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I love many forms of Erotica, including stories, pictures, magazines and DVD's. I prefer "classy," but have a very open mind. What I really enjoy is having a woman share HER favorite erotica with ME. ;)
I enjoy erotica because it is such a pleasant mind pleaser. I dated a lady whose biggest turn on was going to museums and art galleries and finding different form of erotic art hidden in these places. Public places with quality, acceptable forms of erotica. What a great interest.Flower
Love to read as well as write erotica! Makes my liver quiver! LOL ;)
We LOVE to read about first time same sex stories with LOTS of details so we can imagine being there or having it happen to us. We both like male male stories and girl girl stories so feel free to send us your TRUE story... Flower
Erotica on Bisexual PlaygroundErotica on Bisexual PlaygroundErotica on Bisexual PlaygroundErotica on Bisexual Playground

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