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We met on a business trip. They were in their 40's but seemed much younger due to their offbeat sense of humor and enthusiastic zest for life. We hit it off and ended up spending most of the breaks together, talking about everything from music and politics to travel and philosophy. She was a vivacious redhead with dark eyes and a musical laugh. She was about 5'5" with a curvaceous, slightly plump figure and an aura of relaxed sensuality that I found captivating. Both days she wore clingy, low-cut tops that revealed a good bit of cleavage, along with flowing long skirts, colorful jewelry, and a musky perfume that I found delicious. Her husband was about 6'1" inches tall, somewhat soft-spoken, with brown hair, twinkling brown eyes, and a quick wit. By the end of the second day I felt as if I'd known them both a long time, and when they invited me to their house for dinner after the seminar, I eagerly accepted. After a pleasant meal (including two bottles of wine) and some lively conversation, ahe said she hated for the evening to end so soon, and I agreed. After some whispering between them, he asked if I'd like to join them for a soak in their hot tub. It sounded wonderful, and when she said she hoped I wouldn't mind that they never wore suits at home, it sounded even better. I had often been to nude beaches and resorts, and felt completely at ease with them, so the idea of being nude with them didn't seem out of place (although I have to admit being intrigued by the thought of seeing her undressed). They both seemed pleased when I agreed, and led me to a redwood deck outside their bedroom, with a gazebo-covered tub that afforded complete privacy. she lit several candles, which provided a wonderful flickering light as we began undressing, but the sight of her large breasts with their wide, dark areolas and erect nipples in the cool air made me quite aroused, and I had to self-consciously fumble with my clothes until I regained control. Seeing him naked only made me feel self-conscious. The thought startled me, since I had never had an attraction to another man before, so I put it out of my mind and finished undressing --- just in time to see her slipping off her panties, revealing a short-trimmed bush that was shaved into a neat triangle above the cleft of her exposed vagina. She stood up quickly, her breasts bouncing freely, and to my horror I felt myself becoming uncontrollably erect, my cock standing nearly straight up and swelling to its full seven inches in plain view of both of them, and with no way I could conceal it! I was mortified, sure they'd be offended and ask me to leave, and I started to stammer out an apology, but she interrupted me, saying there was no reason to be ashamed of my body's natural responses. He teased me about it good-naturedly, putting his hand on my shoulder and saying the time to worry is when it DOESN'T happen, and as I glanced down I saw that his penis was rapidly enlarging also. My stomach started churning as I followed them into the tub, and they both smiled at me as I climbed in, my erection bobbing indecently in front of me. They embraced and kissed, and as I settled into the steaming water they both told me they had a very open attitude toward sexuality, believing it was a precious gift to be explored and shared freely in all its forms --- not something to hide or repress as so many people in this society do. Their straightforward manner reassured me, and the bubbling water jets on my body felt wonderful, and I found myself starting to relax. We soaked in silence for a while, with them massaging each other's backs and shoulders, occasionally emitting a soft sigh or murmur of pleasure, then as he was massaging her back she motioned me closer and started rubbing my back. Her touch was firm, gentle, relaxed and intense all at once, and several times her breasts brushed against me, sending jolts of electricity through my body. After a while she turned around and began rubbing his back, so I started rubbing hers --- shyly at first, then more and more firmly. She murmured approvingly, and he turned around, kissing her deeply. She backed into me, her ass pressing against my hard-on, and I pulled back quickly, but she moved backward until I was against the edge of the tub, pressing back against me firmly and moving her hips slowly from side to side as they kissed passionately. She then turned and gave me a Cheshire-cat smile before whispering in his ear. He smiled and returned her whisper, and they both laughed softly, then embraced deeply, and somehow I felt included in their affection, not as though I were intruding on them. We all began taking turns rubbing each other's backs and shoulders, and the mood was one of peaceful sensuality - not overtly sexual, even though I was still very aroused. The combination of relaxation, arousal, curiosity, nervousness --- everything together --- was quite amazing. After about 20 minutes, our touching had expanded to the point where she would occasionally caress my bottom, and they would kiss more and more erotically. After one particularly wet kiss, she asked him to go into the house and bring us some towels, and as he climbed out of the tub, he made no attempt to hide his large and very stiff erection. His balls swayed heavily beneath it as he moved, and when I realized I was staring at him, I quickly turned back to find her gazing at me very intently, as if studying me. After a long silence, she said slowly, "May I ask you a personal question?" "Sure," I replied, wondering what she had in mind. "You don't have to answer this, of course," she said evenly, " but, well, have you ever had sex with another man?" I stared at her in disbelief. Had I heard her correctly? I finally managed to stammer out a weak, "no," and she