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Fem in Bikinis

Fem in Bikinis on Bisexual PlaygroundFem in Bikinis on Bisexual Playground
Love to wear satin bikinis
I would consider myself an attractive female. I model lingerie and bikinis. I have never been with a girl before and would like to.
31yo, bi, 5’8”, 32”w, 165lbs., 7”c, really into tight underwear (especially white calvins or bikinis)
Fit, Fun, Outgoing, Verrrry Bi, married, luv to tan, bikinis, cpls, bi gals, groups.
Love to wear lingerie while having sex with men and women. Also like speedos, bikinis, jockstraps
I do love to wear sexy lace silk satin bikinis panties
Panties are the only undies I wear. Skimpy styles are my choice, bikinis, string bikinis or thongs.
as you can tell, I've been wearing bikinis to the beach for over 35 years...
Boxer/briefs, sometimes bikinis, and also sometime, women's panties lol
I like wearing bikinis nice and light there is no problem with the elastic band
Jeeeez, just when I thought I was up to date in my attire! Guess I'll have to quit wearing the bikinis.
There's a brand called Gyz that makes nice lace bikinis for men. International Jock used to carry them.


We love to see men and women in thong bikinis.... :)
Look how sexy this sissys peepee looks in pink nylon bikini panties. It's only 3-4in hard. You know i belong in bikinis always they feel and look so a
love masturbating in a tiny bikini or g-string... love both men and women who enjoy wearing bikinis and strings
Love, Love, Love bikinis that go translucent when wet!
Males In Panties
i have loved wearing them since i was a teen. In college started wearing them all the time. My roommate noticed that my white boy undies were always stacked in my drawer. I wasn't inot bi sex or gay sex at that time but to keep him quiet i let hm hump my panty ass b4 he went on dates. i have white undies for when my parents come to visit or i visit them. Otherwise it is tiny string bikinis, sheer/lacey are the best. Maybe someone will see the lace through my pants and make me submit..:-DKiss
Sex With Male Cousins
I'm 6 weeks older than my cousin. We grew up living around the block from each other. We were as close as brothers as you can be without being brothers. And we both started having the same sexual urges that you have when you're growing up. We just acted on those urges as they came to us. We had been taking baths together for years and we did kiss when we would play spin the bottle with his older sister and her girl friends. Once we saw a porn or two we would play dress up and dyke out with each other just frenching and dry humping each other. Being fans of pro wrestling we started doing more by the loser getting jerked off as humiliation. After jerking off in front of each other and jerking each other off we turned it into the winner getting the reward. Combining the dress up dyke out and the wresting rewards we moved onto playing boyfriend/girlfriend as we saw it in the pornos. After that it was pretty much no holds barred. We did everything. He was my first cock sucking, ass rimming, anal fucking and all those other things in return. We would wear each others underwear because we started to wear bikinis, thongs and g strings. I used to go over his house just to blow him. We did all of it from the time we were eight to the time we were twenty. I miss those times and I am thankful that we had those times. I wish we still got together.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!