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i love to tease them
tease me!
any ladies want to chat with a younger bi guy please feel free to email me, would love to chat
Last weekend my wife Misha and I invited a 18 yr old boy to play with her. He wanted to do a mommy/son theme and so did Misha. He came over and they had a fine time. She told him how much he had grown and inspected his cock before putting it in her mouth. He called her mommy and told her how well she taught him to fuck other girls when he was growing up. She gave him a bath and then they fucked in the water, after she watched him jerk off and she licked his semen as he came. She then took a wash cloth and really gave him a bath before he got out. He stayed for about 3 hours and they stayed in character the whole time, the boy is welcomed back home to his mommy anytime.
i HAVE ALWAYS FANTASIZED ABOUT SEX WITH MOMMY sucking on her big beautiful titties teaching me how to lick her gorgeous cunt and to adore her sucking my cock like a true whore!!! To be able to sodomize mommy and watch her lick her little boys dick clean is so hot to fuck mommie hard before she leaves for work and to wear my cum on her nipplles for a lunch time snack she would call me and tell me she is eatting her titties clean for me and what I can expect when she gets home. I could just lovingly suck on mommies titties all fucking day!!! I'm kurt48 hit me up mommies!!!!!
Hello all, would really love to chat to others who love this sexy type of fun. I am actually experienced in this so called "forbidden" type of fun, but I can say right now that it was the most exciting times of my life, mutual and amazing for BOTH of us, this was not planned or arranged, just the realisation that we were both getting into the idea of our mutual interests in incest fun. SO I would love to chat to any others who are likeminded and very OPENMINDED too , but please, no one-liners, apart from that, then lets hear from you, I am totally discreet and genuine. T
looking for mommy. Or mommy and daddy
My biggest fantasy ever any mature women (black or white) wanna play "mommy" please contact me!!!
looking for young women ho love to have so good fun
Me and my mom role-played a few times it was the first time I ever ate a female's vagina had a female suck my dick 8 a female's ass hole and drank a female's piss straight from her vagina. But never any vaginal sex that I'll admit to with her
Mommy/Boy Role Play on Bisexual PlaygroundMommy/Boy Role Play on Bisexual PlaygroundMommy/Boy Role Play on Bisexual Playground

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