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Glory Hole in Wausau Wisconsin Area

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Glory Hole in Wausau Wisconsin Area on Bisexual Playground
I'm from North Philly , and I'm looking for a glory hole in philaldelphia area .. I love glory hole . looking for glory hole rest room , glory hole cinema or thearters. Glory hole in video store and in public parks .. I live being suck and I love to fuck women and man...
My girl wants a glory hole creampie. It's her ultimate fantasy. After she gets her solo glory hole gangbang I want to share a glory hole stall with her! I'm so tired of fantasizing about dick, I'm ready to try some!
Bisexual college freshman looking for anonymous glory hole sex. I can only do glory hole sex cause im very active in my community and i dont want a scandal sorry.
Anon glory hole I have a private glory hole set up Laporte Indiana love to throat
I am in the chattanooga area looking for a glory hole in the area so i can get dis black cock slobbed on lol
looking for a glory hole around my area.
We will be in Wisconsin this weekend wife wants to try a bigger dick Wausau area and the dells area she want thick cock 6 inch
Any know a glory hole on Milwaukee wisconsin area???
Looking for homemade Glory Holes to try in and around the Gadsden, Bham area. I am making one and would love some visitors with big hard cocks. Must be clean , ddf and discreet. I am in the Springville area. My homemade Glory Hole opens around 8::30pm. Come test the hole. Serious inquiries only. We can also let you be the giver. Hit me up for directions. Males , females and couples are welcome. Sloppy, slobber drooling deepthroat gagging spit dripping glory hole. Mmmmmm
Never been to a glory hole I would love to go to a glory hole in the Tampa area and have someone show me the ropes. Is there anyone on here that visits them on a regular bases ?
My husband and I are in Chattanooga for the next month. He has a fantasy of me sucking cock through a glory hole. Does anyone know where there is an active glory hole is in this area?
I am sure this has been asked before, but i havent pulled up any info for my area. Someone mentioned a glory hole directory, but i am unable to find it.
So im looking for a glory hole in or around joplin, MO. I am straight, but have been curious about sucking cock. I would like my 1st time to be anonymous and preferably where i cant see them and they cant see me. any help would be appreciated.


Glory Holes Wisconsin
I need to find a glory hole in the South Central Wisconsin area. I genuinely wish to try one for the first time. Any ideas?
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If anyone know of the location of a glory hole in nothern wisconsin please let me know
Glory Holes
are there any glory holes left anymore??? i can't find any in n. illinois/s. wisconsin area all the way up to green bay...most adult book stores are more sterile than an operating room these days...i miss the sleazy days of glory holes in private video booths....if anyone knows where any are in n. illinois/s. wisconsin, please let me's rather dangerous health-wise in this modern day and age, but still...thrilling annonymous, no strings quickie fun if done right....
Glory Holes
Wish I could find a glory hole or adult movie theater here in South Central Wisconsin.
Glory Holes
I haven't had the experience of going to a glory hole as yet, since there don't seem to be many in the Phoenix area. At least that I'm aware of. However, something that has always turned me on is the idea of a glory hole party. Basically, you invite a bunch of friends familiar with the scene to someone's house. At the house, you have a temporary glory hole setup in a convenient area, with the ability to change out the suckee. And when someone feels the urge, they enjoy it. And if the suckee gets tired, another can take their place. Plus, you never have to know if it's male of female in the "box", and either gender can enjoy the mouth on the other side. Personally, I'd split my time between my mouth & my ass... but that's just the slut in me talking. :-D
Glory Holes
GREEN BAY WISCONSIN AREA??? any glory holes in this area?


Thanks for the welcome.  It's quite exciting to see all the available people in our area. Great site.