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Friend Lets Friend Fuck His Wife While She is Blindfolded

Friend Lets Friend Fuck His Wife While She is Blindfolded on Bisexual PlaygroundFriend Lets Friend Fuck His Wife While She is Blindfolded on Bisexual Playground
Mature couple interested in playing with other couples or another man for my wife. We've had a few experiences with a long time friend. I like to watch my wife with another guy, We've been married 38 years and are very happy together, we're just enjoying exploring a bit. My wife is not at all comfortable with me being with a guy unless it's with our friend, and then there are boundaries for me, maybe that will change. I have been hoping to find someone a little closer than five hours away. I *really* enjoy watching a guy fuck her, and I really would like to see another guy cum in her mouth and I want to watch his balls pulse as he cums. I *am* bi-curious but I don't get to act on that very much. My wife is not really comfortable with me being one-on-one with a guy, but she has enjoyed watching me suck our friend.
I'm married to my beautiful wife that is fine with my sexuality and is fine with me finding a special friend. So my wife is not interested in joining in anyway except being a normal friend to my special friend. So I am not single but we are open to this. I'm a LMT who is an oral bottom. So I know how and enjoy taking my special friend to very relaxing place but also want a friend to hangout with and do normal guy things. Want a friend that I can be me with. I'm very straight acting but have a high sex drive. Love outdoors, camping, crafts, building things and animals just to name a few.
Love one on one but have tried MFM with wifes old boy friend before getting married and it sure made me Bi-curious, after she had me put his dick in my mouth. Wife also had threesome with old girlfriend and her boyfriend. So I'll say we have only tasted and now want more. We are a handsome couple who love to cruise and travel constantly. We have friend and family in California and New Jersey. Would like to make friends and get together from time to time, and even cruise. Lets have fun, you will like us, lets have tea and see.
average,i'm 5ft 8 190lb cock 6 1/2in very fat, tight ass and very nice pussy mouth, ilike cum of the stick or from a freshly fuck pussy; , I like being fuck at my ass pussy and pussy mouth at the same time and often , but I;m married and my wife don't play at all . but have girl friend and boy friend that plays some times
My wife is physcal mess and we haven't had sex in 6 years. I would like to see if Mr. 8x6 is still 8x6. This would require a friend with benefits or a fuck buddy. I would be willing to let a lady's husband fuck my ass as long as I could fuck her pussy at the same time.
I don't have girl friend I fuck people girl friend or wife I really lv to fuck
A close friend from our high school days told me about he and his wife swinging. One basic rule was they could fuck everyone at the club but he could only orgasm inside his wife. This seemed to work well, fuck several other pussies but finish with his wife. But apparently his wife was enjoying all these other cocks because she would orgasm several times with each guy and when she did her pussy would clamp down on the cock inside her. She became very popular as all the guys wanted her tight pussy. Then the problem started because most of these guys were cumming inside his wife which was against their agreement and she was getting several loads every time they went to their club and my friend was getting sloppy seconds. Then his wife really got hooked on these different guys and started enjoying her self way more than my friend did. They eventually split up over her enthusiasm for all these other guys fucking her and cumming inside her while he was only allowed to cum inside hios wife. So be careful what you start because in his case she enjoyed it way more than he did.
I love being caught, but always wanted to be caught and joined. Came close, but they chickened out after a pause for thought. Did role play it with my ex wife and my friend once and it was hot, but... Just not the genuine article. Used to fuck my friend's wife, (he knew and was OK with it, and we also fucked her together occasionally too,) and always wanted him to walk in from work early and "catch" us and jump right in with us and fuck us both and then all for all after. Just never timed it out right. Cousins walked in on me jerking off once and watched me until I came when we were young and curious. That was hot!
Have you had a gf or wife that was no longer interesteed in sex with ya and she's not bi or bi curious but she flirts with her best friend all the time her best friend is bi or bi curious and flirts back and wants your gf or wife and her friend is female and lives in the same house,the man is bi and your gf or wife knows that you are but they don't want nothing to do with that but she's more into a female friend.
I lost a bet and had to sit on my friends husband's dick in front of her and my wife I thought jokes on u it worth it to duck both of them we were all sitting around like award I told my friend husband whip it out this dude has a 10 inch long cock it was 7.5 inch around I loose a bet and have sit on that thing I honored my bet with the lady's help and my friend husband taking good instruction I sat on that was the bet next thing I know balls deep in my ass the girls are kicking each other pussy squirting and dude in my ass balls deep pumping away I said fuck I let Hime finish then I fuck his old lady in the ass I'm 8 inch she let me she don't let him he was a trade up set then we dp his wife my friend she fucking went crazy.
I was around 13, he was Tom a 17 year old, that was very long but not thick. I was sucking him off on the regular and one day he brought a friend with him. It took a little while for me to play with his friend. But when I started to suck his friend he started to lube up my ass and his cock! I knew what was going to happen but I wanted it so bad!! He started to fuck me nice and slow at first and would stop and let me loosen up to get use to him. While I was sucking his friend he was having his way with my ass and I felt him shoot load after load in me, I started to cum so hard… his friend pulled out of my mouth and slid up me ass and fucked me like a little slut he came in me pulled out and walked away and I never seen him again!! Tom apologized for how rough he was but I told him I kinda like it!! We fuck for about 3 years before he went off to the military.
Ii wondering how i can tell if my wife bi she uses. To ave friend what sister was lesbian my wife her friend would spend weekends with her friends sister at time. I. Would ask what they did she say drink and hang out Smile and change the subject was my wife and her friend and friends sister licking pussy


