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Crotchless Panties for Men

Crotchless Panties for Men on Bisexual PlaygroundCrotchless Panties for Men on Bisexual Playground
Cross dresser 6' tall smooth body wear wigs face make up stockens panties as well as crotchless panties bra fake Silicone tit look and feel to the touch clean shaven get back if you want me for a day or night of sex
Love wearing womens sexy silky or nylon panties and crotchless womens panties and have a small body 25 inch waist by 34 inch hips...
I am entranced by sexy people of any gender who love lingerie and kinky clothing. The thought of a hard cock or wet pussy in sheer white panties and crotchless pantihose numbs my mind.
Curvy/athletic blonde highlights outgoing, pleasant funny and bicurious. I fantasise about having my pussy licked. I am married but sexually am very horny I love to wear crotchless panties fingering myself imagining another lady licking my pussy.
I'm a mature TV slut who was introduced to dressing by a white wife who fucked a well hung black lover. I've been a sissy slut for black cocks ever since. I tend to dress in lingerie (it was what I started with and the easiest for me to buy.) I especially like stockings and garter belts, crotchless panties, panties and bras, teddys, nighties and high heels. I have a few club outifts . . . tight and slutty, and a couple of outfits that are almost normal. Being an amazon sized tgyrl (6'3" and 245#) I have never gone out dressed, but I think I look fairly presentable. I like most sexual activities except bodily functions and S/M, and I especially enjoy “69” and receiving Anal. I have a really nice collection of toys we can play with and I like taking pictures.
I'm a Bisexual looking to be a woman's or mans sexual experience and personal slut. I like to wear sissy dresses and crotchless panties. I prefer to stay chastised to give my partner(s) the feeling that they have control over my sexual wants and needs. I've been with one man several years ago and not really with women to matter. I feel the need to be controlled to fully feel the moment for the both of use.
j wear bikini and crotchless rear panties while dolled so men can fuck me in my panties ect
crotchless panties....
Me too. I have a bit of a panties and crotchless stocking going on.

So much fun.
Love my homemade crotchless pink nylon panties
Can't figure out how to add them on here, but my photopin is 9564, for anybody that would like to see my crotchless-skirted panties
I am still trying to reach that Level of Self.
A Pair of Crotchless Panties and a Man who knows how to Bring my Feminine Side Out.


Cock Sucking With A Transgender
I do the cross-dressing but really want to just be the guy I am with just let me take over as his nasty slut. I've had several guys (not at once da*nit!) over to my place and I am dressed as nasty as I can be, lingerie, full makeup, fingerless gloves, long red nails, crotchless stockings with garter belt part of them, crotchless panties, very sexy bra, very nice tits I bought, nice blond wig, very hot 5" platform heels, lots of tricks for guys going out dressed. LOVE dressing!
Bisexual Men Giving Oral
Love to suck & swallow in my crotchless panties:-P
Men Giving Oral
Love to do oral in my crotchless panties--if your in Colorado, hit me up.
Cock Sucking With A Transgender
Would love to share cock with a tranny in my sexy crotchless panties!
I like the crotchless panty hose so that when I'm wearing panties you can have easy access to my cock to suck and my ass to fuck.
1 Man On 1 Man
I'm a total panty wearing bottom that loves most anything to do with anal sex due to health I don't get hard anymore but I love wearing crotchless panties so a top can come up to me and drop my pants and bend over and slide right on inside me and do as he pleases!!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!