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Circle Jerk Video Chat on Bisexual PlaygroundCircle Jerk Video Chat on Bisexual Playground
I just need a jerk off buddy too jerk off with on video chat
Looking for a regular jerk buddy or circle jerk. Into underwear, jocks, thongs, and briefs.
Kind of a shy guy looking for a couple jerk/suck buddies, or a circle jerk group.
Looking for some guys to watch porn and jerk each other off and maybe mutual oral and hopefully a big circle jerk
Curious about exploring outside my marriage for anything. Jerk buddy, circle jerk, watching you, you watch me idk I’m bored of jerking off alone
Circle jerk are fun but I prefer a jack and Jill circle jerk session.
I actually had a circle jerk group and a one-on-one jackoff buddy when I was 13 and there was even the younger sister of one of the guys in the circle jerk that came and watched us too. We all left her alone, but enjoyed that she watched us jackoff.
I would love to attend a circle jerk as long as I can be in the middle of your circle ⭕️ That would be so awesome
Anyone want to jerk off on video chat
Hey we could video chat some how and jerk off together
We can jerk off through video chat


Circle Jerk
I love to be the center piece of a circle jerk or masturbation club and feel the hot splash of all that fresh semen covering my body while watching your guys jerk each other off!
I am down for a circle jerk something about men standing around stro
Circle Jerk
give me a circle jerk,ill be in the middle
Circle Jerk
oh how i would love to be the center piece in a circle jerk.... cum all over and in me
Circle Jerk
Would love to be watching a circle jerk, the more cocks the better
Adult Theaters
I went to one today but nothing. I want to be center of circle jerk, like bukkake!! fantasy


Thank you for making me feel welcome. I have been to the chat room and found it very pleasant. Since I am new to this group, and to chat rooms, the members not only made me feel welcome, but also were very helpful. I found the search section to be very helpful in finding members in my area. Looking forward to many pleasant experiences.