continued. "Have you ever wanted to?" I heard myself admitting that I had occasionally fantasized about what it might be like, but had never really taken the idea seriously, then asked her why she wanted to know. "Oh," she smiled, "it's just that ever since we met I've been having these really intense fantasies about you. And us." She paused, watching my reaction, then said slowly, "I think it would be so beautiful to see you and him sucking each other's penises. Does that shock you?" My mind reeled with amazement --- not just at the idea, but with her direct and very sensuous manner in saying it --- almost as if it were an everyday thing to discuss. I was vaguely aware of her voice gently saying that they were both bisexual, that they had an open marriage, and enjoyed including other special friends in their lovemaking. She added that they both believed sharing pleasure with both sexes was normal and healthy, and asked whether I was turned on by the thought of being with two women who enjoyed pleasing each other. I could only manage a weak "yes" as my mind spun with disbelief that it was actually happening, and as she continued, saying that being with two men was a very special turn-on for her, and how much it excited her to see her two lovers touching and pleasuring each other. As my eyes met hers I saw that she was slowly caressing her breasts under the water, and when she saw me looking, she smiled, "My breasts really excite you, don't they, sweetheart? Would you like to touch them? I was sure she was teasing me, and started to respond with a wisecrack, but she took my hands in hers and pressed them against her lovely big breasts, sighing deeply as she moved my hands in wide, slow circles. Her nipples were hard against my palms, and as I began caressing her breasts on my own, I had to keep reminding myself I wasn't dreaming. "That's nice," she sighed, leaning back so her breasts bobbed to the surface of the water. I leaned closer, my heart pounding as I began circling her areolas with my tongue, then sucking each breast deeply in turn, swirling my tongue over her hardened nipples as I drew them into my mouth. Her sighs and moans were interrupted by a voice chuckling, "Looks like he really knows what you like!" and looked up in surprise to see him setting down a stack of towels behind her and returning to the water. She reached out, pulling him close and kissing him hungrily, and his hand moved up to cup her breast as I continued sucking the other one. He bent down to suck the one closest to him, making her moan as we started sucking both her breasts at once, and soon his fingers and mine moved down her body and began exploring her open, wet pussy together as she squirmed with pleasure and arousal. Finally he and I helped her onto the edge of the tub, where I could move between her thighs and have access to her pussy with my mouth as well as my fingers. Circling her excited clit with my tongue or running my tongue up and down her slit, pushing inside --- all made her squirm and moan with increasing excitement. He climbed up beside her and I watched in fascination as she took his big cock into her mouth, sucking it lovingly as he caressed her breasts and told her how beautiful and sexy she was, and asked her if she liked what I was doing to her. "Oh god, he's incredible!" she gasped. "You guys are going to make me come so hard!" he chuckled, "That's the whole idea!" and started fingering her taut nipples, rotating them between his thumb and fingers as she resumed sucking him. I let one finger, then another, push gently inside her, moving slowly in and out as I nibbled and sucked her swollen clit, flicking my tongue over it lightly and massaging her mound with my other hand. her hips were rolling back and forth, and she whimpered with pleasure as she squirmed, then released his cock, moaning aloud as her whole body began to tremble and shudder, and she melted into a long wet orgasm that went on for quite a while. When her spasms subsided, she helped me out of the tub and kissed me passionately, saying what a magical mouth I had, and how she wanted to make me come like that too. We toweled off and blew out the candles, and she whispered, "Just relax --- let us show you how good it can be!" squeezing my hand as we went into their bedroom. I didn't know what else was going to happen, but my mind was on sensory overload, trying to grasp that it was not a dream, that it was really happening --- and in some part of me, I guess I accepted whatever was going to happen between us.. We ended up on the bed, with her fondling both our cocks and commenting on the differences in size, shape, color and texture, and she seemed especially fascinated with our balls, saying that mine felt like "two ripe plums about to pop right out of their pouch" in contrast to his bigger, heavier ones. You will have to join us to find out how this one "cums" out in the end. :-)
We are seeking another male (bi or gay), m/f couple with a bi-male or m/m couple to explore fantasies, desires and relationships with. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR STR8 GUYS. She does not play "alone". Must be d&d free, discreet and honest. A "sandwich" sounds like fun! Do you want to be the bread or the meat? She also enjoys being the "boss", would you like to be her "slave" with me or just our "toy"? How about an orgy with several bi men and her to play with? Sounds like fun to us! Make an effort to tell us why you would want to be with us on our adventures and maybe you could be one of the "lucky" ones! If you are not bi or gay, do not waste our time. We are not looking for someone to service her while he watches. It is to be a mutual pleasure thing for everyone involved. If your profile indicates Straight and you are a male, forget it unless you can convince us otherwise.
