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We used to have a local adult video store that had video booths in the back and that had Glory Holes. A friend told us about it, so we went and had a look. The original plan was for me to go in one booth, while Carol went into the other and gave me head through the Glory Hole. Those plans changed! We went into one booth to have a look at the set-up, and within 10 seconds, a dick appeared through the hole! I goaded Carol into touching it, and she ended up taking it even further. She dropped to her knees, and started sucking the guys dick. The guy came in about 20 seconds! Carol could sense it, and pulled away, but the guy shot all over her shirt...and she was wearing a black T-shirt!! They had a paper towel dispenser in the booth, but it was empty. There was nothing to clean up with. We ended up having to walk back through the video store with a bog load of cum in plain view, all over the front of her shirt. And yes, people noticed! We went back a number of times, and Carol gave lots of head, and even fucked a few guys through the hole. She even brought a couple of girlfriends at different times, who had to see it to believe it.
Just curious, but doesn't this seem to be a very dangerous thing to do? Or is that the primary Kick in it?:(
Yes thats part of it and being able to show off to others. I am very oral and love to suck cock and this gives me the variety I crave. I just love cum from the source.:-P:-P Blowjob
where the heck do I find one of these glory holes? Do most adult video places with booths have glory holes?
Diana and I love to play at the glory holes also. We love to team suck a hard cock through the hole.
are there any glory holes left anymore??? i can't find any in n. illinois/s. wisconsin area all the way up to green bay...most adult book stores are more sterile than an operating room these days...i miss the sleazy days of glory holes in private video booths....if anyone knows where any are in n. illinois/s. wisconsin, please let me's rather dangerous health-wise in this modern day and age, but still...thrilling annonymous, no strings quickie fun if done right....
Are there any gloy holes left in CT ?? There used to be one in the adult bookstore just outside of Hartford, but they have since closed that off. One of the most exciting times I've had was when I first noticed the glory hole, was pretty inexperienced (even scared), and a big hard cock came through the hole. I wanted it so bad and I immediately started sucking on it, I could hear the guy in the next booth moan. We ended up in the same both where I finished him was wonderful !!
I love to suck cock though a hole! AngelFlower
Does anyone know of any Glory Holes in Daytona Beach area
sucking a man thru a hole is exciting... love it! Blowjob
yes there is one in daytona I cant remember the name of the book store but its on international speedway dr right near the 95 next to a pancake house I was just there in november not all the boothes have holes but some do i sucked 4 cocks when i was there and it was great
thanks for the info,,, are there any good glory holes in the coco area
I confess that I have never sucked a cock through a glory hole but I have received some very good head. I've experienced them in Chicago and San Francisco. I do want to suck a hard one through a hole one day and I am also addicted to porn theatres - unfortunately, almost a thing of the past. You can't beat the pure sex of it....guys all sitting in a dark theatre with their cocks in their hands. I just love it!
anyone know of any in or around DC?
There is one on the south side just off the highway to San Antonio, can't remember the name but it is the one that is most south and on the east side of 35.:)
any body finds them selves in lex ky we got 5 adult stores with glory holes
i am new at the m to m thing and i want to find a glory hole in kentucky so i can suck a cock and not have to worry about anything just and leave
Near Austin there is a bookstore with glory holes on the same hwy as the airport. It's supposed to be about 10 miles past the airport.
Can any tell me ...where any glory holes are located on Long Island, NY Kiss
Glory holes are a thing of the past, here in Pa, sorry to say. But there is a Booksore in Tannersville, Pa that has 2 large booths, and more than one person can be comfortable in them. Also the management doesn't interfere as long as you don't cause a scene. PS nice pics showpony!!!
