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Cum Curious for the Straight Guy

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Cum Curious for the Straight Guy on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Curious for the Straight Guy on Bisexual Playground
Just curious , have fetishes, always been straight with least popular fetishes, NOT violent or into restraint or Major dominant roles, love women, curious about men, will NOT kiss a man, curious about dick though. Just to be straight forward. Might like it, might not, don’t know but, I am curious.
A vivacious brunette with blue eyes, an hour glass figure, and lots of interest in playing with others. My relationships have spanned the straight-straight, straight-bi, and straight-gay rainbow of people and orientations. Currently I am in a relationship with a straight guy and a bi guy. We're working twoards getting ourselves together in one relationship, since the straight guy is bi-curious. I believe that life should be fun, and being open to opportunities is a must. I also play it safe when in relationships with others.
I am a black straight guy on the West Side of Indy in my late 20s. I act straight and have a gf but I am curious about the same sex and looking for young white guys ages 18 - 23 that are straight and / or straight acting (maybe has a girl) that are not out and just looking to kick it and possibly experiment with another guy.
I am here because I am curious and open to new experiences. Interested in talking with/meeting another straight curious man or straight or bi girl, or a couple.
Clean cut, Curious straight male, 5'7 average size seeking buddy for hj/bj action only. Open to meet with couples or straight acting bi-curious males.
athletic discreet masculine guy. basically straight but for the purposes of joining this website, looking to explore a mutual j/o experience with another straight or curious guy, maybe a straight couple. Not into gay guys or other activities sorry.
I am 100% gay, and I travel alot for work and that is why I joined this site. I have been forunate enough to meet several men from here, and beleive it or not over half of them are listed on here as straight or bi-curious. I don't really come on to them, becasue I have had straight guys get really pissed when I say Helloe and welcome to the site. But of the straight guys I have met here most of them approached me, and the others I commented on their picture that they were attractive or had a fit body. I think alot of straight guys are just curious and if they happen to meet someone on here that they would be a little curious about meeting and it is someting both sides want to try, got for it. I have met more straight curious or bi-curious guys guys here then bi or gay guys, and to be honest meeting up with a curious guys and giving them their first experience with a guy, is actually a real turn on for me especially when they tell me its only a one-time thing they are just curious and will never do it again, and then they contact me in less than 24 hours asking when we can meet again, it is Great. This is a Great site, I have been very succesful meeting guys on here, and there is something for everyone here.
I don't think its a matter of being bisexual, bi-curious, or straight here. I believe this has to do more with straight guys claiming they are bi-curious to enter into a couples bed for sex with the female only. Or guys who claim to be bi or bi-curious who upon meeting up with a couple inform them he is not really interested in having sex with a guy or just goes through the motions. In other words I believe everyone should be able to list themselves in whatever category they choose be it str8, bi, bi-curious, gay, trans, etc. However, if you do choose a category make sure you are willing to live up to what is expected as I would only expect a straight guy (if we meet) to want to have sex with Sue. Where on the other hand if he indicates he is bi-curious I know that he not only wants to have sex with Sue but is also willing to experiment with sex with me. Then there is the category I fall into which is bisexual where I could careless if a woman is involved or not when I have oral and anal sex with another guy as I totally enjoy having sex with a guy as much as I enjoy having sex with a woman....Wink
Like Kathey and Nessa said this subject has been discussed in many forum posts as well as in the lobby. And I agree 100 % with them.
In response to DickPussy's post many straight people do play swing or what ever you wish to call it. A lot of straight people also list as straight even tho they do play with the same sex. I personally see nothing wrong with any of this, they have their reasons for listing as straight and I respect that.
We are both straight and met here on site, so IloveBP for giving us that.
As straight people we accept all for who and what they are be it Bi Curious , Bi , Gay , Lesbian, or Transgender. It doesn't mean we might never "play " if we should find the right people, it simply means we love all for who and what they are and do.
To my way of thinking having straight people on a site such as this should put Bi curious , Bi , Gay Lesbian, or trandgender people at ease because there are straight people who accept them as they are. Straight people who are supportive and accepting of them. Someone who can help carry the message that being Bi Gay and so on isn't a bad thing, but rather should be accepted by EVERYONE.
My question here is why are some people wanting to push us straight people away, don't want to accept us for who and what we are when we are so willing to accept you for who and what you are??
im a straight guy fantasizing about playing with other bi curious newbie men. im in the closet and want to remain there i want to give and recieve oral with other straight curious guy hung is a plus
Hey, me and my partner are looking for a straight guy or a bi or bi-curious female to join us in a threesome, i am bi-curious he is straight, we cannot host at the moment so hopefully you can, have a look at our profile, write back if your interested, like to get to know you better xxx
Maybe some single straight guys are looking for bi-women (well, what guy isn't? and some are really bi-curious but since they havn't done anything yet they still say straight. Couple that with vague profiles listing "looking for new things" and I have a hard time figuring out thier motivation as well.

As for being harrassed, I can understand being nervous but anybody that harrasses you better pack a lunch and bring a few freinds cause your one big goodlooking SOB (o.k. the good looking part dosn't have anything to do with how tough you may be, I just wanted to add it in).

So I do have one question to the straight guys and i'm not harrassing you, just being curious. What's the motivation to joining a bi-website? I'm not saying anyone should be excluded from the site, I'm just always curious about personal motivations.

P.S. It does make me nervous as well sometimes but then I just figure; how are they going to explain where they saw me?


I'm straight acting bi curious male,44/single. South Florida area. Would like to make contact with another perosn who's also straight acting bi curious as myself. I have no experience in this filed ,but am willing to learn. Must practise safe sex in anything one might do. I am looking for a good j/o buddy to see where it may lead. Can not host at my place,can be at yours or meet in public for the 1st meeting. Must be discreet and very private! Email is: Contact me,then we'll talk further. I'm Tom
Straight and Curious
Straight and very curious!
Straight Men Sucking Cock
Mostly straight but orally bi curious
Couples With Bisexual Men
hey guys. well I definitely feel its so natural for anyone who has a huge sexual taste to wonder what it would be like to be with someone of the same sex.. even if they prefer the opposite. I consider myself straight to border line bi-curious.. mainly because I feel I could never be one on one with a guy. The only experience I had with a guy, was during a threesome. I've tried to picture myself alone with a guy.. but it never really clicks in my head. So thus why i put I'm bi-curious because I do want to try oral again with a guy sometime. Only scenario though.. that I can picture it happening for me is during a threesome. So if any fun couples from NY area want to meet a cool guy.. just say hi :)
Bisexual Mom And Dad
I’m straight but I’m curious to suck a man’s cock depending on the mood I would want Cum in my mouth
Bi-Curious Men
I masturbate to the fantasy of being with 2 straight men, while they explore their bi-curious urges. A voyeur i suppose..


Thank you so much for being so attentive to your members. I never invested for a lifetime membership before. I have a warm fuzzy feeling about your site. You are really doing a tremendous service to people like myself who feel like a lost kitten. I don't like raw sex but I do enjoy multiple relationships within a group. How is that for an explanation. I guess what I am trying to say is I believe in polyamory. I did not know this until after I married for the second time. My husband is straight but I really believe he is curious about other men. I do not have the patience to convert him into his real nature. I have lost a lot of time not addressing my bisexual nature. Thanks for listening. And thanks again for this wonderful playground.