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Gay Men Flashing Truckers

Gay Men Flashing Truckers on Bisexual PlaygroundGay Men Flashing Truckers on Bisexual Playground
6'2" tall, 250lbs bear, (I like ALL COCKS, but small hairless is my favorite) and, I like to walk around naked in the woods by day and walk around the house naked at night, often standing under the porch light at night as cars go by at an intersection a half block away, flashing truckers while they pass me on the four-lane while I'm standing on the side of the road, driving naked
I like truckers, I like climbing into the cab and sleeper of a truck and servicing truckers
I'm a submissive bottom Fox s*** interested in men women and transsexuals right now I'm Verity interested in servicing Truckers and being passed from 1 cab to another I really want to gET GANGBANGED BY TRUCKERS
Looking for fantasy fulfillment. Arranged flashing, gloryhole play. Would also like to meet a woman stranger and do forced orgasms. Would love to see some arranged titty and pussy flashing. Would also love to share a woman taking turns. Open to ideas.
I am a newbie bisexual ctossdresser, love to be treated as if I am a real female fuckslut, love getting fucked while sucking cock, love truckers fucking me with big dildoes, being passed around with other truckers like I am a slutty whore. I'm slim, 65, shaved completely, 180 lbs, 6', wear black wig to shoulders.
I am a free-spirited, fun-loving mature female, age 45. I have brown hair and eyes, am in fairly good shape, and am looking for a d/d free female playmate, NO MEN, prefer a non-smoker, and someone near the Ohio/WVA border areas. I am not looking for a long-term relationship, just some sexual fun. I am into nudism, photography, nature, animals, music, dancing, I love wine, fine dining, as well as juicy hamburgers and picnics. I go to movies quite often, like driving nude and flashing truckers, and am presently starting a Private Club for ladies ONLY, to explore, experiment and have fun in a group setting. If you would like to meet during the day to start, and see if there is an attraction, let's meet for a drink and get to it ;) xoxo Liz
Mmm go to a truck stop early in the morn dress sexy strut back and forth in front of the truckers flashing and wait for the truckers to turn on there headlights that’s a sign to walk over to them your cock should be nice and hard in you ur panties hopefully they should ask you into there sleeper I usually leave my panties there something for them to sniff and masturbate as they drive down the highway
One night not too long ago, I stopped at a truck stop for something to eat. After eating, I decided to walk amongst the parked trucks and see if there might be anything going on. This was my very first time "looking" at a truck stop. After a while, a truck began flashing his parking lights. I walked up to the truck. To make a long story short, the driver "was" looking for some action. I climbed up into the cab of the truck. The trucker practically "ripped" my clothes off and "used" me and my talents. He had me suck him off! He took me from behind. We had sex for hours. When it all finally came to an end, he told me that he had half a mind to hide my clothes and just take me out on the road with him. He could use me when ever, how ever he liked. He said he might even "rent me out". He said truckers trust other truckers more than some horny guy walking around a parking lot. Do you believe this is true? That truckers are more willing to use a body passed around by other truckers than use someone just outside "looking"? Just curious
Well since I'm a male I haven't tried flashing a trucker yet because I'm almost always driving. And when I'm not and cant hang it out the window for them to see, I find that me flashing while driving would be useless! Sry Rider! I'd try for you! And just flashing people in public can get you arrested, Now I have mooned a lady while @ a bar that was being a bit unruly and told her to kiss this after she done the same 1rst. And yes, I have fully exposed myself to my lovers in the past in public when I knew no one else could see me. And of course my lovers took that as a complete tease!!Hug
Although we don't spend a whole lot of time in the chat room (just to hard too keep up). We have noticed the issue with the photos flashing left and right. Mainly by members who are not even trying to communicate with the rest of the room. It was pretty clear that other members were trying their best to carry on conversations around all the flashing photos. But it also seemed obvious that the "flasher" didn't seem to mind being ignored and kept on flashing. Being able to post and view pics in a chat session makes it that much more entertaining. Specially if the pics are real pics of the other members. But, being bombed by someones unwanted photos, takes the fun out of it.
Mmm I love pedal bike riding on the highway pink girls pedal bike daisy dukes a dildoe taped to the seat when truckers would pass I’d bend over let the truckers look at my sexy ass I had truckers honking air brakes coming on trucks swerving of course they Ed would radio other truckers now the truckers were slowing down to get a good look which made my cock hard and wet then I would masturbate and shoot a big load all over my handle bars this one time a truck stopped and 3 pakiestanies got out of the truck took me to the side of the truck pulled my daisy dukes down mmm
Mmm I like driving in my mini skirt heels stockings long blonde wig black dildo passenger side pull up beside truckers cocks nice and hard masturbating letting the truckers watch me hoping for them to pull over get out of there truck walk to my car window pull there cock out and suck till they cum in my mouth mmm then go looking for more truckers


Bi Truckers
Any truckers drive I 65 thru horse cave? Interesting ABS there for truckers.
18 Wheeler
Looking for truckers who cum through Macon Ga area. I have sucked truckers off on the side of highways before and it is fucking hot! I am not looking for names, just to hop in your truck, suck you off really fast and disappear until next time you cum through Macon and need to use my mouth. Prefer verbally abusive men
Women Who Love To Flash
Women Flashing is so Hot. Lets set something up. |8B Kiss Hug Flower
Flashing can be a lot of fun when done in the proper atmosphere like Mardi Gras...Wink Hug
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
Hey all you horny truckers, keep your eyes out when traveling on I-10 East or West, I always pull my shorts off to play with my cock slowing down for the trucks hoping to get a hit and a cock to suck. Have to say night driving is the best !!! Hey horny truckers can you let me know where the best Truck Stops or Rest Areas on I-10 between Louisiana-Florida? You know why KissHugFlower
Bi Male Or Couple For Poly Triangle/quad
I have still not swallowed cum. Have a desire to. I do have some stories about flashing. I really want a woman naughty to me while she suck cock and lick balls and ass


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!