does anyone know of any glory holes in bakersfield, california
Yes there are a lot of them on Long Island, Commack 495 get off Commack Road if going East keep going to the next light and make a right its down on the left $10.00 is steep but it does get a lot of action. Also in Bayshore on Brook Ave off Bayshore Road, Happy Hunting
I'm new in st petersburg fl any glory holes in town
when I go to the gloryholes I wear panties and nylons under my jeans and a little cropped off tshirt under my jacket and carry a pair of heels in my jacket pockets. After I buy my tokens I go into the bathroom and switch shoes. So I have on the heels, then I take off my jacket and let my jeans hang low on my hips so the straps of my thong panties show above the waist off my jeans. then when I walk down the hallway in front of all the guys standing against the wall they can see me in heels and see my thong showing. I make eye contact to be sure they can see my eyemake up and lipstick. When I get to my favorite booth in the back (it's in the middle between two booths) I hold open the door and lay my jacket on the seat......then while still outside the booth, where the guys can see me, I slip off my jeans and t shirt so all I have on is panties, heels and nylons. With the door still open I load about 30$ in tokens into the video monitor, get on my knees and pull the door closed. There is usally four or five guys standing outside my booth and they see me on my knees. I like the boothe in the middle cause there are gloryholes in both walls, usally after I finish with one cock all I have to do is turn around and there is another hard cock waiting. Sometimes If the guy has a really nice cock I like to lube him up and back my ass up on to his cock while I bend over and suck another guy at the same time. When I leave I have cum smeared all over my face and chest, and it's leaking out of me and running down the inside of my legs, there is usally alot smeared on my knees and legs from kneeling on the floor. I usally just put on my t shirt and jeans and run out the front door with cum all over my face. Once I let a big, well hung black stud take me into a couples both and bend me felt so good I told him I didn't want him to stop......he told me he wanted to take me to the motel up the street so we could really have some fun but he wanted me to suck his buddy first. While I sucked his friend he left the booth. We went to the motel in his car and he stripped and told me to suck him as soon as we set foot in the door........then he had me lay across the bed sideways with my head hanging over the edge so he could stand next to the bed and shove his cock all the way down my throat......he gagged me so badly that I passed out. When I woke up he had tied my hands and feet to the bed and there was about nine men in the room.....he had told all the guys at the store to come to the motel and for 20$ they could fuck me anyway they wanted to all night. For the next seven hours they took turns fucking my mouth and ass..........I swallowed so much cum when I burped it would fill my mouth and I would have to swallow it again. My ass was so stretched that one guy was on top on me with his cock in my mouth and he was fucking me with a long neck beer bottle.......and shoving it ALL THE WAY IN.......when they all left he told me to suck him one more time and made me thank him for getting me all the cock I had. He started fucking me again and it felt soooooo Goood that I could not belive it but I was begging for it and promising to be his whore.........told him that if he would fuck me everyday....I would let him sell me at night.............when I got home and told my girlfriend she got so hot...........she called him and told him that she wanted to watch me suck him and his friends and if he let her watch she would let them fuck her when they finished with me. Now she goes with me to the gloryholes and we both suck guys off and sometimes she let's them fuck her........I love haveing her bent over sucking some truckers cock while I kneel behind her and eat the cum out her pussy that the last guy to fuck her filled her up with.:-PKiss
Know of any holes in NW Pennsylvania, southern NY or eastern Ohio???????:-P
is there any gloryholes in jefferson county missouri
The last masturbation party I went to had a glory hole booth in the garage, it was very nice and a fairly short line. LOL :-P
if anyone knows of any gloryholes in kentucky i would like to know
Is there any near cleveland ohio..would love to show and suck my first time..
Just got finished with a great gloryhole meal..Went to the local adult bookstore just after lunch hoping to get luck. Put ten dollars in credit on the machine and wait for what seems to have be forever before I heard the door on the booth next door shut and lock. Then I was on the hunt!!!! Looked through the hole to see and man in his early thirties rubbing his cock through is pants. Put my two fingers through the hole, then pulled them back and wait a moment before getting down to hole level. Much to my joy and relief, he was pulling his cock out and stroking it. Stuck my mouth up to the hole and wiggled my tongue and Bam I had a cock down my throat sucking like a kid deprived of his favorite sucker. This carried on for about then minutes before I felt his cock swelling in my mouth. Let loose a nice size load of his cum down my throat. But much to my dismay he pulled back quickly stuck his cock back in his pants and left. Bummer. Love Good Gloryhole Fun.
There are lots of good glory hole here in Miami,
There are alot of video-book stores with glory holes in Drew Park of Tampa, Florida. There's a great small one around the corner from the Club Tampa Bathhouse. It's small but ver active tho..yummy!!Hug:-PLaughing
If you're looking for glory holes in Southern Wis, check out the adult store just over the Illinois state line on Hwy. 41 at State rd 172. It is on the WEST side of the road next to the gentleman's club. Plenty of holes and action. Pay no attention to the store on the East side of the road, it's dismal. Good luck and happy hunting!!
does anyone one know of a gorly hole near winston salem nc? i would love to be on the receiving end (receiving the cock) that is.
Just watch out for the squirrels. Wink
Could really use info on glory holes in Indiana,who knows maybe your cock will meet my mouth mmmm.Kiss
looking for gloryhole in or around rock springs/green river Wy........or maybe your there and would let me taste yours
anyone know of any in the Chicagoland area!!!!
The bookstore mentioned at HWY 41 and HWY173 in Illinois, just south of Wisconsin is great. I travel for work and stop in whenever I can to stretch my legs and grab a quicky. Just be sure to keep feeding the video dollars, the managment does not like loitering, or more than one in a booth.
any in mich.
Any holes around Buffalo?
I was wondering if anyone knows of any good gloryholes in the DFW area?
Several years ago. I visited an adult bookstore where there were a lot of cars in the parking lot.. I was dressed in a short red dress and high heels, wig and make-up. I parked on the edge of the parking lot so I could be seen as I walked across the lot toward the entrance. I noticed several people watching me. When I went inside,there were singles and couples but not as many as I had expected to see. I paid a browsing fee, got some tokens for their booths and headed back to find one with a glory hole. As I entered the hallway to the booths, I discovered where everyone was. I walked past a dozen people, mostly guys and was noticed by all. I entered a booth and found there was a large hole cut into each sidewall. You could look tru easily into each booth. Before I sat down ad fed tokens into the slot, there was a penis in one hole and eyes in the opposite one watching me. I got down on my knees and positioned my self to one side of the hole so the person watching from the other booth could watch as I sucked. Suddenly, the door to the booth opened, and I realized I had forgotten to lock it. There stood two younger ladies holding hands and giggling at me. I stopped and they entered the booth and they locked the door. One of them put her hands on my head a directed me back to the waiting cock and forced me to suck it. One whispered to me that she wanted to see me make him cum. When he came, it was unexpected and was all over my face and mouth. They laughed and kept me it the booth watching as I sucked numerous cocks. I must have been there for several hours before we left. They wanted to walk behind me as I left the booth and follow me tru the bookstore so they could see the reactions of the people. Everyone noticed me, especially since I was dressed like a slut and I'm sure they noticed the wetness on my face. When I got outside, I had to walk past several guys just going in. The ladies encouraged one of the guys to follow me to my car across the lot where they made me suck him off. They were now laughing out loud and attracting a lot of attention my way. It was a strange night.
