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Bisexual Nudist Couples

Bisexual Nudist Couples on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Nudist Couples on Bisexual Playground
I am a bisexual nudist looking for other nudist. Love to live with a nudist bisexual group! If it is exists.
I'm a motherfucking, cocksucking bisexual nudist single with no kids. I was raised in a nudist family that does INCEST. I've been a nudist all my life. I LOVE SUCKING COCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nudist because I hate clothing, raised in nudist lifestyle, public nude beaches, home nudist. Open sexually, into all but any form of pain and anal (mine). I prefer couples, women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Top bi with couples, respect limits and understand that No means No! Easy going, non-smoker, light drinker and very happy person. Into exhibitionism, voyeur, public and semi public sex.
Bi guy nudist looking to meet other gay and bisexual guys and couples where the male partner is also bisexual for naked socials
Bisexual nudist dad looking for fun sex with couples and men in Washington state
I’m 48 bisexual nudist guy here versatile 5’10 250 6 cut very open minded looking for guys girls couples groups anything if interested get back to me
For Me It Was actuallyThe very Day That I Had Turned !8 Months Old And Had Sucked My Fathers,His Boyfriend's And My Uncles Big Beautiful Cocks And They In Turn Started To Suck On My Then Very Little Dinky They also Did My Balls And They even fucked my ass which has always been something That I have Very Totally Loved Ever Since, They also let me suck on each and every one of them,They Also Shared Me with very many other bisexual
and gay men and little boy nudists which had been and continues to be A Very special connection to our families bisexual nudist hearitage; Which very,very many bisexual nudist families have shared for very many long centuries plus and very many generations,And even now,I can still feel those moths sucking on my little dinky and balls and knowing for shure right then that this and bisexuality were something that I really was going to persue for the rest of my life,And I Have.
Hi, I am 27 nudist bisexual male. Looking for some fun in the Niagara Region. I am looking for Bi-Male, Bi-Female or Bi Couples. So if u are up for some fun and sex. Lets get together and do it. Anything goes as long as no Pain! :)
So what u waiting for? Reply!
We are seeking BISEXUAL COUPLES with ,,,,large thick cut, shaved cock on th emale and a large breasted woman. Especially, a Nudist Couple.

Thank You,

Having Actually Been Born Into An Multie Generational Bisexual Nudist Family And Also Having A Certain Very Special Ladie Who's Family were Also Very Long Practicing Bisexual Nudists,We Have never had any problems With Singles male or female let alone groups,of course we maybe considered by some of you to be somewhat rear, However, BOTH Of our Families Had Been Bisexual Nudists Of The Very Much More open kind, so Both She And I Can manage to handel it an awfull lot better then very many other couples without any sence of jelousey ever no matter if we are together playing with other bisexual couples,singles and/or groups, currently she has had to live in another part of our home province, well I Have had to be a fare distance away, BUT, Even that has had an unexpected silver lineing.
She as it happens is in the Professional Broadcast Business, so due some conteract stuff she has had stay where she is, BUT, The positive part is that she is getting to spend some very quality time with a girlfriend who we have been shareing for a very long time time as well as Three boyfriends, they have indeed all been out this way to visit every chance they have had and yes all of the sex we actually got and get to have together is actually very much inhanced by it, Most Especially With Absalouteally all of us being totally Bisexual And our other friends Lesbian,Gay And even some questioning thire real sexual orientations being able to accept our own and the others genuine fullout bisexuality.
BUT, Yes there are some people who for whatever reason are always going to be very affeade of just about everything.
I noticed a significant number of younger couples (in their 20's and 30's) where only the female is bisexual . This sounds somewhat exploitative, hypocritical and manipulative. I get the impression from these couples that the woman is either phobic of bisexual men or that she is claiming to be bisexual in order to satisfy his fetish for girl-girl action. Either way, it doesn't seem very open-minded.

The women are as much to blame as the men. Perhaps a case can be made to ban couples where the female is bisexual but the man is straight.


Bisexual Nudist
We are bisexual nudist. As a matter of fact we lived full time for quite a while at a nudist resort in south Florida,
Couples Searching For Bi Males
49 year old bisexual man . 6 ft 190 lbs Long Island . NY . Looking for bisexual couples or couples with bisexual men . Let me go down on the both of you ! And I love giving and receiving anal sex as well .
Being Naked
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser (also a Nudist) seeking MMF nudist & Single Female Nudist! Flower
M-F-M Threesome
Branson, Missouri gentle bisexual top for a willing bisexual husband who likes to be fucked while his wife is there...I truly do believe there are couples out there who would like to explore this together. Have other local couples been successful in finding playmates this way?
Bisexual Couples
so sad. all bisexual couples not in AZ. LOVE Hot Bisexual couples...Ms here and missing bisexual my women and love my men, So horny watching my man taking it... Then my turn...OH only after my girlfriend and I have had our way with each other first!
Bisexual Nudist
I'm a Bisexual Nudist in Washington state looking for like minded people :)


Mr. And Ms. Webmaster, We have been a member of Bisexual Playground for a short period of time but feel compelled to compliment the two of you on a very well designed website. At first we were hesitant to join as we have had poor experiences from some competitors. We are sooooo glad we joined! We just wanted to say thanks as we have already scheduled meetings with 14 couples with similar interests. Great work, David and Laura