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Female Assisted Self Suck

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Love Masturbation. Favorite Genre. Self Sucking is amazing. .. Female Assisted Self Sucking is beyond Amazing. Group Masturbation and Orgy sounds hot
I am 79 yrs old married twice. my 1st wife passed away and my 2nd wife is in assisted living. I am 5'9" and weight 179 lb. I like to please my partner. I have a small cock 4.5 in. I would like to be submissive.
—sissy clean,sissy curious,sissy cravings. *Cocktails, Assisted Self-Fuck&Suck, Trans Kink, =complete sissifaction*1 Cock Craving mode -active./ my cock forced deep down my throat or it will feel better hiding from my sad attempt to hush the squealing gawky moans of my innocence becoming a relaxing cock stop. My sissy hole and sissy cocktail balls along with desires to watch and make cock spray for hours. Makes me an ignorant hungry sissy so stupid for nice cocks so dumb for waxxed rabbit holes
Bicurious being looking for like minded guys to suck off and have them suck me off in return. Would also love to suck the cock of a bi man in a relationship with a female
Senior female just looking for male, female or both to suck and have someone suck my tits and clit or cock.
A white Anglo-Saxon Protestant living in an assisted living community with people that are thirty to forty years older than I am. Also disabled with multiplr sclerosisand spend most of my time in a wheelchair. Funny and depressed.
That's how i first started finding this part of me u didn't knew assisted my ex asked if she could stick a finger in my ass unbeknownst to get I had been masturbating like that since I was about 16 well she did it one thing led to another she was fucking my right ass with strap one assessing me if I'd suck a big sick for her I like shemales frfr
Since it wasn't comfortable for me to have penetration that night, and Danny was really horny, a friend offered to help him out. She climbed on top, and I assisted ;)
Just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" to Bill and Pattie and all the wonderful volunteers who assisted them. The way that you keep us all informed about what is happening is commendable. What a tremendous effort! Very much appreciated.

Hugs and Kisses,

Well all I can say is that one of my fantasy is happening. I am in the of changing from male to female. I wear white clothes as much possible. Now I am taking medicine. On having my breast enlarged to look like woman’s breast. This alll happening now but I like being queer and gay and bisexual. Even though I am trans forming in to be like a female I still like to suck cock. And getting it in the rear And I live in Bristol Connecticut. It’s has been awhile since I had a new cock to suck on. I only wish I could hear from someone. Hoping to be a female soon. And suck cock
Going to be in Vegas Oct.17-20. Looking for a bi couple or bi guy. Here is what we are looking for. Guy to suck cock and have his suck. Some female play. She wants to get herself lick and for her to lick the female. she also wants to suck the guy and maybe fuck him. Not sure on the fucking. We are her 65 and me 68. If it's only a male he has to be bi as the first is me sucking him for a couple of minutes before anything else happens. It a thing between me and wife.
Lionessa...a better forum has not been started...

I'll leave a couple of words so we can keep this one at the top of the pile!

If anyone has ever stopped on the side of the road to help you change a flat tire...If a stranger ever assisted you in lifting a heavy item into your car...If a stranger ever offered to help you with anything....PAY IT FORWARD...

If we all pay it forward...sometimes we may have to initiate...but...just imagine where we could be right now!?!??!



Mommy/Boy Role Play
Me and my mom role-played a few times it was the first time I ever ate a female's vagina had a female suck my dick 8 a female's ass hole and drank a female's piss straight from her vagina. But never any vaginal sex that I'll admit to with her
Crossdresser Male To Female
l I would love to fullfill my fantasy of being forced into transforming myself into a Sissy for you. I'm married and my wife knows of this desire and even acted on once between us but the visual of me wearing lingerie killed her mood instantly. So I definitely am not passable but desire to be girly for you. Will you tell me how no respectable girl has a beard and demand for me to shave it off. Hop in the shower Along with other despicable body hair, If my wife decides to be present make me beg her or you to help with the hard to reach places. (Imaging how humiliating it would be to ask my wife to help shave my boi pussy, So I can be nice and smooth for you a random stranger!) Then rub down with some feminine smelling lotion and get dressed the best I can or know how. Finish off with makeup and wig (dont have yet so tell me what color and length) The great reveal unless you assisted with the shower of course. Tell me how good or bad I did.. If I look cute and fuckable we play allow me to kiss, suck and please you. If I look like a fat faggot in drag tell me. Make me parade around, and grovel for your approval. What ever you desire? Allow me to prove how much I want to please you. if I look like a dog treat me like one make me get on all fours and crawl around!
Pregnant Sex
Preggo female n atl, need anothr female 2 help me cum.. Cum fuck, lick, and suck me. I want my man to join so I can have the best of both world.. I will pleaz ur pussy as well
Gang Bangs
Say Hello My very Sweet and Naked Horny Friend's ? Hug Male or Female ? I Do LOVE To Suck and Fuck With Both of the Sexx's 1 on 1, Male on Male - Female on Male or With a Group of - Male's or Female's and Or With Both ? So If You's LOVE To Get To Suck and To Get To Be Fucking Me Kiss and I Do LOVE To Fuck ...(^_^(?... and Hey ? The Bigger The Toy You Got - The More I LOVE To Fuck - So If you are Interested and Want To Be Fucking Me Again and Again as You Need Hug To Be Getting Off ? Just Write to Me and Ask If I Will Be Interested In Meeting With You Off Line OK - All are Very Welcome to Say Hello - :)
Couple Looking For Bisexual Woman
My wife is a Bi Female and we love the times we have with another Bi Female. She enjoys watching me with another Female and I when its just her and another Female. SO any Bi-Females wanna come join use ( NO MEN) just look us up and let us know
Having Sex While Other People Watch
We both enjoy watching others having sex be it Male Male , Female Female , Male Male Female , Female Female Male , Male Female Male , when we visit friends or a friend or two comes over. Believe me, this is not only very exciting, but a great way to set the mood for a great night of sex.... Hug Kiss


Great site. I am a new member and I must say I love it. No fees!!! These are the sites that I love at first and don't mind paying later on down the line for the exxxtra benefits!! I am bi female looking to hook up with another bi female in NYC. I let you guys know the outcome.