there is a awesome glory hole video store on hwy 41 near the wisconsin ill state line "the hwy 41 video store" just a few miles east of I 94 have been there many times and there are always some willing suckers there. and plenty of cock to suck too if you like .:-P
any 1 no any glory holes in northern nj or in ny near the path train
I love to suck guys off in a GH, are there any GH in ATLANTA area?
anyone know any in so cal?
r there any g holes in nyc areA pleASE LET ME KNOW i would love 2 suck on a juicey cock
Any gh's left in MN?
Does anyone know if the place in Upland, Calif still has glory holes--we're 2 couples who want to experience that--or if you know any around San Diego area? Linda, bi gal in Vista
while watching movie in adult book store a huge black dick was sticking thru the glory hole. I just couldn't help grabbing it and sucking it till it exploded in my mouth. My next trip it reappeared. I gladly sucked on it then knocked on the wall. there was a return knock, i slipped my lips off it and entered the next booth. There was the cutest black man i ever saw, I proceeded to suck that huge black dick until it exploded in my mouth, I wish i could do that every day.
Anyone know of any safe gloryholes in the San Diego area? Would love the experienceKiss
Billings Montana...yes there is a great bookstore in Mt. and I often go there and recommend it highly! Its called the Victorian, you pay $5.00 for admission to the booth section and I have always managed to get very lucky. Last time I was there I not only got to suck several hot cocks but also left my motel location and phone on the chalk board they provide and had several hot guyz cum visit. I also leave pre printed notes in each of the booths giving my motel location and its great fun to lay in bed waiting for the phone to ring! My notes always explain that I'm very kinky and on my last visit I had calls ( and lots of nasty guyz) cum visit ( for photos see Forum on Kinky sex) So if your traveling through Billings its a Must visit!
Does anyone know of any Glory Holes in Columbus Ohio area?
Glory Holes. Where do you find them In New Jersey. I need to feel that rush everyone is talking about:-P
Does anyone know where there are any gloryholes in the houston area? i have been to one book store in the upper peninsula in michigan and i loved it.
Are there any Gloryholes in the Detroit area?
Looking for any Glory Holes and cruising areas in Glens Falls, NY area
Anybody know of any glory holes in Las Vegas? will be visiting in june. thx mrknln
any in pittsburgh
also any glory holes in central cali? :-P
Is there any Glory Holes in the Cleveland, Pittsburgh or MIchigan area, if so please let me know, it sounds so hot, I want to try it !
does anyone know of a place with glory holes close to tampa /tarpon springs florida
IN laurel MD i have played in ABS few times with a couple. She would suck her hubby for a while then show her fingers in hole for me to insert myself. She would suck me for a while then stop and suck him. I would watch and finger her through the hole. Eventualy she would let me cum in her mouth and she would dribble out all over her chin and hands.
IN laurel MD i have played in ABS few times with a couple. She would suck her hubby for a while then show her fingers in hole for me to insert myself. She would suck me for a while then stop and suck him. I would watch and finger her through the hole. Eventualy she would let me cum in her mouth and she would dribble out all over her chin and hands.
Can anyone help me out here? I would like to find a few places here in Phoenix, Arizona that have glory holes. I love sucking on anonymous cocks and sometimes i let them in my booth to fuck me and cum all over my face. I love that! I esp. love sucking and getting fucked by hung black guys.mmmm!
Any glory holes in MA?
great place for glory hole action, going to be 3 women there 9-22-06, 9pm GARY in. CT's theater 4620 Industrial hwy Gary indiana across from Gary Airport 4 GLORY HOLES & AN ADULT THEARTER
Hot Some Great Spots in San Jose...and this tall horny guy will take you there! just let me know....not pushy..:) really enjoying chatting with folks in the chat room and look forward to meeting you in person...
Any HOT Gloryholes close to or in Lancaster CA
Any HOT Gloryholes close to or in Lancaster CA
Are there any good GLORY HOLES near Anaheim CA.
any gloryhole near the bronx
Anyone know of any glory holes in the new Orleans Area.Me and my wife will be there 11/13 to 11/19.Both love sucking cock.
Am looking for any glory holes between Toronto and Montreal
Any GH's in Washington state that anyone knows of.
