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Bicum Licking

Bicum Licking on Bisexual PlaygroundBicum Licking on Bisexual Playground
married 3 years -- happy happy happy!!!! we want (her idea) to experience another beautifully groomed and sexy woman -- he experience & she watch and help --- lots of giving, touching, licking, licking, watching, licking, oh ya and licking, no kink, no toys, no hard drugs, no diseases 200% clean! if enjoyable, a relationship could establish... continuous... no strings... she loves to share!!!!
I am a very submissive sissy who loves pleasuring men. I really loved being used by a couple, being nasty with the guy while she watches excited me. I love licking them both clean after they fuck. I especially love licking his cock as he fucks her, also licking her at same time.
I’m a 63 yr old widower looking for fun and companionship with a fun loving lady . I’m definitely up for sex? 5’7” , 185lbs, 6” cut. Not a pushy guy, missing sexual activity, Im a fun easy going understanding guy who is looking for sexual pleasure. I would love to spread your delicious thighs and lick your right thigh and then your left licking my way to your delicious clit, flicking it around and around and then sliding my tongue inside your very moist pussy licking and licking until you cum, I want to hear you scream. It’s all about you. Are you a Pillow Princesses?
I love licking a nice clean ladies i really like small tits but all sizes will work i would like a 3 some with females only but also with couple having sex and im licking her when it comes to me and a man i want to be a top
I'm looking for a bisexual ebony lady. I enjoy licking the vagina and you may squirt on me. Licking you softly while I jerk off is very enjoyable. Im covid free and have no std
Not interested in photos, open to any body shape or age. First bi experience for me also, but fantasize about licking a cock from balls to head, licking under the head and feeling a cock pulsing from my licking. Not sure if I would swallow, but likely would with a couple of drinks first. Would love to lick cum from a pussy:-P
Love licking a womans asshole . Don't like licking a guys asshole . Don't like a man or woman licking my asshole .
From front and back licking outer and inner labia while lightly licking and sucking your clit
It was when I was licking this gal pussy in a 69 with her on top, while her husband was fucking her and he cum in her, when he pulled out the cum started coming out into my mouth and I went nuts licking her out.
I do enjoy licking it off of my wifes tits or licking it out of her freshly fucked cunt. Have been known to lick it off my fingers when jerking off.
Ass licking is very very hot. It is what I use to help my girlfriend totally relax when I want to really freak her. She gets so wet she leaves a big wet spot. Afterwards, she has so many orgasms, we stopped counting...I love licking ass. YUM YUM:-P


I have always enjuyed licking asshole. More often than not, when I am licking my wife's pussy I also end up licking her asshole. I really get into it and can spend a lot of time going back and forth between her ass and her pussy.
Cum Swallowing
I love licking the cum out of my wife's pussy. she usually cums while i'm licking my cum out of her which makes it even better. I have yet to suck a cock, but I think I'd like to try it.
Cum Swallowing
I love licking the cum out of my wife's pussy. she usually cums while i'm licking my cum out of her which makes it even better. I have yet to suck a cock, but I think I'd like to try it.
Anal Sex
I love anal sex, it is the only way to cum for me - specially with another woman licking my pussy and me licking hers - HUGS
Yes I am guilty of this fetish. I love when a nice round bottom is on my face and I'm licking her brown eye or licking and sucking her clit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-P
2 Guys One Woman
i have just resently had tow mfm experience thae last one was two marines so very sexy on licking my pussy other one licking my breast then we all slept in a king size bed together AMAZING, FUN AND SO SEXYKiss


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!