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I Love bi sex and I Love to be naked...;) drop me an email and let's get busy :-D
I love bi woman that likes to show us what she has!!!!
I am a shameless not a flasher...just naked all of the time. Has anyone else ever ordered pizza and then answered the door stark naked? OK maybe I am depraved. I'm pretty sure our maintenence guy is gay. So I'm gonna call and make up something to get him over here and answer the door naked and then suck his cock. Am I depraved? Yeah probably.
I totally Love it when I'm able to find a nude beach or resort during our travels so we can not only take a break, but I can get a suntan and frolic in the water. It can be even more fun if you are with some friends and can find a secluded area for some fun... :-D
well,i am bi,and i am a nudist ! i love being nude all the time,especially outdoors in the summer,at a nude beach,or otherwise. would love to have some friends along . i would love to have friends that are the same,so we can have some fun together
I are One ...............:) Be Happy Hug:-PKiss:)
I love nude beaches and having places can be nude in general. it is fun to be able to hang out aroun others that are nude as well. it is fun when it leads to sex, but does not always have to. sometimes it is nice to be able to just enjoy being around other nude people. love st martin and can't wait to go back and enjoy again. great place to enjoy nude and bi lifestyle.
I enjoy being naked as much s possible have been to nude beaches and other places, it's not always about being sexual esp at the nude beaches, but happens from time to time,I know of a spot at the base of the cajon pass in so cal where you can sunbath on a nice big smooth rock,hike, take a dip in the mntn strm and be totaly nude while other men and even a couple every now and then do the same. the best part of this place is almost everyone haveing sex right out in plain view for all to see and join if invited. also lots of open masterbating. This place is the best
gosh how I love to strut around naked.....hiking in the woods.....strolling on the beach...and then just imagining someone dropping on their knees to pleasure my cock after chatting as we walked about sex, cocks and cum. Makes me hard as I type!
i was bi and now am bi /straight and would like to b part of a bi 3way
i like the bisex i like the sex very mosch
Anyone going to Hedo II for New Years 2010?
I am a nudist lover and looking for nude friends/couples/ singles to meet
Any NY'ers on this chat?
Let's update this interest bi letting me state that those of us on the Gulf Coast can go bi the Indian Hills Nudist Camp in Slidell, LA. They have a great pool (recently renovated in 2015) and new hot tub (2016). Of course, there is no play bi the pool or hot tub butt like minded bisexual members "take a walk in the woods" where one can get literally COVERED IN TANNING OIL for some very slippery outCUM bi frotting and thigh humping.....if you catch my drift
OMG...gorgeous bodies!
We are bisexual nudist. As a matter of fact we lived full time for quite a while at a nudist resort in south Florida,
Would love to be face down in that
Bisexual Nudist on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Nudist on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Nudist on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Nudist on Bisexual Playground

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