I have been " gloryholing" for 26 years and it is the best sex ever. Why? Because everyone knows why they are there. One of my best experiences was at a gloryhole in Danbury Ct. on Mill Plain Road called Fantasy Isle. There are 12 booths all with holes and I had gotten there early for the lunch crowd. I was the only one in the place so I went to the last booth on the left, put in my card and selected a good vid. The door to the shop has an electric chime and can be heard even in the booth area. About 10 mins. had gone by and the chime went off. My heart started beating faster as I wondered if the person had just come for a mag or the booths. Then I heard someone walking in the area and I got hard as a rock hoping. The door in the booth next to me opened. The guy was tall and wearing jeans, he stepped in the booth did the money thing and unzipped his pants pulling them down slowly with has ass facing me. And what an ass! I wished my tongue was a foot long I wanted to lick him soooo bad. He started playing with himself and after about a minute,e turned towards me. Holy shit what a cock. And on his left hand a wedding ring! BINGO! I made the finger move and he stepped to the wall and slowly pushed a good 9 inches through the hole. I decided he was going to get the best BJ ever. I sucked him with passion and skill keeping him edgy for a good 20 minutes. I sensed he was close so I went for it all. I stopped giving him head and invited him in my booth. He couldn't get his pants up fast enough and in my booth he was. We both completely stripped and much to my surprise and delight we embraced and he fired his tongue down my throat. I dragged my tongue down his chest and took him in my mouth again. Getting him rock hard I wanted to take him around the world, down the shaft of his cock taking his big balls one at a time in my mouth and tongue swirling them and then underneath and back up the crack of his ass tonging deep into his asshole. I did this back and forth several times as his moaning got louder and stronger an then he grabbed my head and furiously face fucked me. I felt them warm jets of cum hitting the back of my throat, and I continued sucking until he was drained and had softened. We stroked each other for a while and talked about how he wished his wife could do this, and I offered to be his secret wife and service him whenever. That made him rock hard and he said slyly that maybe we should consummate the " marriage " then turning me I then knew what he meant and prepared for the best fucking I ever had. A total reaming and I came TWICE ! I kept that relationship for about five years meeting several times a week, then unfortunately he got transfered to another state. We tried meeting but it never worked out. But thats the great thing about gloryholes, there is always someone new!
looking for couple to join us in going to some Glory hole inventures in MD
I haven't had the experience of going to a glory hole as yet, since there don't seem to be many in the Phoenix area. At least that I'm aware of. However, something that has always turned me on is the idea of a glory hole party. Basically, you invite a bunch of friends familiar with the scene to someone's house. At the house, you have a temporary glory hole setup in a convenient area, with the ability to change out the suckee. And when someone feels the urge, they enjoy it. And if the suckee gets tired, another can take their place. Plus, you never have to know if it's male of female in the "box", and either gender can enjoy the mouth on the other side. Personally, I'd split my time between my mouth & my ass... but that's just the slut in me talking. :-D
Anyone know of any Glory Holes in NC.
i'm 29, white, male, 6'1, 190lbs, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, slim/smooth, boyish/cute, well hung, pouty lips, pierced tongue, very oral, safe, sane, discreet, and am very open minded...
Does anyone know where there are places that have glory holes in Phoenix? I love to suck anonomyous cocks, and do love having them come into my booth to fuck me and cum on my face and mouth or to leave so we can get naked and really play..I'm open to alot of things, believe me...
Any Glory Holes in or around Columbia, SC or Charlotte, NC?
the Michigan Street Theater in Lake Station, IN has glory holes... probably best place in NW Ind to find them. I used to go there quite often when work took me right by it, and used to get lucky fairly often with a nice cock.
New to the "Playground", and have become "gloryhole curious", and would like to explore a bit. I read a posting that there is a place south of Crossroads News&Video in Kenosha, WI. If someone could pass along the name it would be appreciated. Also if they know if they allow couples in the video booths.
Does anyone know of any glory holes in Michigan?
does anybody know where I can find a gloryhole in ContraCosta County (SF Bay Area)? I'd like to find a source of semen to swallow |8B
Any glory holes in Aurora, illinois?
central oklahoma?????????????????
Any Glory Holes In Fairfield California?
we enjoy glory holes
can anybody tell me where to find a GH in Arizona phoenix?
jusbnhonest, there are some in grand rapids. in fact there are 2, all the booths have multipal holes. to tell you the truth, thats were i've received the best blow jobs and they ALL swallow
I've seen glory holes at ABS but never did anything as far as giving or receiving until I was in Honolulu on vacation one year... was strolling along the main drag one nite late and lo and behold and Adult Bookstore with arcades... I was horny, could use some porn, gh's were last thing on my mind... went into the back arcade area, and there was a cool surfer dude hangin out... I went into a booth and lo and behold GLORYHOLE! as soon as I went in the surfer dude went into the other booth... I put some money in my machine and there was an awesome bi movie on, where the girl was telling the guy suck that F'n cock! I looked through the hole and the surfer dude was standing up and had his cock out, nice not too big not too small... I look back at the screen and was enjoyin the bi movie, looked back at the hole and he had put his cock through the hole right by my mouth... I looked at it, stroked it, licked the shaft, allthe while jackin myself off.. then I took it all in my mouth... was definitley HOT!!
any gh's in Tampa area?