Her preferences are as follows: Male, age not as important as enthusiastic, passionate lover. Attracted to tall 6'0" or taller, and at least 200 #. Very much into other peoples fantasies. Loves to hear them and discuss them, have made more than a few "cum true". A very auditory lover. Prefers raw animal passion over "gentle", we call it "jungle sex". Does not like the standard missionary position with the man lying on top, if this is the best you can do, don't bother. So, if you can last more than 2 minutes in an "intense" situation...go ahead and email us. As my other half stated, I do and will let you know exactly what I like and need to meet my satisfaction.....
If you are a couple in the Twin Cities area looking for a bi guy into giving oral, look no further. I'm very talented at orally pleasing women, and recently "discovered" a knack and enjoyment for pleasing their male partners this way also. The thrill of taking a guy's cock into your mouth, feeling the head push past your lips, letting your tongue snake around it and then going further down the shaft. Sliding it in and out, in and out, bobbing up and down, feeling him swelling as you go. Hearing the moans, and knowing that soon you will have his warm cum shooting onto your face, over your lips, into your mouth... an erotically slippery sweet and salty taste... letting it drip past your lips, onto your chin, and having his wife kiss you and begin to lick it up while he does the same to you. THAT is a rush, and I WANT IT AGAIN.
Looking in Buffalo, New York for a BI man into giving oral all day long or part of the day,,,love to be suck a lot
Las Vegas guy here that enjoys giving blowjob to any guy that contact me on the web. Luv it when he blows his load down my throat.
Luv eating pussy and sucking cock!
cock cum blow
cock cum blow
When I was about 13 I used to masturbate with a friend of mine. We did it a lot, actually. It eventually led to us touching each other and then to us giving each other head. It was an increadible experience and is probably why I am so curious about having a guy in my mouth now. MMM!
i have this craving for dick and love my wife to help or watch, she taught me everything and i hope i can practice again soon
I want to suck a cock so bad it hurtsKiss
I have never done it before but i would like to suck some guys cock. :-P
ilike to suck cock whis i had one or more now to suck:-P
Orlando area...I know of a She/Male that luvs to join in a 3-some or 4-some at my place. We both luv giving & receiving orally. Besides pleasuring others & ourselves orally. We're very passionateKiss,luv alot of foreplay & arse play also. Cindy luvs to ride hung ones & any size as long as it gets real hard for fucking. So anyone in the area or just visiting,we can host with advance notice. Hope to hear from you guys,ladies & couples out there for some Great Times together.
"Huggs,Kisses & Whatever Turns You On", Dick & Maybe CindyHugKissFlower
I love giving oral sex, to men and women, i if there is anyone near Dayton, who wants a blow job drop me a line and tell me about yourself and what you want?
I love suckling cock, and getting sucked. I wish there was someone close and discreet so we could get eachother off on a regular basis !
very bi curious here in ohio
I've had two experiences sucking cock and they were wonderful...wish I could find a friend to suck off on a regular basis..
I am DESPERATE to suck and swallow for 1st time.
Will suck your cock anytime all the time, You just have to ask
Hey I do Love to Suck on Very big & Hard Cock's as I got One Cock going in and out of my Tight ass and Some one is Sucking on my Sweet Cock, and then to taste all 3 Cock's to (Cum) at the same Time, Sweet Cock's let's do it at my Home, if you are interested in meet up with me? Just write Back and ask me where and when we can meet up o.k.? my name is Dennis, but bye 4 now...Hug:);)KissHugFlower
Bisexualality is thought of as being an inferior act representative of the individual. If the idea that someone is valued by the knowledge and wisdom one acquires this would lead to the idea that the more experiences one has the greater value of the individual. Bisexuality is an extension of ones sexual experience with no diminishing effects of the individuals character or sense of well being. The perception of such ventures is looked upon as a UN natural behavior but it is a venturous exploration of ones natural curiosity. It is an act that occurs in nature by natural means, rendering it completely natural. It may be abnormal in mainstream consideration but it is within the natural constructs of nature. It is our individual perspective that considers bisexuality irregular. Bisexuals have an advanced perspective toward humanity. Their understanding and application of sensual emotions toward fellow mankind gives them a distinct advantage over monosexual beings. The adaptive nature of bisexuality is evolutionary to the complexity of humanity. The versatility in ones sexual preferences gives them the advantage over a competing entity with limitations.
in tx the 13th and14th fec 07 between fr hood and tyler, looking for a lot of suck and be sucked any takers out their? may be here all weekend, down here with work alot.
