me to cum in his mouth. My cock started to pulse when I started to cum and he slid back a bit so I could fill his mouth. This was the first time I explored my Bi side. I've since been to Bath houses where I've been sucked and sucked lots of cock. I like to go to hotel rooms of travellers where I generally get into sucking, rimming and sometimes mutual fucking. I've gotten into understall stroking too...many good cums that way.
Glory Holes
I Remember my first time. I was jacking off in a book store video booth. A hand came through a hole I never had noticed and motioned for me to come closer. I did and He started stroking me. the hand asked me to put my dick Thu the hole. I did. This warmth engulfed me and started stroking my entire length. In no time flat I was cuming. I had to grab the top of the wall to keep from falling down. I cum and cum my hips thrusting involuntarily in to his mouth. He took it all. I collapsed on the chair. Embarrassed I left quickly. but never forgot it.
Stroking there cock Ilive in ct
Latin Men
I love stroking and sucking a hung latin man!
Adult Theaters
Love going to ADULT THEATER X and getting naked and stroking my cock for everyone to see.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!