Would like to find glory holes in the greenville area!
I'm heading to Alexandria, Va next week. Where can I find a glory hole there?
I'm heading to Alexandria, Va next week. Anyone know where I can find a gh there?
i'm a cd in w. pa. still looking for gloryholes in the area. knew where they used to have them in blairsville and st. college. not any more. anyone know of any
Can anyone tell me where to find gloryholes in the San Marcos/Escondido, Ca. area?
anyone know of any glory holes in GA????
i love to suck cocks from glory holds. I would love to get with someone in a private setting so that i can deep throat a nice long dick and have it jammed in my tight virgin ass.So if there is anyone in the ft.lauderdale ,fl. area please e-mail tonto45 right away
If anyone knows of any gloryholes in the Buffalo NY area, please email me and let me know. Thanks.:)
how many women like gh'
Any Glory Holes out there in the Louisville or Cincinnati areas? Gonna be traveling a little and wanna play! ;)
I have been curious about glory holes. Are there any near South Bend IN?
Does anyone know of a good glory hole spot on the way to the U.P. in Michigan between Saginaw and the bridge? The wife and I are planing a trip and thought that might be a nice little side adventure
Anyone have a good Glory Hole location in Tampa FL... New to the area. Thanks.
Does anyone know of any good golory holes in the Flint michigan area. Please let us know.
any glory holes in Charleston, SC area?
was hoping to here about some glory holes between flint and the U.P. in MI. Going to be leaving on our trip this weekend.
nothing much I love better than sucking a long hard cock through the glory hole down at a nearby bookstore.ANONYMOUS SEX!!!!! Just the thought of it has me ready to go down there tonight, well I pretty much end up down there every night.I have an insatiable lust for sucking cock, and I know of nowhere else in the world where you can deepthroat ten or eleven cocks(my personal record is 21 guys, with both holes filled). I spent like four hours back there, and didn't want to leave when I did but I had business elsewhere.
cumonmauldin, if you do find any, let me know. You'll probably have more luck in Charlotte. Glory holes worry me these days. There are some mean crazy people out there, guys. Have fun but be careful.
I was a a glory hole in florida one night, got there about 6pm left about 11: pm. I sucked all kinds of cock, uncut with a lot of skin, cut, thick ones thin ones long ones short ones older and younger ones. I guess I sucked about 20 that night, and fucked on nice young guys ass, and got fucked about 7 times. When I left I was full at each end I didnt have to get any thing to eat. Looking forward to go there again soon,my ass needs filling and so doesa my mouth. I want to thay all the guys. A couple of guys came in the booth with me and I rimmed there hot ass and then fucked them and git fuck by the other guy.Hug:-P:);)
thers a place in N.H. called leather and lcae very good place too suck dick from a glory hole they also have live chiks for pvt viewing some live girls and cds tv and a few ts go in too bootjhs and suck and be sucked i had a fw real good times there golry hole sucking is fun beu guys and girls be carefull:-PHugFlower
I would like to find a gloryhole in the East bay (SF Bay) Area Antioch or Concord, If you know any, let me know please
Anyone know of any Glory Holes in North Bay,Ontario
Where can you go as a single or couple in the Searcy, AR area?
hi, Novice cd from New Jersey. Just getting into dressing ans love to look like a slut/whore. Would love to find a woman, couple, guy or gurl to take me to a store with a gloryhole. I think the idea of giving oral to a stranger is really exciting. also being able to prance around dressed out would also be great.Any mananger pr owner that will let me get dressed give me a shout. I will liven up your store. slut-in-training judy
I am a MBM who also likes gloryholing much like Stevebeef. I also hung out at Fantasy aisle and what a great place for sex. I would go in a booth and most of time strip naked and leave my door open a crack so guys who walk by can see me. I love to be sucked and most of the time I'll find a guy who wants to suck my big hard cock. I shoot lots of cum. Before he sucks me, I'll stick my big hard nipple thru the hole and sometimes he will squeeze it or suck it. Other times I will stick on a nipple clamp and stick my nipple thru the hold and he will squeeze the clamp down harder. That turns me on so much I jerk off and shoot on the floor. Other times I let the guy finger fuck my ass while I jerk off. I like that a lot as well. I love Glory holes! I get rock hard just thinking about it!!
I love sex thru glory holes. Does anyone know of any good places in the Denver metro-plex? I love glory holes in public bathrooms, adult books stores, parks, rest areas. I love to have my cock sucked thru a glory hole. I usually get naked and leave my door open a crack so I can also get walk in traffic.
I''m in hot need of finding Glory Hole action in the Denver Metro-Plex (From Cheyenne Wyo down thru Colorado Springs. They can be in rest area bathrooms, adult book stores, parks, shopping malls, anywhere. I love having my cock sucked thru a glory hole. I like to get naked and put on my nipple clamps on my big nipples and get sucked off! I leave my door opened a crack for people to look in and see me. I would really appreciated any leads!!
Anyone know of any glory holes around Downingtown,PA or near by?
