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Cuckcake Desire

a couple looking for a cuckcake
We are looking for a cuckcake For either a poly relationship or a no strings attached
We are a couple seeking a unicorn or cuckcake girl to have a threesome with
We've been married for a few years, but have been together much longer. I've discovered my cuckquean fetish about a year ago. Right now, we're looking for a cuckcake that we can get along with and have fun with in sharing, one-on-one (with him), or all three of us.
I desire to meet those who are interested in trading pics and fulfilling fantasies. My greatest desire is to see someone screw my wife and make her cum. We desire to make contact first by email or by exchanging pics and then more later. The freer someone is to share by looking at pics and describing what they would do sexually to us the better. I desire to try my first experience riding a nice cock.
BiCurious wanting to explore and fulfill this wanting desire to be with another woman. I love men, but I've had this desire to a long time. I totally get turned on when I see two women kissing or licking each other. Please complete this desire of mine.
My wife lost all desire due to age, though she does still tries to please me. I sense obligation but no desire. She's a great women except for no desire to be touched. I truly hope to find another married guy to relate with.........
In my desire to please men I have evolved into seeking Doms to abuse and restrain me. Has anyone else experienced this desire?
I'm a very open minded and obedient submissive sissy bottom, whatever your kink, desire for fantasy, that's my desire
Got divorced.

But it wasn't about desire really, we both had it, just were mad at each other about other things.

Armchair she objects then it's not lack of desire troubling her.

Find out what is....
I agree with socurious. Bi curious would be better. as Max may develop a desire for MM as i did then you can change to a true Bi status if you so desire. BTW it didnt take me long at all...;)
I am an older gentleman still looking to fulfill a fantasy. I desire to suck a man to climax with a female present....either watching or assisting.

Please help me with this desire.


1 Man On 1 Man
Looking to have some good clean fun I'm really skilled in the art of oral satisfaction. I can make you edge as long as you desire getting maximum pleasuring as you desire. I swallow every drop mmm
Crossdresser Male To Female
l I would love to fullfill my fantasy of being forced into transforming myself into a Sissy for you. I'm married and my wife knows of this desire and even acted on once between us but the visual of me wearing lingerie killed her mood instantly. So I definitely am not passable but desire to be girly for you. Will you tell me how no respectable girl has a beard and demand for me to shave it off. Hop in the shower Along with other despicable body hair, If my wife decides to be present make me beg her or you to help with the hard to reach places. (Imaging how humiliating it would be to ask my wife to help shave my boi pussy, So I can be nice and smooth for you a random stranger!) Then rub down with some feminine smelling lotion and get dressed the best I can or know how. Finish off with makeup and wig (dont have yet so tell me what color and length) The great reveal unless you assisted with the shower of course. Tell me how good or bad I did.. If I look cute and fuckable we play allow me to kiss, suck and please you. If I look like a fat faggot in drag tell me. Make me parade around, and grovel for your approval. What ever you desire? Allow me to prove how much I want to please you. if I look like a dog treat me like one make me get on all fours and crawl around!
T-girl Sex
never had it, butt desire it!!!
Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
I desire it but have yet to try it. Would love to see what I am missing!:)
69 Womens
Im new and new at female and have the desire to be with another chick.ive never been with another but am willing to so try.
69 With Another Man While Getting Fucked
Almost virgin ass with a huge desire to to be taken by three guys.


HI BillnPattie, I had to let you know what a terrific site this is! Seems like I'm coming here all the time... LOL I've tried for many years to smash my bi-sexual desires and then a few years ago I told my husband. Oh my has life changed!!!!! He brought them out full force. Never seen a man smile so much. We have become so much more in tune with each other and he's shown me that other realm of sex that I never new existed. Anyway, I love just browsing around and the more I see and read helps me to see that just because I desire a woman too, I'm OK. Now if I can get over this damn shyness, life couldn't be better! Hats off to you!