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i'm not bicurious anymore that changed 3 months ago.i met a married guy trough this site.he came to my condo and i sucked him off,gumed his cock,deepthroated his 8" to his balls,he shot his cum into my throat.that made me so hot i came without him touching my cock.i sucked him off 2 more times that day.he moved back up now i'm looking for a clean cock to suck at my place in Ft.Lauderdale during the day or early website is::::Wally
I'm very curious about this.........I've had a little experience and i think men give the best head. I'd like to chat about this more
open to assist bi curious guys and couples in bay area.
Hi all, Very bi-curious married white male here. I am looking to give my first real oral to another male. I have thought about this for years and now I am going to do it. Please email me if you might like to recieve oral from another male.
I'm here just looking for my first time in SoCal with a nice hung guy. I want experience Oral...both giving and receiving.........maybe more who knows? Im gonna have some free time cumming up this weekend (4/20). Hit me up if interested.
I have had the pleasure of introducing 'curious' men to the pleasures of bisexual fun. I am an accomplished cocksucker (I always swallow all your cum), rimmer and anal bottom. I go at your pace and always strictly adhere to your limits. I get my pleasure from your recieving pleasure from me. (Ialso get alot of pleasure from your orgasm, especially when it spurts into me) :-D I will eat up any semen you squirt at or into me :-P email me and let's play. :) willy
very bi curious here in ohio
Bisexualality is thought of as being an inferior act representative of the individual. If the idea that someone is valued by the knowledge and wisdom one acquires this would lead to the idea that the more experiences one has the greater value of the individual. Bisexuality is an extension of ones sexual experience with no diminishing effects of the individuals character or sense of well being. The perception of such ventures is looked upon as a UN natural behavior but it is a venturous exploration of ones natural curiosity. It is an act that occurs in nature by natural means, rendering it completely natural. It may be abnormal in mainstream consideration but it is within the natural constructs of nature. It is our individual perspective that considers bisexuality irregular. Bisexuals have an advanced perspective toward humanity. Their understanding and application of sensual emotions toward fellow mankind gives them a distinct advantage over monosexual beings. The adaptive nature of bisexuality is evolutionary to the complexity of humanity. The versatility in ones sexual preferences gives them the advantage over a competing entity with limitations.
I am in So Cal, and am wanting to try to give a blow job. Maybe on your way through to Vegas we can hook up.
Having been a bisexual Male for several years now who loves to Blowjob cocks, :-P a clean ass, and bottom during anal Sex. I Love being able to help introduce bi-curious men to this lifestyle...:)
I want to know about others actual curious not over experienced. love the idea of opening another mans jeans and feeling his cock.
the feeling of a cock sliding into my mouth would be amazing I' really like to do it
anyone in the atlanta area?
I'm bi curious I want to try it all. I want to swallow cum from a cock and have cum shot up my ass. Anyone in the upstate NY area interested?:-P
from fla wants to meet a couple and have her make him suck one
I like getting naked and jo and sucking a nice cut cock
hey...anyone want to have some fun???
uk bi-guy here. very little experience looking for a local guy to show me the ropes. im in southampton.
anyone in maryland near baltimoe looking for and experince with a gay guy hit me upKiss
philly area here ... def into other bi dudes that might be looking ... tend to be submissive here ... let me know ...
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
I am looking for a bi male in the VA area for my husband to give head to. He wants to do this so bad and since I am without that equipment I need some help. He likes big dicks and wants to do you! Please e-mail me if you are interested. I want to make all of his dreams come true...Kiss
Very curious here. Always have been.
Mobile, Al bi-curious, no experience. Would like to meet same for experimenting
Seeking someone to share my 1st male experience.
im new in mass looking for first time oral with guy
i am in south central pa and i am very anxious to meet a few bicurious men to make my first time great and hot and kinky. or two lesbians that wolud like a bicurious guy to watch them and to masturbate in the process. or group sex.
Have been bi curious for a couple of years and finally fulfilled some of my fantasies starting last January. Stroked some cocks, jacked a guy off, watched a guy jack off, sucked a couple of cocks, and jacked a guy off with my low hanging ball sac. Looking for more experiences, especially more mutual oral. Also have been thinking a lot about getting fucked by a long slim cock..|8B
Anyone near Columbus, Oh?:-P
Would LOVE to take part in a NAKED Gay Xmas Party. Any around? |8B
have been bicurious since the day wife asked me to lick her clit while she was getting fucked by the third guy in our mfm. he missed the pussy and ended up in my mouth that as about 4 times he did this and i sort of tasted a cock for the first time in life. was not bad but not good either. but i got curious about suckin a cock.
the other curiousity i have is to get a cock up my ass due to the fact that wife used to stick her thumb up my ass while she was suckin me and when she did that i made me cum it would be a fantastic orgasm or cum but it felt really great yet she will not let me fuck her in the ass and makes me want to feel what she feels and maybe i will understand why she won't cuz i luve what she does to me mmmmm
Submissive, Gay Male, D/D Free, Will Slut For Bi-Curious Men..Waynesboro, Va Area..Use Me For Extreme And Perverted Purposes..