I hear this all the time BUT in So,California Torrance LAX area there are
NO one who wishes to meet and eat??? I am free Monday Mornings And LOVE to have MY cock SUCKED. ANY TAKERS????:)MALE OR
Bi Male In San Antonio TX Seeks Bi couple That Would enjoy have a third in for some good play time fun Bi only open to oral when it come to pleasing Men And yes guys I swallow . I also enjoy receiving oral from men and women. So If this sounds like fun then feel free to contact me .
And please Be clean and Drug and disease free .:-P
Hello All!

Here am bisexual who enjoys and has enjoyed sucking cock ever since I first discovered this when I was fifteen.

There is not other feeling, sexually, in my opinion that can be compared to having a nice hard cock in your mouth at the moment when your partner spurts his hot juice. I enjoy every moment of sucking my partner's cock knowing that my efforts will be rewarded the moment he must succumb to my oral pleasures and give me his load.

Cut versus uncut, and size is of no concern to myself as I have enjoyed them all though I must confess my weakness is cum, the more the better!
I fully agree with reglar_guy that the thrill of taking a guy's cock into your mouth Blowjob, feeling the head push past your lips, letting your tongue snake around it and then going further down the shaft. Sliding it in and out, in and out, bobbing up and down, feeling him swelling as you go. Hearing the moans, and knowing that soon you will have his warm cum shooting into your mouth is a wonderful feeling. Yummy!!! However, I have also found out through the years that sucking on a guys cock is a wonderful way to get it throbbing hard so he can slide it in and out of your ass Sex...
I am a bi-curious male with very little experience. But I was wondering if I should give gumm jobs or if it will gross men out??
Try with someone you trust. It's more intense. That being said, giving head is a rush for me. I can control his pleasure. My guy enjoys it thoroughly every step of the way. I love pleasing him and it is fun. I let him shoot his load on my face. When he's done and somewhat limp, I suck some more when he's most sensitive.
I love to suck on all cock. I don't care how or how small. I have like have them in my mouth. Going deep in my throat having it cum your mouth. I was about 10 when I found out that I like sucking. I was coming home from school and met a guy about and we talk for a time he took he's cock out and show it to me ask if I would put it in my mouth for hem. I did and he started to push in deeper and deeper until he had it all in my throat I know that I like it!!! So I seen for long time. So if any one wants get suck in mid Missouri
I like the real pics here...real men sucking. Makes me hard
bi guy in DC area looking for big cocks to swallow Kiss
I like to a cock and play with it. ruby it all over my face and have the hot cum all over my face
sucking cock is hot i love a hot load in my mouth
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
would love to suck some cock, London bloke here
Hi I would love to give oral pleasure to men in my area of IllinoisHug
Bi guy here in Maine. Love to give and receive oral and receive anal from the right guy. Go to Twin Ponds Lodge about twice a month. Great place to get naked with other like minded men. Anyone want to meet there? Can chat here on cam with sound.
I am looking for some of this this week/weekend 3/17/10 to 3/20/10
I'm looking for a close buddy to give this to. I prefer to give, but I'm also open to receiving if you really insist. Let me serve you first though and see how it goes.

Seeking a partner in Dallas area.
seeking blow buddy in Ft Myers, Fl
OHIO anybody? mt. vernon here!
hey any body in the prescott valley arizona area. i,m a senior that needs serviceing. nice soft cock about 5in long. have trouble getting hard.i love to eat shaven pussy too.
i first started giving head at around 17 years old. the first time i had someone cum in my mouth i was about 25,,thats when i got hooked.i enjoy a womans company but there is something about giving a guy head that makes my head spin. i love the feeling of getting a woman off,but for me to feel the splash of a mans cum just turns me on. its part of my lifestyle now but not to often. i like to get a guy off at least once a year.i did not think i was going to have it this year but i met a man in florida who i told about my desire, he invited me to his home. it was the first time he ever got blowed by a guy. it was amazing,,i gave him hours of oral..i was so into it i did not want him to cum. but he let loose and im telling you im so glad that met him.
i took my wife to a gay bar she had fanacies of doing two men. so we pickrd a man up that both approved and did him togethert in a hoteel room. she loved watching me get my dick sucked and i lioved watching her fuck. t he best thing about it we both picked him out. it was great and would love to do it again.