I found some glory holes in billings, MT... I visited there a few times and get looked at like I'm a fresh piece of meat! :) I am.. I love sucking cock.. don't want to get it back.. if you are around billings, cum down for some fun.. I'll be there.. sucking away.. dont look through the hole.. I don't like putting my fingers asking.. just stick it through and I'll be on the other end...
oogie likes glory holes lol
Does anyone know of gloryholes in NJ? It's one of my biggest turn-ons, unfortunately, I haven't found any. Thanks for any info. :-D
The idea of anonymously sucking cock after cock is a turn-on for me. With men I'm not interested in any kind of emotional relationship - it's all about their bodies - especailly their hard, throbbing cocks. I doubt that I'll ever do it though - seems too risky.
Love sucking cock through A Glory Hole......Any hold in AL?
Are there any glory holes in California near Long Beach?
If anyone know of the location of a glory hole in nothern wisconsin please let me know
Does anyone know of any adult stores that have glory holes in Kentucky??? We'd really be interested to find out. Thanks
anyone know of any gloryholes in east texas?
GLORY HOLES YEAH!!! My greatest memories when i first started enjoying Sucking a hot hard cock. I sure miss those days when i could suck as many as i could in one day. Boy! i sure wish they were still around like they used to be. If anyone knows of any in the Pensacola area i sure would like to hear from you! Love to Suck!!
Anyone know of any gh between green bay and southern illinois, i am leaving on road trip this weekend and would love to run into one, or maybe even a truck stop with some truckers that need some good cock sucking. if you want some or know of any please let me know.
I am looking for a GH in Fort lauderdale......anyone ?????
I am in oregon we have a nice glory hole spot I go there all the time I suck as many as 20 guys a day I love the taste of hot sweet cum in my mouth,there is 8 gloryholes to suck from i love make aguy feel so good to have there hot and hard cock sucked
any glory holes in Maine? they are hard to find.
well over in west virgina , on sr 35 there is an adult book store that has a large back room with seprate glory holes. i like the back room then have lil rooms that you and a friend can go into and suc n fuc until the cows cum home.Laughing
There`s a good GH BS in North Miami at 16thand west dixie. Was there yesterday morning, U only pay five dollars until 11am. And the vids are free. I went to a booth that i go to on a reg. basis. I whipped my cock out and in a flash a hand came thru the hole and grabbed my dick and pulled me thru the hole. On the other side was a blowjob artist. Man he sucked my cock so good that after i shot my load down his throat i wanted to return the favor. I pulled back from the hole and then he stuck his cock thru. God it looked so good i had it down my throat in an instant. I just hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. After he drained his balls in my mouth I went out the door and at the sametime he came out and said to me that was so fucking hot. hope to run into him again,but this time we will share a booth so I can watch him suck me and me him. GH`s are the best.
Anyone know of any Glory Holes in Northern IL at all?
Normally I'm a married straight guy, but sometime i get the urge to seek out some cock, especially when sniffing poppers, last week i couldn't take it i went to my local arcade, went into my regular booth, as soon as o put money in for the video, a big fat cock came thru the glory hole, i couldn't resist it, i got on my knees and took that cock in my mouth, it was great i was under its spell, while sucking that cock I undid my pants and released my cockringed cock, every time i sniffed more of the poppers, it made that cock delicious, i couldn't get enough of that cock, i used the his precum and my slobber to stroke my self, i think my friend wanted to last because he quickly pulled out and just left me there, craving his cock and cum, i finally left and went home and wait for my wife to get home.. So if your ever in my area look me up.:-P
Looking for a GH in Sherbrooke or Montreal area
just check out all the GH are listed all over the USA.
anyone know any glory holes in hampshire uk?
def could get into being a gloryhole cumdump for a neg str8 or bi dude, esp on a regular basis ... can travel in the philly, pa area ... totally into a dude or dudes that like to get off while they watch porn .... extra plus if you bring your gf and make out with her while you use another dude ....
def could get into being a gloryhole cumdump for a neg str8 or bi dude, esp on a regular basis ... can travel in the philly, pa area ... totally into a dude or dudes that like to get off while they watch porn .... extra plus if you bring your gf and make out with her while you use another dude ....
Anyone know of amny glory holes in the DC/Northern Virginia area?
anyone know of any GH in CO or GA?
DALLAS, TEXAS glory holes, anyone? Looking for one where a female can go in with a male so I can get my sub fed some cock and cum. No doubt I will want to suck some myself.Kiss
some of the best sex i have ever had was bent over a gh with a hot cock deep in my ass
Any GH in San Antonio? Where?