Fucking Guy While He Fucks Wife
I totally love having a male friend fuck me in the ass while I'm fucking my wife and enjoy how sexually intense it can get. I also enjoy it when my wife allows a male friend to fuck her and he requests that I fuck his ass at the same time...Wink
Prostate Massage
I love it when my wife or a male friend inserts a well lubricated finger or dildo into my ass and stimulates my prostate. I also enjoy my wife or a female friend using a strap-on to fuck my ass when a hard throbbing cock is not available. I find all of these methods to be very stimulating and exciting that sometimes I can cum without even touching my cock...:)
looking 4 a female friend in the day and my best friend at night lol im in jersey u can also find my @ get at me lets go shopping :-D
Cum Swallowing
Oh man, truly a subject after my own heart! There is absolutely nothing like sucking a huge cock and eating his cum!! Sometimes, my wife lets a friend fuck her and I always, always, clean both of them up afterwards and not with towels. I would love to see how many cocks I could suck in an evening. That would be a blast.:)
Shared Showers
I Love taking showers as a means of freshing up before climbing in bed for a round of Blowjob :-P Sex with my wife or a friend. It's also a lot of fun when my wife or a friend joins me in the shower for some good clean sexual fun...Wink
To worship a woman by licking her clit till she cums in one of the most wonderful things I can do. I love worshiping my wife this way. I like to worship my friend's wife (my wife's best friend) this way. There is nothing better.:-P


First of all, thank you both for allowing me the pleasure of entering, checking out, and trying your site. My wife and I have very different tastes when it comes to how we use our down time, but we both completely trust and encourage each other and our differences, so your site seems to be exactly what I have been looking for. I was introduced to it while visiting a friend in KY over the weekend. I look forward to introducing all of my friends to it along the way. As I realized that the information you were looking for in the profiles was going to take more than 3 minutes to fill out, my mood changed quickly from annoyance to being highly impressed as I realized you are looking to weed out the liars, fakers, and games-players that seem to be ruling over most of the meeting places on the Internet. I wish you nothing but the best of luck and success as your site grows and blossoms, as I'm certain it will. Secondly, being a bit of a sap and romantic at heart (even if a bit of a free-spirit and part time pervert), congratulations on your engagement! While many may find my interests in joining with others as a single bisexual male to clash completely with that of a totally satisfied and completely happily married man, I can tell you that my marriage was the part that made my life complete. I wish you as much happiness as you can find in each other as possible and hope for years of fun, excitement, and new discoveries together, both in and out of bed! P.S. By the way, 10 years ago when I first met my future wife, I wasn't even bi-curious. Funny how a solid, open and honest relationship can open doors that you never knew were there in the first place.