New fresh bi curuious single sexy guy in Ann Arbor MI, tall,semi shaved Athletic new member here lookin to meet a couple or single for fun. Ask me for some, lots pics vids avail.
Ilove to suck cock.just give me a tryLaughing
I was just watching a porn flic of a woman riding a guy cowgirl style when his cock slipped out of her cunt. Wish I could have been there to start sucking that cum and cunt juice coated cock before she had a chance to slide it back in. Anybody in the Detroit area?:-P
Any guys in michigan want to get into some hot 69 maybe more?
i been sucking cock at age 16 just love it nw ohio
Hey everyone, started when i was 13 at summer camp... loved it and instead of trading with a few guys it became me sucking them all :)

Cincinnati here
S W Pa here want to suck sum cocksLaughing
looking in vero beach for a bisexual man for get togethers, friends first, and possibly pushing it to the next level....:- :-P |8B
long story short, i want a nice big cock shoved up my ass!! any takers?KissKissKiss Flower
Mature ole guy looking to practice in the Houston area
iam a married bi m i love sucking cock always have i can never get enough cock my wife likes to watch me sucking off a guy get her so wet then we take turns fucking her i like to eat her after he has his load in her pussy or him cum in my mouth :-P
Anyone in kc area want their cock sucked.I'm your man! I love a nice cock in my mouth.
In ca need a thick one forbreakfat
send me an email. Looking to suck a dick. Colorado springs.
i love sucking big dick
Love to suck & swallow in my crotchless panties:-P
likje oral sex with men and women,will swallow all they have.
i want to suck a group of men's cocksKiss
We like to bring married bi cpls into our bedroom.We began by playing with our own partner to wam things up.Then we the man start by doing a 69 with each other as the wifes check us out and do anything they want to see.WE then watch the wifes 69 and play with each other.Now we switch partners where we can suck lick and fuck and play with our friends mate.When we all cum we men suck each other wet and juicy cocks and suck our wife wet ans juicy pussy.So when we finish fucking we all end up with clean just sucked cocks and pussies.Cum and play must be bi cpl.:-P
Live in NewOrleans love giving and receiving am interested
and excited about all opportunties. Just do it
What is more loving than a nice, warm, long suck?
Want that in s,w, Pa
I'm an experienced cocksucker and always ready to give one of the best blowjobs you'll ever get! I deep throat and swallow! But I also enjoy a good facial! I've done small groups of men and will entertain at your party! Women watching is a great turn on! I also bottom in group situations! Put me in the middle of your circle or just have me there to suck cock as a convenience! One on one or a party! Get with me and we can set something up! BJ
Well I was 12 & told by my two Older uncles that If I didn't do as they said they would Hurt my parents so I learned how to suck deepthroat swallow and take it up the ass,this went on until I was 15 y/o a Guy I didn't know was in the room w/my uncle he said he is going to fist you and you will enjoy it,I did enjoy swallowing cock anal I wasn't the greatest at but when your tied down you don't have much to say when this guy put his fist in my ass I felt something flowing didn't know what it was but he said I am getting the fuck out of here,my uncle said what the fuck and he untied me and said go to the hospital after he untied me there was blood everywhere I dressed and got home didn't know what was wrong my Mother said whats wrong w/you I said I have been trying to tell you but you always say what an awful thing to say about your two uncles,my Father came into the house and said what the fuck I told him the same thing they took me to the Hospital and the Dr told them I had been Raped by something HUGE, after talking to Mom & Dad and the Police my 2 uncles were arrested and sent to jail. I didn't have anal sex again. I got interested in women and fucked there asses and most enjoyed it got married continued to suck cock it was enjoyable and I got to swallow what I desired. Now after all this time I need more Cum every day,so if you live near Milford,Mendon,Upton,uxbridge areas of mass let me know what to deepthroat and swallow all cumers little or huge amounts,but now anal quess I have thin walls. So if your in Mass let me deepthroat and swallow your hearty loads, Have nice size breasts from all the fondling over the years and love to have my nipples twisted and sucked. So horney all the time for cum right from the tap or her cunt:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:- P:-P:-P:-P:-P:):):):)HugHugHug HugHugHugHugHugKissKissKissKis sKissKissFlowerFlowerFlowerFlo wer
Looking for a local blow buddy to get together with for some good times. :-P
Any guys from Indiana u for a great low Job?
looking for a suck bud in central va
Mature man in So Ca looking for a cock to suck... If you are gay or bisexual
I want you or if you are a couple I want you... let's cum together! hotpapa1940 is my name.