Wife thinks I have a gloryhole operation going on in backyard.. any buds want to indulge or test me? lol
I (we) are ready for graduating from fantasyland into the world of "Great Big and Juicy Cocks!" My beautiful wife gets so damned hot when I tell her what I want to do with her and a big meaty cock!. She's gonna get one in her super hot hairless cunt where that huge piece of man-meat is going to dump a hot, creamy load for me to suck out. She said she will help me and show me how to suck cock. I just can't believe I've waited so long to make this a reality! My own cock is just pouring clear liquid right now as I think about putting one in my mouth for the first time. I am soooo ready!:-P
I dont think they have gloryholes in my neck of the woods but if your in Wi look me up I love to suck cock allday long
I'm not the most experienced bi guy but I have developed a strong desire to suck cock. On a trip without the family to Sydney Australia I decided that would be my opportunity. I found a mens spa located in the city. Technically a spa but really a large hook up place with several levels and different types of hook up spots inside - steam room, quiet dark rooms and hallways etc. I staked out the many glory hole rooms. Guys that want to give go into the lower level rooms and guys that want to receive a blow job stand in the upper level rooms so that their cocks are at the perfect level for the guy in th elower level. I was standing naked in a lower level room, it was completely dark, couldnt see a thing. I could hear that someone had entered the upper level. I put my hand up and waited a few seconds and felt a large semi erect cock at the hole. My own cock was ROCK hard. I knew I had to suck him. His anonymous large cock felt wonderful in my mouth. I sucked and licked and occasionally stroked his growing cock. After 10 minutes and a few moments when he withdrew his cock, he began to push it deeper through the hole and deeper into my mouth. All hesitation was abandoned as I tried to get every inch I could. With his cock far into my mouth and my lips tight around his shaft, he stiffened and didn't move but his big head squirted cum at the back of my mouth and down my throat. It tasted so good and felt even better. There wan't much need to clean him up because his cum was already in my mouth. He left the booth above me and I relished the thought of what just happened. He must have left with a smile because another guy came in right after him. I couldn't believe my luck. I had become a cum slut and loved it. I sucked him as well and stroked my own cock to a huge orgasm when he came. I never knew who they were but the gave me a very memorable and hot night.
hey im 20, male bi from middletown ohio, anyone near by please hit me up for funnnn(:
any g,h in south jersey
Any gloryholes in Louisville, Ky area? would luv to play with anyone at one
anyone know of GH in north central mass
Anyone know of any Glory Holes in Denver? I know there is one downtown but strictly for men, and my wife wants to help me suck cock. Let us know!
i love gloryholes. sucking cock through one is so fucking hot. love to share a booth with others as well so that i can get fucked as i suck a nice cock through the hole. any in indianapolis..........private or public. hit me up.
Im down for getting together for ghole session in the youngstown ohio area hit me up!
I have wanted to go to a gloryhole for a long time. Just thinking about kneeling in front of that hole sucking as many cocks as possible taking as many loads into my mouth down to my belly, then turn around and let them run a train on my ass till everyone has had a turn and is now dry... Fuck this is getting me really hard thinking about it.
Anybody know of any good gloryhole's in NE Ohio? msg me please.
Pa glory hole location.Stoystown Adult Book Store Rt 30 West of Bedford Pa... Hope to see you there...
maryland has awesome glory holes,route 40 in haverdegrace any one wanna meet there
Anyone know of any glory holes near Springfield, Ohio?
Does anyone know where there are any glory hole in denver,co?
My favorite place to be.Kiss
I would love to suck a big thick cock at a gloryhole.. the idea of not knowing who I'm sucking of gets me sooo wet
Looking for any adult theatres or glory holes in SW Florida--- Lee, Charlotte or Collier counties. Came from San Diego, Ca about 18 months ago and it sure is different here. Haven't really found anyplace here in the Ft Myers area where as in San Diego there were at least three adult theatres, a nudist beach and several parking lot areas around the beaches, public restrooms and parks where I could take a lady friend and get into threesomes with guys that were maybe jerking off in their cars or maybe getting it on with another guy in a little more of a secluded area
anyone know where to get a blowjob in Kingsport TN,???
Am looking for Glory Holes near Detroit
where are they in jacksonville fl?
I think I found the last one in the Chicago metro area.
I had great time there, and my girl did too after i had filled her in on all the details, she Got WET and then you can guess what ha[ppened next. If you woule some details drop us a line.
any gloryholes in lexington,ky
There is a bookstore right near the Philadelphia airport that has several booths with gloryholes I've sucked several cocks there. As long as you put money in the machine you can suck or be sucked as long as you want.
Are there any in Billings wife wants to try!
Any holes in louisville ky for bbc to slide through
There is a place just north east of Baltimore and in Laurel. This are very unpredictable. Its not like the movies. Positive experiences is limited by how many holes are there and who is on the other side. Sometimes the cock is so small and the guy so fat he can't get cock into the hole.
Hey anyone know of glory holes in Massachusetts or Rhode Island?
Any glory holes where a woman sucks cock in Denver or Lakewood Colorado
Is there any gloryholes in North Carolina?
Any gloryholes in Little Rock, Arkansas?
Anyone know of a gloryhole in Flint Michigan? If so please please let me know
The first time I got my cock sucked I was in an Porn Arcade in Sydney. I was in a booth watching some gay porn and there was this big glory hole in the booth. I had opened my pants, taken out my cock and was stroking it when I looked over and saw the guy on the other side standing in front of the hole on his side stroking his big cock. I turned and faced the hole and started stroking in front of him. I turned back and he reached through the hole and touched my thigh for me to turn back. I turned and pushed my cock through the hole. He dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock...he slid his mouth all the way down my shaft and back off again. He did this over and over while he fondled my balls. I told him I was getting ready to cum and he slid his mouth all the way down my cock to indicate he wanted me to cum in his mouth. My cock started to pulse when I started to cum and he slid back a bit so I could fill his mouth. This was the first time I explored my Bi side. I've since been to Bath houses where I've been sucked and sucked lots of cock. I like to go to hotel rooms of travellers where I generally get into sucking, rimming and sometimes mutual fucking. I've gotten into understall stroking too...many good cums that way.
