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Detroit Bisexual Parties

Detroit Bisexual Parties on Bisexual PlaygroundDetroit Bisexual Parties on Bisexual Playground
Wassup im Richard im 26 im a singer and a writer im from detroit im straight looking for a tranny gf in detroit
tall, bald, 7" cut, 8" tongue and can breath through my ears, born and raised in Detroit. schooled in Detroit to two years at Wayne State University.
Am 18 years of age curently attending schoolcraft college. I'm also enrolled into the Detroit Police Academy so in the next few weeks I will be working full-time as a Police Officer for Detroit. I am not really looking for love right now but it would be nice to to have someone to love. I treat women with the ot-most respect and I cherish them
we are a couple who belives in , PLAY Together,STAY Together. He is new to this, but i'm very experianced,looking to share my ,experiance with him. Looking for fun times,with a lady,for enjoyment. We are open to almost anything. Looking to meet-Bi Female, or Couple-W/Bi female, In Mid Mich area,between,Flint and Detroit. Right now we are in Detroit area, soon moving to Flint area.
Hello. Erica and I are looking for people with an open mind, who enjoy being around other positive people, like we do. We have monthly parties. You are invited to any of our parties. We offer carpool rides to and from our parties, but you have to let us know ahead of time.
i'm a bisexual women in detroit michigan i have a fiance but he is totally cool with me being with other girls and im looking for girls that would like to get together to have fun but that would also like to ge together just to hang out
Does anybody know where there's any sex parties Within 75 miles of Detroit
We have had 6 parties a year for the last 15 years from Florida to Ohio to Colorado... we have bisexual hotel parties. We are not looking for bi curious who might or might not play in same sex fun. We are looking for serious bisexual swingers. We expect the male to be bi and oral both ways and at least a top for anal. We get between 30 and 40 people to come to our parties. We have adjoining suites to make sure we have plenty of room for everyone.

There is never a charge for our parties and we have sodas and snacks but if you like bring a plate to share. If you partake in adult beverages please bring your own. It is meet and greet for the first hour or so and then play usually gets started a little after that. Again, we don't want people who will sit around all night and not even take their clothes off. We want people who want some hot and wild bisexual fun.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great, let us know if interested in this party as we are going to keep it at a max of 30 people to make sure it is comfortable for everyone. 38 people at the last party was a bit much! I know people from outside our area will make comments but if you could please state what part of the country you are in so that we know whether or not to private email you more info. Lisa and Bob
Does anybody know where there's any
bl parties in the Detroit metro area, or Gloryholes
Hi all

I have a weird request but please bear with me :-)

I will be in LA over the new years but want to have fun while I am there. Most of my friends there are out of town, so I got no connections to cool parties, so I decided to post here. I am not looking for a sex party as it is really rare but if someone can get me into it, I'd be down. But in general, I am fine with any parties as long as I have fun. I don't like snobby parties, I like more of silly parties with easy going people. I can handle a good amount of alcohol; but no drugs though.

I am not looking for an escort or anything but I will make sure it doesn't incur cost on your side if we go around. I am fine with a guy or girl and of course we don't have to have sex. But I want to clear about myself: I am bisexual, so I do have sex with both genders. If we both do feel like going for it, it's also ok. But I am not pushy or creepy, I will be a gentleman :-)

Just a bit about myself. I am a young professional, clean and respectful, my friends like going out with me at least when they are around. So I guess I am not boring. I can dance but not with guys lol

looking forward to hearing from you.
OK I don't know how I miss lead anyone that women can't be bisexual or the site only for men it just seems like there's a lot of straight single men and couples with straight men that want absolutely nothing to do with bisexual men even though they want to watch their wife suck another man's cock but he has to be straight not bisexual there's a lot of other sites that are better for that I mean I would not go to Christian mingle or looking for swinger parties or orgies I hope This explains it better
Are there any bisexual clubs in Metro Detroit area or house party's


Bisexual Swinger Parties
MWC looking for bisexual swing parties/house parties in Ann Arbor/Jackson, Mi. or surrounding areas? We would love to hear to hear about upcoming dates/locations. Please let us know. Thanks. Kiss
Sex With Hookers
Any swinging couples in the Detroit area into 'pimp hoe parties'? Role play? I can be your make believe trick or pimp.
Bisexual Party
I'm A Gay White Fag In Waynesboro, Va Area And Love Bisexual Parties.. Anal fuck, Mouth fuck, Suck and swallow..Submissively servicing Bisexual Males with my mouth, tongue and anus..
Bisexual Swinger Parties
Any bisexual swinger parties in Nj
Bisexual Swinger Parties
Are there any bisexual parties in New Jersey
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Any bisexual clubs or house parties in s.tx


Thank you Bill & Pattie, the Bisexual Playground makes finding bisexual playmates easy.