I especially love sucking cock when a wife or woman is present and wants to either watch or assist.

Feeling her tongue and mine savor cock together is VERY erotic, esp if his cock is between our lips as she and I fuck.
Youngstown Ohio area needs big cock to suck.
Most everyone here seems to have a long history of sucking someone's cock; however I am new. Found out a year ago that sucking a guy is eroticand fullfilling, hence the enjoyment of a cock cumming in my mouth increaed exponentially. Now I call myself a cock sucker and mean it.

The feel of eac cock is quite individual. Thus, the enjoyment is heightened. Then I started deep throating. Awesome!

Yeah, I'm hooked.
I love to suck a nice cock, I have always wanted to try it as long as I can remember a few years back I got my chance at a gloryhole in a public rest room. I was using it when a cock came through the hole in the divider and thought, what the hell and suck his cock dry, and have been back there many times now. I really love it. I think the only people that don't like it are the ones that haven't tried it.
I really want to suck a dick and have my mouth filled. This will be a first for me, but just really want to experiment
I have been sucking dick for many years. Love giving and getting blowjobs. I'm on long island
I love to give oral to both men and women. Love to suck a cock with a big load of cum
Love giving and getting oral sex
Love to suck dick:Kiss
I love sucking Black men, Black cocks need worship and the reward is a mouthful of his man seed, if you are in California and Black contact me....I will respect you
I'm looking for a suck buddy and this will be my first time sucking a nice cock can't wait much longer
Love long slow 69ing till juces flow and you get pre cum all over your lips and face then kiss and share
I love to suck a big cock
Give me some dicks to suck! NOW...
I have yet to meet a cock that I didn't enjoy sucking!

:-D Kiss Hug Kiss Flower :-P
love sucking a big cock or two like bi sexual orgies
anyone in nyc /bj area looking?Hug
any central Brevard county bi looking?
Love to suck cock! It is my favorite.
A friend of mine got me to suck him off when we were camping out when I was a teenager. I loved it then and still do. There is nothing like the feeling of a hot load shooting into my mouth after bobbing on a nice cock!!
I like sucking my male friends off. Why not? I'm REALLY good at it. Sometimes I hold cum in my mouth, spit, or swallow. Whichever I want, nothing like my male friend moaning and his legs quivering while I suck him knowing he is about to explode... and then he does it for me :)yay
I am looking for a fwb/nsa friend who likes to give and receive oral and more here in western CO in Mesa county. Anyone here?
here in central n.y. wanting a fwb/regular cock to suck on
Looking for suck buddy in sterling heights Michigan
Love sucking a hard cock and swallowing a hot load
want to suck a cock tell it cums in my mouth
I am looking for some hot dick, I need some cum, soon!
interested in pleasing in every way
I love slow sucking and deepthroating cocks and I do swallow cumm!
I want to suck a married pr str8 black mans cock and swallow my 1st black cum load
I am a Kentucky cock lover I need a steady mans cock to suck weekly some who wants to make me there on going suck buddy I love the taste of cum and would love to swallow a few loads weekly
Wisconsin eau Claire area giver here
I would like to have my cock sucked
Love oral especially feeling that warm load shooting down the back of my throat and cleaning that cock to completion of every drop.
Live in Fredericksburg VA throat fuck me your cock while I am on my back and unload that warm juice down my throat.
Live in sterling heights Michigan wanna suck dick till climax
Love getting a blow job best feeling ever!
Nothing quite like making another man cum.
I Love Sucking Cocks !
Cum & Spunk in Me Please !
Wanting to be sub to a man or group
of men be cock Sucker I am a cum addict here and relish cum and piss from men use this cock slut and let others watch record it to share public always encouraged and wanted
love to have my dick sucked, wish we could meet
lets meet
Cum and dump, this bi good looking and fit dude love to suck cock, In Ft Myers, Fla.
Bisexual Men Giving Oral on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Men Giving Oral on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Men Giving Oral on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Men Giving Oral on Bisexual Playground

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