I'm available for any race for harsh rape-style analfuck and gangbang fuck, double fuck, deepthroat mouth fuck, double mouth fuck, cum swallowing, piss swallowing, piss up my anus, submissive kinky taboo sex, anything goes with spankings and
southern NJ here, looking to explore, played with a few guys, want to try more.
Want to make contact with North AR bi-curious males in older age group. First timer thinking about new experience.
Would like to meet and play with a sr. cpl.Watch as you play/we play with her.When you cum i would like to suck your cock and balls and clean her pussy.Or we could play wiith my wife or we can play as 2 cpls.And have fun with them . We suck our cocks and clean out their pussies. Would like a 60+ cpls.height weight no problem.BI>.Kiss
I have tried to get my ass fucked many times before but something always gets in the way... I love to suck cock(my girl loves to watch, even joins me sometimes) and I love the taste of cum. I'm tired of dildos! I want the real thing! It's killing me! My asshole is craving a dick! I'll take as many cocks as I can get... You can fuck my ass! You can fuck my face! You can fuck my girl too! Craving Cock in Canton, GA>
Made the decision to try bi three months ago but SE rural MN is not a hotbed of bi or gay dudes, at least not out of the closet anyway. I'm so amped up about getting rolling it scares me to think what compromises I would make just to get a dick inside what ever orifice. Someone should start a service for guys like me that hustles us out of backwater USA and provides us with a cot next to the bathroom of a gay bar in any major city for a day or two..
hi nwindiana hear looking for my first bi experience.
I am a MWM in the DFW area that likes to suck to completion. May rim if I have had a drink or two. Cannot host. Recip appreciated, but not necessary.
S. tx bi guy like to meet with other bi or bi courious male for fun and pleasure.Jacking each other off cock sucking and sucking our balls and ass spanking and fun and m2m games.BI>.
I'm a bimwm hoping to meet another bi guy or couple here in SoCal. I'm near Pasadena/Burbank/Lancaster.
I am 43m never did m to m but for many years want to do I think I am ready now. I looking for some one can teach me to do this. I fantasy be touch and be done by a man.
looking in Lafayette, Indiana I want to try bi for sure
I not bicurious but will show show the bicurious what its like
Cant wait for someone in houston to finally fuck so ready for it.
Anyone in tampa
Looking for someone in San Antonio. Bi curious married man, hopefully another married man with the same idea. Of note, I travel a lot to different cities. Will be in Las Vegas next month if anyone is interested.
I'm in Florida.
Louisville ky im straight not attacked to men just there dicks i love them playing rubbing jacking sucking touching to yours
Came of age in the early 1980's and gave up guys thirty years ago. Single now and looking to make my fantacies come alive. Live in Southern California about five miles off the beach in the South Bay or Southwestern LA County where the weather is still quite warm. Love guys or couples that are reasonably is decent shape. Ready to Rock n Roll.
Would like to find a kindred spirit close by....
never had cock want some bad up my ass and mouth
need cock in cookville tenn
need cock in cookville tenn need bad take if can geti want fuck
Wish I could find the right man (close by and clean) so I could have my fantasies cum true.
Must get a load in my mouth before I die.
Anyone near akron canton area need sucked off
Any bimales near Martinsburg, West Virginia looking to fill a mouth
Any bimales near Martinsburg, West Virginia looking to fill a mouth
Looking to suck you in wichita
I want to video chat
Looking for a clean white male on Long Island to play with.
Looking to hook up now
I’m exploring my bi-curious side
I masturbate to the fantasy of being with 2 straight men, while they explore their bi-curious urges. A voyeur i suppose..
Sounds pretty hot!
What is it that you like about bi guys ?
watching them get hard kneeling and opening my mouth. feeling it throb as they side it in and out of my mouth knowing thet are going to grab my head and cum
The thought of getting a guy off Orly for some reason really turns me on and receiving as well. I’m not into anal , kissing holding , hugging just getting each other off. Maybe watching some porn. Or jerk One another off or jerk off together. I P for up for group sex male female
Lafayette Indiana Best blow job ever NOTEETH
Any one in holiday Florida area
Any one close to lapeer that wants to trade blow jobs
You can put that delicious piece of meat straight into my mouth,
I’m in Michigan
Would love to play with you
Im bi and looking for nsa in central Kentucky
Bi-Curious Men on Bisexual PlaygroundBi-Curious Men on Bisexual PlaygroundBi-Curious Men on Bisexual PlaygroundBi-Curious Men on Bisexual Playground

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