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Erotica Forced Sissy Baby Body Modification Stories

Erotica Forced Sissy Baby Body Modification Stories on Bisexual PlaygroundErotica Forced Sissy Baby Body Modification Stories on Bisexual Playground
Hi! As you can tell from my pictures, I am a sissy adult baby. I have been like this for a couple years now. My ex-GF and i experimented and she liked to be dominate of me, crossdressing me, she even had me in chastity. The diapers came a little later when she thought it would be hot to only allow me to orgasm in my diapers. She moved away but I realize I loved the teasing, the diapers and the sissy girl outfits. Part of me even likes having my orgasms controlled by a chastity device. I think of myself as a good looking guy, I'm single and I date here and there but again I love being a sissy adult baby. I usually do not get far with a girl when she realizes I am wearing pretty pink panties (i don't wear diapers in public) or when she sees my shaved private areas. I have a few "funny" stories if you'd like me to share. All my orgasms are in my diapers or premature in my panties when I am with a girl (usually unknown to the girl). I like dominant women and men. I want to be your sissy baby toy for you tease and play around with.
I am a good natured person, who loves to live his sexuality. I love a soft skinned warm blooded body to react to. I live for females, but have looked for ways to expand my sexual horizons. I love to write erotica, I love to research erotica for my stories. I am 5'11", 250#, 8" cut, and hairy.
Sissy needing Forced Feminization from a Female or Sister T Girl. I am very serious, let me become you sissy slut. The picture is of myself I love Strap Ons, Dildos, Crossdressing, Forced Feminzation, being a sissy in French Maid outfits. Transexual, Shemale, Transgender, Transsexual, Crossdresser? Yes, I am.
very attractive smooth all over divorced 39yr. old white extremely submissive wimpy little still in the closet lingerei and makeup wearing closet x-dresser with a virgin ass except my dildoes and vibrators wanna be.sissy who craves and needs forced feminization-sissyfication-hum illiation- verbal abuse -forced homosexualality.and most of all i need forced erotic hypnosis and brain washing by men woman tvs&ts couples or any body
Closet sissy faggot wants to be forced feminized, made to take sissy hormones and forced to work as a permanently sissified shemale sex slave.
I am a bi-gender, bisexual. cross dressing sissy, that wants to become a transgender woman. I just need to be feminized by someone, pushed to do want I want so badly, but cannot choose to do myself. I need some support, and can't be the one to make the choice to mutilate my own body, even though I consider it a modification, and not mutilation. Having my masculinity taken from me, has always turned me on.
I am 42 and married. From a young age of about 10 I enjoyed dressing in womens clothes. As I ended my first marriage about 9 years ago I looked for a dom. I met my current wife many years ago and we reconnected. She was in the fetish scene and was dom. I started to dress for her and at first she was dom but then she backed off more and more. No more scene play even before our son was born. During this time I have grown to realize I want to serve. I want to be someones sissy slave. I want to transition for them, serve them and provide what ever services they may want of me. I love to dress and I love to serve. If chosen I will obay but until full time I still do have a job and life outside. If we decide to move forward and go with a live in situation I will leave everything behind (except sissy clothes) and become your full time sissy slut to do with as you please whether it is caged, loaned out to pay my way or what ever may please you.
Things I am open to. Dressing of course like baby girl, maid or slut. Bondage, cage training, chastity, full time slavery, nipple play, anal, oral, body modification, foot worship, golden showers, being loaned or pimped out. I am open to many other things I have not named but my only limits that I know of are scat and pedo.
I am open to trying
If this interests you and you are serious please let me know.
Stories online . Ne t
Lit erotica. Come.
hi everyone, 47yo closet cd with smooth lil clitty fetish would luv to hook up and play sissy ;) with women or other cd/tgirls the week of October 9th. not into anything forced or not mutually desired. enjoy dressing with, seeing others dressing and being seen dressing in sexy or sissy lingerie. ultimate fantasy would be to dress n play with another sissy and her wife/ gf. email if possibly interested.
Does anyone like sissy boys?
Any stories of how you found them and how sissy were they...
Don, check your email......I think I'm the panty wearing little sissy slut you have been looking for baby.


your devoted little sissy cocksucker,
1)I am 63 years old but have a good body and cute butt and look good in girls/women's' clothe.
2)This is sissy is looking for a strict Master who wants a FULL TIME Sissy slave.
3)Sissy would expect to carry out all domestic duties as well as pleasing her Master sexually when told.
4)Sissy would expect punishment to be used as part of her routine maintenance as well as for short comings.
5)Sissy would expect to be kept in chastity 24/7 unless being used for her Master's pleasure.
6)Apart from going to work sissy would expect to entirely devote her life to being her Master's domestic and fully obedient sex slave.
7)In return for her devotion sissy would expect her Master to take control of all aspects of her daily life.
8)If you are a local Master who would like to explore the possibility of having a devoted LIVE IN sissy slave please get in touch.
9)After initial contact sissy slave will happy to provide photographs.


I love many forms of Erotica, including stories, pictures, magazines and DVD's. I prefer "classy," but have a very open mind. What I really enjoy is having a woman share HER favorite erotica with ME. ;)
Story Writing
Both me and Vince love to write stories and poetry. He's better at the "short story" than I am though. :) So far, I have written 3 novellas. 2 recently, and one when I was 11 or 12. I have go back through and re-edit the one I wrote when I was younger one. And I wouldn't necessarily call the stories I have written "erotica", but the two newer ones have sex scenes. Currently, Vince is writing a sort of "Vampire Porn Movie Script" where it's written exactly how a script for a movie is written. It's very good though. As for poetry, over the years I have lost count of all the poems I have written. For many years, I would sometimes write 4 or 5 poems a month or possibly more! :) And I don't know how many poems Vince has stashed around the house, but he has quite a few too. Some of my poems are online at this particular site that we both frequent. And some are on BP here as well as well as my only "erotica" short story. The stories I have written are also on that site, including the short story. Vince is also an armature song writer and has several songs next to his many poems that he has written. If anyone is interested, just email us and we would be happy to send along the site where our stories are. HugKissHugKiss
Sissy Slave
One of my sexual wishes is to be a sissy slave to either a male or female master.. To spend the evening being paraded in front of their friends, and forced to suck & lick all the men & women in the room.. To serve them drinks, while they play with each other. Then at the end of the evening have everyone take their pleasure using my body by blindfolding me, laying me on the floor lifting my skirt then fucking and abusing my body..
Story Writing
I've written some stories, and have several of them on various erotica websites out there. If you're interested, I can tell you where to find them, and which ones you may be particularly interested in...
Audio Erotica
I love audio erotica espec forced bi and femdom consensual incest beast seduction role play just ta name a few
2 Black Men 1 White Sissy
Love blackmen love my baby true blonde body 2 years old baby 😍 I'm single now my butpussy can't get enough of Blackmensbbc


I'm going to post something in the place where I found success stories. We had a meeting last night, and I was quite satisfied. Wow! In less than 36 hours.