Anyone know of any gloryholes in Massachusetts.. The Mrs is very curious.
Looking for gloryholes near Columbia SC. Please help!
Can any tell me if there is a glory holes by mine
are their any glory holes in Palm Spring area?
Looking for gloryholes in the Denver, CO area. Cheers.
Hey there, I live in San Jose and would love for you to tell me there this GH is. Thanks
I was in an ABS in Denver recently and went into the back where the booths are. I stepped into one that I knew had someone else on the other side, unzipped and pulled out my cock and started stroking. The guy immediately got down on his knees and watched me get my cock hard. He put his fingers through the GH, the universal sign for, "please slide your cock thru so I can suck it for you". I slid long, hard, fat, cock through and was met my a warm, wet mouth that immediately engulfed my cock. He sucked it, stroked it and deep throated it for a while then drew off it...he held my cock though and slid a condom over it, then backed his hot, tight asshole over my cock and started fucking himself on and off my stiff cock. I just stood there, my balls pressed against the GH while he fucked took only about 5 minutes and I moaned, stiffened while my cock spurt cum inside the condom. Then I pulled out of his ass. He turned around and slid his cock through the GH and it was my I took him in my mouth and sucked his hard was about 6 in so I could easily take it all the way into my mouth while I fondled his balls. He squirted his load in no time.Mmm...I still get hard and wet remembering that I am now.
Does anyone know where there is a glory hole around Ashland, Ohio???
Very curious about this. Are they real? How does one find a gloryhole? Any information appreciated. Thanks
anyone ever go to the Biloxi Gloryhole place?
Any glory holes in or close to NE Philadelphia? Please help.
any gloryholes in Stuart Florida area ??
Anybody know of glorholes in the Harrisburg, PA area, please let me know !!!
Any glory holes in northern iowa. Love to try one
Any in Batavia oh.
Any gloryholes in Delaware County Pa?
Wish I could find a glory hole or adult movie theater here in South Central Wisconsin.
Any females have personal gloryholes in or near springfield MO?
I'm looking for gloryholes in the Melbourne/orlando/palm bay florida area that have frequent women users. Anyone know one, or any women want to
Looking for GH in Minot ND
Looking for Glory Holes in South Bend area
Looking for gloryhole in morristown my wife
I just want to suck a dick
Looking for a glory hole in burleson tx looking to suck dick
Any gloryholes in the Columbia, SC area? Love to suck some cocks and get fucked at one.
Looking for action in Grand Prairie tx please let me know if interested
We will be at adult emporium in Huntsville al at glory holes at 10 am open to close . Look for pantiss onthe door and men lineup both see I'd ees s
Both sides
Nice how we will use it
michigan gloryholes
Looking for GH for me and the Girlfriend in Los Angeles. Any suggestions? Anything in the San Fernando Valley?
Lookin for "dirty" play, married swingers sw ohio, love 2 find a backroom or gloryhole for wife to suck multiple men
Got to love a good gloryhole.
Gloryhole in Lexington SC hotel. HMU if interested
Any in the philly area
Any on long island new new hyde park?
any in bakersfield,ca
Any glory hole in Texarkana?
glory holes in martinsburg, wv?
Best Gloryhole is in Widener, Ar Adult Super Store
Ever near Astoria, NYC, make sure you visit my private Glory hole.
What about Houston?? Does anyone go in Houston want to pare up and go
Glory holes in Orlando?
Anything near Lexington KY
Any Glory holes around Scranton Pennsylvania
Any free gloryholes in ct?
Any adult video or gloryholes in or around Charlottesville VA?
Gloryhole anywhere in Colorado?
Any good glory hole near Miami where I can suck some dick?
Any glory hole I. Spartanburg sc
Any good glory holes near Paducah
I'm looking for a glory whole in farmington
Looking for glory holes in east Tennessee. Morristown, Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol areas
Any gloryholes in Kingsport Tn.
Any glory holes in Sydney Aus? Or anyone got a private one at home and want their cock drained?
are there any glory holes in columbia sc?
are there any glory holes in columbia sc? looking to give some dick
Any Gh Sarasota fl looking for sissies or TS
Looking for a GH in the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area
Any in western Sydney
Hey yโ€™all anyone know where the closest gloryhole is near Atlantic Beach North Carolina?? , interested in giving and receiving ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‰
New to area pa , pottsville reading intersted are there any or book stores for a release
Any good and safe gloryholes in western KY? Ideally private and legal. I just need my balls drained anonymously.
any gloryholes in Longmont?
Got my cock sucked by one guy while another gave me a mind blowing rim job at Pure Pleasure in St. Cloud, MN last Friday night. Guy had the sweetest cum Iโ€™ve ever tasted.
I know where some are in in Charlotte county FL. Pick me I'll blow, show you
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