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first time sex part6ies can be very intense for me didnt realize how much my late wife liked sexual variety
I had the pleasure of being invited to a sex party and I was excited and nervous at the same time but once I was more comfortable and played with a few guys I went all in head first 👍🏻🇨🇦
Any sex parties in Maryland
Been to many sex parties over the years, from college and on, in homes, formal commercial venues, outdoor parties deep in the woods and at organized venues, etc. The girls in high school were having private all women gatherings and invitied my girl. she went but was a bit scared and just kissed a bit. The real stuff came with a year or so, at college, when two male roommates (me and mine) dated two female roommates down the hall in our dorm. The women engineered a party for the 4 of us around a sexy stripping board game I had picked up from an office party at a real workplace, way back when things were freer, sex wasn't taboo, it was open enough to speak of in civil ways, alcohol was kept in the meeting room bookcase for clients and ideas could be mentioned if tasteful, sane and appealing - it was a different world back then. In our dorm room, the girls arrived and declared we would sit with opposite partners as we played the strip board game, and it was the general rule for the night and the girls were also directing what would happen in the beginning of the night. We all played, we all lost clothes, we all lost our group sex virginity! At one point I locked my roommate out when he went to the bathroom. Upon knocking to re-enter, I stood at the locked door and yelled out, "Go away, you're ruining my first threesome!" I let him in and he locked me out later! The women never locked anyone out! World got out about us and it spread over the campus. Soon we were driving a hundred miles to another college because a female friend of my roomie was jealous and wanted a party in her dorm. Us two guys and his girlfriend went to meet his friend, my g-friend was at home that weekend, but we made up for lost time, in double time when she came back to school on Sunday night! The good 'ole college try certainly has merit!
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